This is something our readers have been requesting for a while and I am thrilled to share this news. Mistakes happen and we now have a way to easily share which recipes have been corrected or updated. You can simply click on the {Erratum} button the right side of the blog to see the updated recipes. The list is not comprehensive since this feature is new, but going forward it’s a great way to make sure you are working with the latest version of the recipe.  Have you spotted an error in a recipe? Let us know by emailing the recipe name with details about the error to {}.


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6 comments on “Errata

  1. Susan says:

    I love the quilts on this site. Now they are going to be even better!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Why coudnt I get free downloadof Redbird and berries quilt?

  3. VickiT says:

    It’s great to be able to view the errata. The one thing I don’t see on any of those shown there already is what exactly had been changed/corrected. It is quite beneficial to know exactly what was changed in order for us to correct our downloads if we’ve already printed them so we don’t have to waste paper and reprint them again. I’ve never seen an Errata page which doesn’t show what was wrong and/or changed. That’s really the whole point in having a page that lists the errata so the customer knows what changed.

    Also on the Halloween quilt pattern, the download doesn’t work at all.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Vicki! Please try the Wobbly Web PDF again. Thanks for your suggestions about showing the changes.

      • VickiT says:

        Thank you. I was able to download it.

        I do hope changes are outlined for any corrections because right now I am not able to figure out what was changed and if the original posted pattern has also had the corrections made as well. I was just looking at the Read with Me bookshelf Quilt and there is no notation on the pdf at all as to what might have been changed and nothing on the blog either. I like to use the website many times because the pdf’s have huge amount of space in the pages wasting alot of paper plus the pictures are sometimes just huge in the printouts. Right now however, I can’t tell what was changed on the pdf and if the same things were changed on the blog as well without any notations anywhere. I would think any changes made to the pdf’s would also be made on the blog as well or else we’d still be making the same errors if using the site instead of the pdf. Melissa’s pattern is a very long one so the only way to figure out if changes were made in both places would be to go line by line double checking the site against the 21 page pdf which is a lot of work. That’s far too much time anyone to spend in order to find out if changes have been made in both places.

        Thanks again for correcting the download.

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