Flashback Friday: Go Tell It On the Mountain


Today we are beginning a month of Flashback Fridays “Quilts for the Seasons,” making over past quilts with traditional colors for the holidays.  The gorgeous and timeless Go Tell It On the Mountain by Chef Konda Luckau takes the stage today.

The delectable mountains block is one every quilter should have in her bag of tricks! Konda’s original version uses some yardage and a layer cake. We’ve substituted printed layer cakes for Bella Solids to show off the holiday red and green.

Bella Solids shown are cut from yardage of Betty’s Green {9900-121} and Scarlet {9900-47}, lending a 1930s flair to our Christmas palette.


See the original recipe {here} to make your own Go Tell It On the Mountain quilt.

Sewing Along with Joy,


Oda May

Oda May

The Moda Bake Shop is a division of Moda Fabrics that provides online recipes which you can use with the wide range of Moda Pre-cuts. All sizes and types of projects will be featured from various designers and shops. Tutorials for various Moda projects sheets will be illustrated with step by step pictures. Some techniques and products will also be featured throughout, so check back often for what is "baking" here at Moda Fabrics.
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8 comments on “Flashback Friday: Go Tell It On the Mountain

  1. Oh, lovely design!!!

  2. Bev Van Cleave says:


  3. Pam in Illinois says:

    So how much yardage of each would one need to make this Holiday version?

  4. cruisefan says:

    Just follow the sentence “See the original recipe here”, below the picture, then click on “here” and the whole tutorial unfolds before your very eyes with all the measurements you might want to know (or not)

    • Pam in Illinois says:

      the original tutorial only has directions using the layer cake. I wanted to know how much yardage would be needed of the red and green. I couldn’t find that in the directions. If it is there could someone point me to it? thanks

      • Diane Peck says:

        There’s gotta be a chart somewhere. I want to know too, also size for smaller version. Need to make a baby quilt & I really like this pattern.

  5. cruisefan says:

    @Pam in Illinois
    Sorry, you must think that I referred to your question. Look at the date my comment was posted, I wanted to answer the post from Bev (Dec.6)- I don’t know why my post moved inbetween the Dec. 6th posts.
    Sorry also I cannot tell you about the yardage needed.

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