Greetings, my dear readers! Today I am checking in to tell you about a few new things around these parts.

First…many readers have long requested that we share the finished size of the quilt/project at the top of the post. Done! You can now find finished dimensions near the top of the tutorial, typically just before the Ingredients list. The dimensions are also repeated at the end. It will take us a little bit of catching up to add this to older posts.

Second…earlier this year we added the Errata feature to allow you to easily find updated PDFs (just click here to see the feed of updated tutorials). Newer Printer Friendly files have the date of publication in the footer so you can be sure your printed version is current.  But that’s not all! I have a marvelous tip for you to stay on top of those projects you want to make. Simply comment on the project post and check the box for “Notify me of new comments via email.”


You will need to comment using your email address to take advantage of this feature, but we think you will find it very useful. When we update the tutorial with corrections or added information, the Chef or our Editor makes a comment below about what was updated. You will automatically receive an email with the comment and a link to the post. How about that! Just be sure that you are commenting on the post for the project you want to make, not this Housekeeping post!

If you want to receive our new blog posts in your inbox, subscribe using the “Email Updates” box on the right side of the blog. It looks like this:



As always, we love to get your feedback on features that would make the Moda Bake Shop more useful and user-friendly for you. Just comment below or email me at modabakeshop{at}unitednotions{dot}com.

Quilting On,


59 comments on “Housekeeping

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m commenting so I can continue getting this wonderful mail!!!!

  2. Gretchen Biery says:

    Really love getting hints and seeing new projects.

  3. Laura says:

    Pleased to hear about your housekeeping update

  4. Angie says:

    Thank you for the updates.

  5. anudge says:

    Okay!, but I don’t see the box for the errata. ?? Thanks!

  6. Rosemaryflower says:

    Thank you for this update.
    I love your webpage and all of you that share your knowledge and inspiration

  7. Kathy Poole says:

    I’d like to comment to get added to the list. Thanks

  8. carolyn Hess says:

    I really enjoy all your quilts and patterns ! ! !

  9. Another great idea! Thanks!

  10. Robin Batchelor says:

    Very enjoyable.

  11. VickiT says:

    Thank you for the updates.

    I do want to mention that anyone ticking the box next to “Notify me of new comments via email” also means that EVERY single comment posted under that new tutorial/pattern means they will also get a copy. If 200 people post a comment to something, then they will be receiving 200 emails letting them know of each and every single comment which was also posted. I’m not quite sure that’s what someone really wants. I could be wrong, but I know I sure don’t want to get any additional email from every posted pattern posted in hopes of making sure an update isn’t missed.

    I would think it would be much easier to make a new post to notify everyone an update has been made to something, even if only to post the link to the original pattern where the updated info can be seen/downloaded. That way we don’t have to be subjected to hundreds of emails on the chance one of those may be an update and actually unless the person doing the update makes a comment, no one will receive that via email anyway now that I think about it. They will just get all comments posted underneath a new pattern, not an update.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Vicki! Most tutorials get fewer than 10 comments. One with a big response might receive 20-30. I don’t want to say impossible, but it’s very very very unlikely that anyone would receive hundreds of comments. Subscribing to the comments on a post is the most direct way to inform interested readers in updates to the patterns that they plan to make. Creating a post for every update would clog up the blog feed and the inboxes of our subscribers.

      Lisa Calle
      Moda Bake Shop Editor

      • VickiT says:

        The only concern I would have is that just updating the post with any additional updates will not trigger a notification to anyone who has subscribed via comments. The only way that would work is for you to also make a comment each time as well. Many of us get a large number of emails daily now and adding to that by getting more just from comments made under a tutorial will, over time just be deleted as extra stuff not necessarily needing attention. When this happens then so too, will a comment made about an error sadly.

        Either way however, if we have to subscribe to comments for each and every single new project is one we love and to ensure we might get an update sometime in the future I think is not being fair to your subscribers as well. I find it hard to believe the subscribers would be upset with an extra post of two notifying them of important error updates they may need to know in order to not mess up cutting a project they are going to be making, or wasting fabric as a result of an error. I don’t see how that is going to clog up their blog feed. I do not understand the thinking that every update will also clog up the inboxes of the subscribers, when in fact, them having to subscribe to every post/tutorial they might want to know about any updates for is in reality, what will be clogging up their inboxes.

        Even if, as you say that most tutorials only get fewer than 10 comments, if you consider someone may want to subscribe as instructed above, to receive comments for each and every tutorial multiplying that by however many that number may be, could add up to hundreds of comments.

        Sadly too, are those like me who don’t want additional emails added to what we already get, if the fact that we will not ever know if there was an error found. Yes, that is our option, but if done in a way that everyone is notified without the need for emails, that would be better for your subscribers in the long run.

        I honestly think a separate post to let everyone know of an error in a prior tutorial is not going to be clogging up blog feeds for anyone, or their inboxes, unless there a large number of errors being found which require a number of separate posts. Maybe some thought to possibly creating a poll asking your subscribers if they want to get all the comments via email vs. a new post with a link to the corrections is their preference?

        I saw comments after my last one with other agreeing with my point of view. Some may not have read what I said and don’t have a clue by checking that box they’re going to be getting more emails and will be confused since they’ll think by checking that box as instructed is going to give them notification of updates.

        I will be quiet now and leave it alone as it doesn’t appear as if this is going to change things. It’s just sad that many will not know of any updates without being subjected to additional emails for no reason, other than to maybe get an update of an error at some point in time. I know that I will be one of them as I don’t need more email in my inbox.

        • Lisa Calle says:

          I hope no one subscribes to the comments for every single post! No one has time to sew that much. This feature is intended to be used for only those projects you are really interested in. And remember, it is an extra thing, not a requirement. This will have very little impact on the volume of email readers receive and it directs updates to those who are the most interested in receiving them, rather than the wide audience of the entire blog readership. If you have more questions or don’t understand this feature, please feel free to email me directly.

          Lisa Calle
          Moda Bake Shop Editor

  12. Dorothy Clark says:

    Any help that will keep me on schedule with my projects will be most appreciated.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Dorothy, we are working on some printables that I think will do just that! I also have a problem keeping my projects timely and organized so I’ve designed a worksheet to help me out. Look for an upcoming Oda May post.

      • Leisa DenBeste says:

        Love that idea! Can’t wait to see your post regard your worksheet. Thank you for all the new additions.

  13. Marie C. says:

    I agree with VickT. I also do not want to receive 200 more e-mails when an update is posted. The link to the original pattern sounds like a good idea or something similar.

  14. blg2240 says:

    Knowing the size of the project at the beginning is going to be very much appreciated. Thank you for all of the tips, most of all for having the Bake Shop is such a treat to those of us who can’t get enough of quilting, fabric and patterns.

  15. Tamra says:

    Love all the beautiful patterns and fantastic tips!

  16. Shirley West says:

    Great idea

  17. Linda Losinski says:

    Love the Moda Bakeshop. Please send me new ideas via e-mail.

  18. Duane says:

    Great Ideas!

  19. Karen says:

    So enjoy the wealth of patterns and ideas.

  20. Dorothy says:

    I do not want to get every one elses comments every time a comment is made. I would only want to know about the new updates, etc

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Dorothy! You would only receive comments on posts that you subscribe to, not every single one on the blog. Most posts get fewer than 10 comments so it should not clog up your inbox. Like you, we want to be sewing, not reading emails! 😉

      Lisa Calle
      Moda Bake Shop Editor

  21. Shirley Woods says:

    Thank you for listening to our requests

  22. Judi says:

    Appreciate the updates.

  23. Mary says:

    i agree with VickiT. I would like to know about the corrections/updates (I’ve already run into the issue but was able to work around it). Posting the quilt size at the top is much appreciated.

  24. Sandra S. says:

    Thanks for all the updates.

  25. Sue says:

    Thank you!!

  26. Karen Seitz says:

    I’m glad to know the size will appear at the top of the post in the future. I would really like to see the year as part of the date of the post (inside the cherry). I know you say the publication date will appear in the footer of the downloaded version, but often I am searching for a past pattern on your blog, so having the year (and not just the date) show up at the top of the post would be really helpful to me when trying to locate a specific pattern that I do not remember the name of. Thanks!

  27. Meran Taylor says:

    Thanks Oda May! Love your work!

  28. Chele H says:

    thanks for your concern and continuing improvement.

  29. Paula B. says:

    I would love to have updates. I just hope this doesn’t fill my inbox.

  30. Marcia says:

    thanks for the updates

  31. jill braunstein says:

    I would like to continue receiving updates

  32. Regina Harris says:

    Great information about getting updates and very helpful.

  33. Toni Anne says:

    I enjoy all the updates, please keep me on the list. Thanks ;-> Toni Anne

  34. Diana says:

    Awaiting the new posts from you!

  35. Bonnie Nyquist says:

    I love the Moda Bake shop and wish to receive updates,thank you.

  36. Laurie says:

    Keep up the great work, girls! Post away!

  37. Mary says:

    Maybe you could clarify what would be sent out. A few times I have mistakely touched one of the boxes on the left side (notify me of new comments or posts) and I suddenly have 50 new emails because each and every time someone makes a comment, it sends a copy to me. I would be interested in the correction or pattern update but I don’t want more emails when another quilters says they like the quilt or the colors.

  38. Dian says:

    Thank you for all of the updates!

  39. Pam Arbour says:

    I look forward to my emails from MBS. I will check the box for new comments and if it becomes too burdensome, I can always uncheck it. I would be interested to see what people say.

  40. Marcia Pagetti says:

    I love the Moda Bake shop, please keep me on the list! Thanks

  41. Lynn says:

    I love your quilts and other make. Moda is the best!

  42. Jane says:

    Each day I scan emails looking for a new MBS post and have suggested your shop to many friends. Please continue bringing the great ideas and as always would appreciate any helpful tips!

  43. wilcoxbd says:

    Love what you bring to quilters…

  44. Diana Thompson says:

    Moda Bake Shop is the best! I go to your website time and again for inspiration and ideas – as well as the free patterns.

  45. Carol Bucher says:

    I really enjoy all the patterns and tips you send. Keep up the good work. I have a lot of stash so am always in need of new projects to use it up.

  46. Viola says:

    Great idea! I’m always poking around the site for ideas and projects!

  47. Cynthia Romero says:

    I so love your website & emails! Projects are so beautiful, and your tips…so helpful!!
    Thank you!!

  48. Patricia Phaiah says:

    I love your site. I have made several of the projects.

  49. Sandy says:

    Great website. SO many wonderful ideas!

  50. Larri Koshinsky says:

    Fantastic News. Thanks for listening to your admirers.

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