Greetings, my dear readers! Today I am checking in to tell you about a few new things around these parts.

First…many readers have long requested that we share the finished size of the quilt/project at the top of the post. Done! You can now find finished dimensions near the top of the tutorial, typically just before the Ingredients list. The dimensions are also repeated at the end. It will take us a little bit of catching up to add this to older posts.

Second…earlier this year we added the Errata feature to allow you to easily find updated PDFs (just click here to see the feed of updated tutorials). Newer Printer Friendly files have the date of publication in the footer so you can be sure your printed version is current.  But that’s not all! I have a marvelous tip for you to stay on top of those projects you want to make. Simply comment on the project post and check the box for “Notify me of new comments via email.”


You will need to comment using your email address to take advantage of this feature, but we think you will find it very useful. When we update the tutorial with corrections or added information, the Chef or our Editor makes a comment below about what was updated. You will automatically receive an email with the comment and a link to the post. How about that! Just be sure that you are commenting on the post for the project you want to make, not this Housekeeping post!

If you want to receive our new blog posts in your inbox, subscribe using the “Email Updates” box on the right side of the blog. It looks like this:



As always, we love to get your feedback on features that would make the Moda Bake Shop more useful and user-friendly for you. Just comment below or email me at modabakeshop{at}unitednotions{dot}com.

Quilting On,


Sneaks and Peeks


Do you follow our Moda fabrics designers on Instagram? They’ve been sharing some sneaks and peeks of their upcoming lines that will debut at Quilt Market later this month.

Included are collections from some long-time Moda designers, some slightly seasoned, and some brand-new!

Which one are you most excited to see in your favorite quilt shop?

Dear Oda May: Kiss Kiss Birdie Quilt


Dear Readers,

We often get questions about which pattern to use for a special quilt or advice on enlarging or shrinking a pattern.  Sometimes readers get stuck or miscut fabric and need advice to finish their project. Oda May is here to answer your quilting dilemmas!

Today’s dilemma is from reader Joyce who has a lovely stack of applique birds that she would like to combine with precuts to create a finished quilt. Let’s see how Oda May solves her dilemma!

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