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We are coming to the end of  summer and the end of our Summer of {Bella} Solids! You can check out the projects shared this summer {here} and past Bella Solids projects {here}. Today, Oda May is going to answer some reader questions about Bella Solids.

How can I find the best matching Bella Solids for my project?

There are three great ways to match up Bella Solids to your project!

  • Moda’s Palette Builder tool. Just upload an image and it automatically finds the coordinating colors! If you are looking for image files from your favorite Moda fabric lines, you can find them {here}. If you need some help using the tool, Carrie Nelson wrote a great post about it.

  • Bella Solids Color Card. Available from your favorite Moda Fabrics retailer, the Bella Solids color card is a must-have notion. It contains swatches of all Bella Solids with name and SKU, plus pages showing the precuts available in various colors.
  • Moda Match Maker. One of our latest and truly greatest notions, the Match Maker contains 2 1/2″ x 5″ swatches of every Bella Solid fabric backed with white cardstock indicating stock number, color names and space for taking notes.

Do Bella Solids come in precuts?

Yes! Many of the most popular Bella Solids are available in precuts. You can find them listed on a Bella Solids color card or in this handy download.

Why don’t Bella Solids have a selvedge with the color name printed on it?

Bella Solids are dyed instead of printed so the production process is different. This is the reason why Bella Solids have no “right” side. Clever Carrie Nelson has an easy fix to keep you from mixing up your Snow and Bleached White and Natural! She uses a Sharpie pen to write the color name on the selvage of her solid fabric where it will eventually be cut off.

I love Bella Solids! Do you have any tips for keeping them organized when working on a project with lots of colors?

We love them, too! Sherri McConnell (one half of the Moda design team A Quilting Life) does the following:

I make little tags to pin onto each larger piece of my Bella solids. I just use my pinking shears to cut little rectangle “tags” and then use a permanent marker to identify the color name and number.

The tags just take a minute to make, it’s easy to remove them  when you’re ready to use your fabric, and the tags are easy to pin back on and use again and again.

Thanks for popping in today! If you have questions about Bella Solids, let us know in the comments.

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8 comments on “FAQ: Bella Solids

  1. Pauline says:

    Great idea to mark in the salvage. I also keep my little tags handy to keep track of my yardage too!

  2. Rosemaryflower says:

    I have large zip bags, the two gallon size.
    I label the bags. Hang them on hangers. I have to do this bc I do not always immediately fold my fabric after cutting….. so there can be a pile the colors that are very close, I have to keep organized …. even though not neat and tidy.
    It does sometimes look like a small explosion took place (I am kind of embarrassed to admit this) with a pile of fabrics that are not the solids. 😛

  3. Tammy says:

    The links to see the current and past projects just take you to this post and not to the projects

  4. Erika Balban says:

    looking at all these fabrics is so calming! love solid fabric xxx


  5. blg2240 says:

    Fantastic ideas for keeping all those gorgeous colors in order, many thanks.

  6. I had no idea there are 2 gallon zip lock bags! I tape my very stuffed full bags together with the information clearly marked on both… But I like the selvage idea, too! I would have to safety pin on a tag, or a white might become dotted…

    • Sue says:

      I love the two-gallon zip lock bags; I discovered them last year in my local grocery store. Unfortunately the next time I went to get more, they had already stopped carrying them. (Grrrr…) So I ordered an ample supply on line. They make the best in-process project bags!

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