Teething Scarf


Hi! Lisa Calle of Vintage Modern Quilts here today with an easy tutorial for a drool scarf – perfect for teething babies! Terrycloth, flannel, or jersey knit all make great lining fabrics for this project. I used an old onesie for mine.


1 layer cake square
10″ square of jersey or lightweight terry cloth
1″ piece of Velcro (or preferred closure method like snaps)


Print out the templates in the Printer Friendly file at the end of this post. Trace the templates onto the fabric as indicated. Be sure to transfer all marks indicated on the templates.


Match up the right sides of the scarf pieces, taking care to align them at the marked points.


Pin along  the edges, gathering in the fullness at the bottom of the scarf.


Sew a 1/4″ seam along the edges, starting and stopped at the points indicated on the template. Trim any loose threads and turn scarf right side out. Top stitch along the edge of the scarf, taking care to close the opening.

Attach Velcro at marked points.


1 sweet and stylish drool-soaking scarf!


Lisa Calle

12 comments on “Teething Scarf

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love the teething scarf….but did not find link for pattern. Please advise.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Cheryl! There is an image at the very bottom of the post that says “Printer Friendly Version”. Click on that and it will take you to the PDF with the templates and instructions.

  2. Marilyn Pond says:

    What a great idea!

  3. Kathy Shute says:

    Is this to absorb the drool?

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  5. 6poniente says:

    This is gross and unsanitary ……

    • Lisa Calle says:

      If you had a teething baby, I’d imagine you would think just the opposite! This keeps their shirt and skin from getting soaked with drool and can easily be changed throughout the day. Plus it looks like an accessory to their outfit instead of just a plain bib. Win, win!

  6. Juanita says:

    Really? you drooled when you were teething. I hope you do not have children, because they will drool also.

    I think the idea behind this to not get their shirt soaking wet while teething. I think its a great, cute, idea.

  7. Sandra says:

    Excellent idea. Babies drool, this just means you change the “scarf”, not the nice outfit (sometimes several times a day!) I will be making some of these as a gift for a baby I know…!!!

  8. Going to make a bunch of these from the leftover fabrics from the myriad of baby quilts, bibs, pillows, etc., I am making for my new great-nephew-or-niece-to-be! I am sure my niece will love having them to keep their cute little outfits clean and dry! I imagine she will appreciate them as a pretty accessory that saves from going through so many bibs in a day!
    Thanks for sharing such a clever idea!

  9. Kym says:

    This looks great, my SIL asked me to make some for my nephew last year, but I was having trouble finding a pattern. Score!

  10. CruiseFan says:

    A teething baby is a drooling baby – that’s a fact!
    My kids were drooling a lot, boy-oh-boy. I used something like a brandnew cut-up cloth diaper during that time because I was so fed up with changing the soaked tops several times a day.
    I have to admit, that my solutions were BY FAR not as nice as your little scarf.
    They worked, though, by were not stylish at all… ;-))

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