Gardenvale Chain Quilt



14 jelly rolls strips (shown in Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell) for blocks
8 jelly roll strips for binding
3½ yards background fabric and inner border
7/8 yard cheater print for border (SKU 18100 11, 18100 12, or 18100 13)
½ yard outer border fabric
4 yards backing fabric



From the jelly roll strips, select 13 strips: cut in half (you need 26-2½” x 22″ strips)
From one jelly roll strip, cut 6-2½” x 2½” squares for the Sashing

Cut 4-10½” x WOF strips and subcut:
3-10½” x 22″
25-10½” x 2½”
4-4½” x 4½”

Cut 5-6½” x WOF strips and subcut:
5-6½” x 22″
40-6½” x 2½”

Cut 12-2½” x WOF strips
select 6 strips: cut in half (you need 11-2½” x 22″ strips)
select 6 strips: sew together then cut:
2-2½” x 62½” strips (inner border)
2-2½” x 54½” strips (inner border)


Use scant ¼” seams

1| Blocks
(A) Sew 1-2½” x 22″ Background and 2-2½” x 22″ Chain strips together. Make 5 strip sets. Cut into 40-2½” wide units.

(B) Sew 1-2½” x 22″ Chain and 2-2½” x 22″ Background strips together. Make 3 strip sets. Cut into 20-2½” wide units.

(C) Combine units as shown to make one Nine Patch. Make 20 Nine Patches.

(D) Sew 1-6½” x 22″ Background and 2-2½” x 22″ Chain strips together. Make 5 strip sets. Cut into 40-2½” wide units.

(E) Combine 2-6½” x 2½” Background rectangles, 1-Nine Patch and 2-Block Sashings to make a Block. Make 20 Blocks.


2 | Sashing

Sew 1-2½” x 22″ Chain and 1-10½” x 22″ Background strip together. Make 3 strip sets. Cut into 24-2½” wide units.


3 | Quilt Center

Combine 4-Sashings and 1-2½” Chain square to make one Sashing row. Make 6.
Combine 4-Blocks and 5-10½” x 2½” Backgrounds to make one Block row. Make 5. Join the rows. The quilt center is 50½” x 62½”.


4 | Borders

Sew cheater border fabric strips end-to-end and cut into 2 – 4½” x 62½” for top and bottom borders and 2 – 4½” x 66½” side borders.

Add the 2-2½” x 62½” Background strips to the sides of the quilt top. Add the 2-2½” x 54½” Background strips to the top and bottom. Add the Cheater Borders, first to the quilt sides then to the top and bottom.

Add the 2-2½” x 74½” Border strips to the sides of the quilt top. Add the 2-2½” x 66½” Border strips to the top and bottom.


Sew the 8-2½” x WOF Binding strips together. Layer, quilt, bind . ENJOY!


Quilt is 66″ x 78″.
{Adapted from Moda’s free pattern Simple Chain Quilt}

9 comments on “Gardenvale Chain Quilt

  1. Laura Valdez says:

    This is just awesome! I just finished an child’s alphabet quilt using the Moda polka dots. And I have so many pieces left of the jelly roll, this is perfect! Yippee Skippee!

  2. Helen says:

    I wanted to compare this to the Simple Chain Quilt referenced above, but the link doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Judi says:

    You would get the same effect by simply alternating 9 patch blocks with plain squares & then just make up some 2/3 blocks to complete the pattern at the edges.

  4. Tracey says:

    Here is the link for the simple chain quilt—-

  5. 易路营销 says:










    乙未年(羊)二月初七 2015-3-26

  6. I have always wanted to make one of these, but found the variety of cutting and piecing instructions daunting. I had to read these twice, but I think it makes sense. Do you have instructions on what colors go where, or are you they all random? Doesn’t the center of the 9 patch need to be red or something? If you could suggest how to manage the colors, I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!! (I am still very new at all this!) Thank you for sharing your great tutorial!

  7. CruiseFan says:

    @Gayle Ballinger
    I made one like these years ago and I did not care where the colors actually go. I just used whatever color I had and placed them randomly. More color makes it more versatile.
    I used all sorts of Asian scrap/strip fabrics combined with a mustard-color. (where in the instruction the color is shown as white) It looks very nice.

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