Christmas Table Runner Squared


If you are like me, you think about making Christmas projects on December 1, but let’s do it differently this year!  This is a quick and easy table runner project that can be easily expanded to make it longer (just add more blocks) using a jelly roll so there is less cutting.  This table runner can be made in less than a weekend and it will feel so good to have something pretty for the holidays ready so early.

I love how Winterberry by Kate and Birdie is seasonal yet doesn’t scream Christmas so I can use this table for the winter season!


1 – Jelly Roll

1/2 Yard Backing Fabric

Scrap Batting (that measures around 14 x 38) or longer

Basic Sewing Notions



Since we are using a jelly roll, we are using the width of the fabric (2.5 inches)


12 Inner Centers – 2.5 inches – I fussied cut the centers.

12 Outer Centers – 2.5 inches

Block A:

6 – 4.5 inch strips for side 1

6 – 4.5 inch strips for side 2

Block B:

6 – 4.5 inch strips for side 1

6 – 4.5 inch strips for side 2

cut list

Use a 1/4 inch seam.

Press seams to the side, just be consistent.


2 – 37 inches for Border


4 jelly strips or at least 110 inches of binding.


Attaching inner 2.5 inch square to outer 2.5 inch square

step 1

You will have 12 centers.

Block A:

Add Strip 1 (4.5 inches) to side 1 of center two squares making 6 block As.

step 2

Add Strip 2 (4.5 inches) to side 2.

step 3

Repeat x 6

Block B:

Add Strip 1 (4.5 inches) to side 1 of center two squares.

Add Strip 2 (4.5 inches) to side 2.

step 4

Attach all blocks A together in a row – Make sure the flowers are facing the same direction.

.step 5

Attach all blocks B together in a row – flowers facing same direction.

step 6

Attach row of Block A to row of Block B.  The flowers should be touching.

step 7

Attach border fabric to top of row A.

step 8a

Attach border fabric to bottom of row B.

step 8

Trim to make ends even.

Make your quilt sandwich using your favorite method.  I love basting spray.




Trim excess batting and backing.

trim before quilting

Make your binding by sewing your 4 strips together.



add binding

I use scraps to make my backing so in case the front got dirty while we had company over, I could just flip it over.




1 – Fast and Easy Holiday Table Runner that is approx. 12.5 inches wide and 36 inches long.

Karri Garza

9 comments on “Christmas Table Runner Squared

  1. blg2240 says:

    Super cute runner and I do believe I will try to get some of my Christmas sewing done earlier this year, like the day after Thanksgiving. No, really I’m going to try and this runner will be on the top of my list. Thank you for a very cool pattern. Oh and I like the way you did the backing ’cause just flipping it over is a major plus.

  2. Terri Ann says:

    Such a sweet runner! I agree that this line looks like it will be a great seasonal runner not holiday specific. Good for you for getting such a jump start on the holidays I usually start around December 5th 😉

  3. larri says:

    The size of this runner is perfect, plus it will be fun sewing it together. Thanks.

  4. dispack says:

    The table runner is difficult to view, the words in the first photo cover so much of it, then there isn’t a good final photo. Would it be possible to get some more/clearer photos of this runner? Thanks.

  5. Karen Ackva says:

    Grea tutorial Karri! Beautiful fabric and beautiful design!

  6. So very pretty! You have such a gift!

  7. Ariel Hart says:

    Gorgeous and super festive

  8. Nanci says:

    What a fun and festive runner! So easy!

  9. Lee says:

    Really cute….too bad “Christmas” is mis-spelled! 😉

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