Moda Works of Art

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Calling all super fans! We have a sweet as {Moda} candy project for you today from reader Megan Dunton.

Clever Megan has a cute way to keep those favorite precuts dust-free and out where she can enjoy them every day in her sewing room.

acid free scrapbook adhesive

scrumptious framed

She recommends using acid free scrapbook adhesive so if you ever needed to “break glass because of emergency,” nothing will be damaged. She used Tombow brand removable adhesive. I spy Moda candy, charm packs and layer cakes!

top shelf

Megan also has a display of her favorite precuts tags, making them into miniature works of art!

daysail april showers set up

Daysail April Showers

daysail april showers 2

Thanks so much for the tip, Megan!

29 comments on “Moda Works of Art

  1. Rosemaryflower says:

    Ooooh I love this sooo much.
    Yes! I will cover my walls with all of my favorite precuts….
    Thank you so much dear Megan and Oda for this fun idea

    • Rosemaryflower says:

      yay, and I save all of my tags too ♥️♥️

      • Megan Dunton says:

        You will have so much fun! Framing the precuts and tags is so easy and fun to do – so glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Anna says:

    Looks fabulous Megan! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

  3. Toni says:

    I love those! What a fantastic idea to decorate with and still keep things stored.

  4. CruiseFan says:

    Good idea to make “art” with SOME leftover fabric and the leftover tags.
    BUT: I’d rather sew the whole fabric of the charm pack instead of displaing it in a frame.

  5. Elizabeth Utley says:

    I love this idea as we all love to drool over our fabrics. Great idea as a gift for a fellow fabric lover too

  6. blg2240 says:

    Fantastic and super creative, oh if only I had the space to do that. Many thanks for sharing those gorgeous Moda fabrics.

  7. Kathy Mc says:

    Please tell us where you found the delicious frames! I have a big empty wall in my quilting room and it is begging for me to borrow your idea!

    • Megan Dunton says:

      Hi Kathy, the frames are a mix of the Ribba frames from Ikea, shadowbox frames from Michaels, and just some flat white frames from Target – any shadowbox frame works for the precuts and any frame at all will work with the tags – I sure hope you have as much fun doing your wall as I did!!

  8. Lisa Calle says:

    I also adore this! I loved displaying my fabric hoard but I’ve never put charm packs or layer cakes out because I didn’t think they could look cute. WRONG! Great idea, Megan and thanks for sharing.

    • Megan Dunton says:

      Thank you so much Lisa! I know you will have a blast having them out where you can see!

  9. SarahZ says:

    Sweet idea! I save tags and all the cards from shops I’ve shopped! Now to load up on some more precuts 🙂

    • Megan Dunton says:

      You are going to have the cutest wall ever with all of those tags and cards!! Have fun!!

  10. Brie says:

    Megan, I love this idea! Do you mind sharing with us your “bolts” method too? I would love to see more of your sewing room and organization methods.

    • Megan Dunton says:

      Thank you Brie! I have been in the process of rearranging and organizing as it had gotten really disorganized. The bolts that I use are from a company called Polar Notions and they hold anywhere from a yard to 10+yards – I know a lot of people use the acid free comic book boards to do their bolts as well.

  11. What a fantastic idea Megan – it really jazzes up the shelf. Oh I’m sure there were thousands of ooooh’s and ahhhh’s with this great post on the Bake Shop. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Joyce Ann says:

    Great idea Megan. I love charms and buy fabric because I just love colors. I’m neversure what I’m going to make at first, but this is a great idea to display the fabrics I really love. Thanks for sharing. You have great ideas!!!

  13. Hello, your blog is too beautiful! I come every day and I like it very much !!! Thank you and good luck!

  14. Amber says:

    Brilliant! I especially love the use of the tags. I hope I haven’t thrown mine away, I used to save them but I may have tossed them. I will have to open some other precuts and use them, just to get the tags!

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