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Hi there everyone! It’s LeAnne from Everyday Celebrations with a fun and quick project that you’ll absolutely love making. It’s pretty well known here that I love banners. One of my all time favorite Bake Shop projects is the Fairground Quilt that I designed awhile back. I just love banners. I have them throughout my home for just about every holiday.

Today, I’m sharing a sweet little sewing room bunting that will be perfect for your own sewing space, as a gift for a sewing friend, or wouldn’t these be cute as a little “extra” for a swap buddy?! For this particular set, I used the Dottie collection by Moda Fabrics. However, you can of course use your favorite Moda line to make these. I also can see these without text, just a sweet banner showcasing your favorite prints from your favorite line! Ohhh the possibilities are endless.

Lets get started shall we?




*Fabric requirements are given for  the “create” bunting, after reading the instructions you may need to adjust the requirements as needed.*

at least 3 to 6 fat quarters, shown in Dottie (Amount may vary if you want a different print for each bunting or if you want to repeat a print.)

1/4 yd solid for circles, shown in Bella Solid Bleached White 97

1/4 yd linen for letters, shown in Linen Mochi Solid Putty 32911 13

approx 1 yd fusible webbing, I prefer Heat n’ Bond Lite

string or twine for threading buntings

coordinating or contrasting thread

fabric marker of choice

needle with a large eye for threading the buntings


If you would like to make your own custom banner, I used the font broadcast bold and it’s excellent for banners. You can download it for free here.

Print of the templates in the attached printable PDF.  The file includes all the necessary templates, including the text for “create”, “sew”, and “quilt”. The letters are reversed for tracing onto fusible webbing. When printing, make sure that ‘shrink to fit’ or the like is NOT selected. Check the 1″ square on the template pages to make sure everything is to scale.


Cut {6} 6″ x 18″ strips from your desired fat quarters. (One per bunting.)

From the solid cut {1} 5.5″ x WOF strip. (Each strip yields approximately {8} circles.)


1. Fold each 6″x18″ FQ strip in half and press.


2. Trace and cut {6} circles on to the fusible web. Rough cut the circles out and adhere to your solid fabric following the directions for your brand of fusible web. Cut out circles.


3. Trace and cut the necessary letters onto the fusible web. Rough cut the letters out and adhere to your linen fabric following the directions for your brand of fusible web. Cut out letters.


4. Using the bunting template, trace shape on to the right side of the folded fabric strip. Repeat for each bunting.


5.  Sew ON your tracing line, backstitching at the beginning and end. Trim fabric approx 1/4″ from your stitching line.  Press. (If you are using a fabric marker that doesn’t come out after using heat, wait until the mark disappears!)


6.  Fuse the circle and letter onto the bunting following the directions for your brand of fusible webbing.


7. Use a wide zig zag or use a blanket stitch around the circle to reinforce and for fun!


8. Using a needle with a large eye, thread the buntings together.



One bunting banner as directed above.

These are the perfect gift for your sewing friends, the perfect “extra” for a swap friend, or to adorn your own sewing space.

LeAnne Ballard

{Everyday Celebrations}

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  1. Rosemarazzle says:

    Rosemary B here:
    well, this idea is just adorable. So many possibilities too
    thank you for sharing

  2. MaryJo says:

    This is so cute, but I must be missing the part with the templates for the banners, circles & letters when I click on the printer friendly version for the pdf. Am I just an idiot?

  3. Sally says:

    Super cute pattern. I did not find the letters in the .pdf, and though I downloaded the font, can’t get it large enough to be useful?

  4. Nikki says:

    pdf link is still missing

  5. Hi LeAnne – I love this! It would be fun to make one for my daughters’ rooms, with their names on it. Thank you for the link to the font, for some reason it always overwhelms me finding exactly the right font! P.S…. I’m a Maryland girl too, relocated to Texas.

  6. Julia Fernald says:

    Nice idea though it is disappointing there are no templates in the pdf. I’ll try making my own. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Ginger Marien says:

    Looking for the templates for the words in the pdf, they are missing, please advise.

  8. Christine B. says:

    Would love to make, but the PDF words and template are not attached

  9. Lisa Calle says:

    The PDF has been updated with the templates.

  10. Sophie says:

    Hi Everyone, this is an AWESOME BANNER!!
    thank you for sharing.
    I cannot see the PDF OR TEMPLATES TO DOWNLOAD?
    All I can see is the link for the free font..?
    I would love to make this!!!
    Kindest regards
    Sophie from Down Under.

    • Hi Sophie! The link is at the very bottom, above my picture and says “printer friendly version”. I hope that helps!

      • Anna says:

        Hi, i am sooo in love in this banner but l also can not find pdf link, the one above printer friendly link me to your blog, pls let me know where i can find templates, wish to do it for my newborn son.

        • Anna,

          Click directly on the text “printer friendly version” and it will take you to the PDF. I just checked it a minute ago and it’s there. Thanks for reading!


  11. Sophie says:

    Hello LeAnne
    Kindest regards

  12. Anna says:

    LeeAnne, Thanks a lot! Very excited about it.

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