Charm-ing Bunny Ears


Easter is right around the corner and this no-sew project is perfect for kids of all ages. All you need is a pair of bunny ears and a charm square. I found my bunny ears in the dollar bin at Target and I’ve seen them at many other big box stores.



1 charm square
1 set of store-bought bunny ears
5″ square of light-weight fusible
Applique needle and thread OR fabric glue


First, make a template to cover the center of the bunny ears. My fusible was see-through enough that I used it to trace the ears but you may use a sheet of vellum or other thin paper.


Second, heat up your iron and fuse the ear shape to the wrong side of your charm square. Take care with directional fabrics. Trim 1/4″ around the template, leaving yourself a seam allowance to fold under for gluing or hand applique.


Third, applique or glue the ear pieces to the bunny ear headband. If you are new to hand applique, this project is  perfect way to practice since the fuzzy ears hide messy stitches. Of course, a dab of glue along the edge is even easier! Whichever method you choose, be sure that all raw edges are tucked away and hidden.


1 pair of festive and fun charm-ing bunny ears perfect for tucking into your child’s Easter basket

Lisa Calle

Lisa Calle

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  1. CruiseFan says:

    Oh what a cutie!!!!!!!
    I mean…the boy!
    Those bunny ears are more something for carnival (I live in Germany, there people go ‘wild’ about these things)
    The look on boy’s face is just adorable…I wonder what he thinks about that “head piece”… ;-)))

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