Tips & Tricks: Fabric Finder


One of the most frequent questions in Oda May’s inbox involves tracking down out of print or older fabric collections. Today she shares some of her own tips as well as reader suggestions on how you can find that must have fabric.

  • Try  You can search for a fabric by name, line or number and it searches thousands of participating shops and returns the shops that match your search. Find fabric SKUs and other details by searching Moda’s website. The Downloads page is especially helpful and has fabric lines going back to 2000.
  • Go to local quilt guilds with a sample and just ask the members…quilters have great minds and often remember what’s in their stash.
  • Ask your Facebook quilt groups and friends. If you aren’t in any Facebook quilting groups, join some! It’s an excellent way to network with other quilters.
  • Instagram is also a great resource for finding fabric. Make use of hashtags to search for others who have the collection (for example, #urbanchiksfabric, #urbanchiks, #bohofabric).
  • Go to warehouses that buy up collections and start digging.
  • Email or call the designer of the fabric.  She or he may have extra and would be willing to sell it. Follow your favorite designers on social media to be sure you are in the know if and when they sell fabric from their past collections.

And finally, remember that there are lots of quilt shops out there with no online storefront. Networking with other quilters, especially online, can help you find quilt shops in other towns that may have bolts or precuts of the line you are searching for.

Readers, did we miss any tips for finding out of print fabrics? Let us know in the comments.

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