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Hello! My name is Nicola Dodd from CakeStand Quilts and it’s so lovely to be here at the Moda Bakeshop sharing my very first recipe. I live in the UK, where we’re still waiting patiently for some Spring sunshine. Luckily I’ve had Joanna Figueroa’s beautiful Strawberry Fields Revisited collection to brighten up my sewing room. My recipe uses a Layer Cake – my favourite pre-cut – and is constructed from just two repeated blocks!

I hope you’ll love making it as much as I did…

54” x 72” Finished Quilt


Part of 1 Layer Cake or 36 10” squares

1 yd neutral fabric for central blocks

yd fabric for border blocks

yds fabric for backing

62” x 80” Cotton Batting

½ yd fabric for binding



Please read through the pattern before you begin, assuming a ¼” seam allowance and a fabric width (WOF) of 42”.  I would always recommend making a test block.


1. From each of the 36 10” print squares – 24 for your central blocks and 12 for your border blocks – cut 2 5” squares and 4 2½” squares (fig.1)

Moda Bakeshop 2


 Please note: If you are a confident cutter – and have a nice, sharp rotary blade – you can cut three or four at a time

udlington 024

This will leave you with a 5” square (or a Charm Pack) to set aside for another project and I have a suggestion for using it at the end of the recipe…

2. From your neutral fabric, cut 6 5” x WOF strips and subcut into 48 5” squares

3. From your border fabric cut 9 5” x WOF strips; then from 6 of those strips subcut 24 5” x 9½” pieces and from the remaining 3 strips subcut 24 5” squares

4. From your binding fabric cut 7 2½” x WOF strips



5. For each centre block choose 2 sets of contrasting print pieces, each set comprising of a 5” square and 2 matching 2½” squares. You will also need 2 neutral 5” squares.

6. Draw or press a diagonal line on the back of the 2½” squares, pin one of each print, right sides together, on opposite corners of the neutral square

7. Stitch on the line, flip ‘open’ and press – to ‘snowball’ the corners – trimming away the middle layer of fabric and leaving the background cream fabric to keep your block nice and square (figs. 2 & 3). If you’ve chosen a darker neutral you may prefer to trim out this back layer too.

 Moda Bakeshop 6

  Fig. 2                                   Fig. 3

8. Assemble the block, as shown below, taking care to position the prints correctly (fig. 4). Press your seams in the direction of the arrows (>)

Moda Bakeshop 5

Fig. 4

 9. Your block should measure 9½” square




10. For each centre block choose a set of print pieces, each set comprising of a

5” square and 2 matching 2½” squares.  You will also need a 5” square and a

5” x 9½” piece of border fabric.

11. ‘Snowball’ one corner of each of the border pieces, as described in step 7

12. Assemble the block, as shown (fig.5), pressing your seams in the direction of the arrows (>)


Moda Bakeshop 7 

Fig. 5

 13. Again, your block should measure 9½” square




 14. Lay out your quilt blocks – arranging the border blocks around the edge – then assemble the quilt centre (fig. 6), taking care to pin at the points marked Alternate the direction  in which you press the seams in each row, so they will ‘nest’ nicely when you join the rows together.


Moda Bakeshop 4

        Fig. 6

15. Cut your backing into two WOF x 62” pieces, trim off the selvages and join together using a ½” seam, pressed open.

16. Sandwich the batting between the backing and the quilt top, baste, then machine or hand quilt.  My lovely quilter Maureen {from the Quilting Place} used a scrummy Peacock Meander.

17. Join your binding strips end to end to form one long strip and press in half, wrong sides together, along its length.   Trim away excess batting and background – taking the opportunity to ensure your corners are square – and bind the raw edge using your preferred method {and you can find my favourite method on the Sketchbook page of my website, here}.

binding tutorial 015


A 54” x 72” Lap or Baby Quilt plus a Charm Pack!

Speedwell Quilt 003

How about using that ‘bonus’ Charm Pack to encourage a friend to start quilting.  My very first project was a Moda Bakeshop recipe: a pretty table runner designed by Camille Roskelley and made with a Charm Pack. And there are lots of other lovely Bakeshop projects that use a Charm Pack too. I’ll be giving my Strawberry Fields Revisited Charm Pack away on Instagram so come and say hello!

Until then, this has been such fun!! Happy sewing,

Nicola x
{CakeStand Quilts}

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  1. Sara Medd says:

    Thanks! I love this. I make comfort quilts and this is a winner for that. Cheeers!

  2. Alora says:

    It’s cold and gray here in Michigan USA and this happy quilt was a welcome sight. Thanks.

  3. Peggy says:

    I really really like this quilt. A very neat design. Love the left over charm pack too. Feels good to get a bonus project.

  4. Sally reyes says:

    This is a beautiful quilt pattern I will enjoy making it .

  5. Rosemaryflower says:

    What a fun cute adorable quilt. I have so many layer cakes……
    Thanks for sharing this pattern, Nicola. It is perfect and the instructions are really – a layer cake! 🙂

  6. Linda J says:

    This is giving me ideas for what I might do with a layer cake I got for Christmas several years ago. I think I’ve got some charm packs that will work for background. That just leaves a border choice. THX so much!

  7. Amie says:

    Oh my goodness this is my next quilt!!

  8. Marilyn says:

    Oh can’t wait to get started, have to hem my hubby’s pant first. Thanks

  9. dianne says:

    This is gorgeous, looks complicated, but not the way you have instructed … well done! Adding to my project list now ~ cheers.

  10. Lettyb says:

    Like all great patterns, this one is simple an very pretty. I really like it! Congrats Nicola!

  11. Teddie Lyn Humphreys says:

    The fabric and design are fabulous! Good Job!!!

  12. Karee says:

    Fab tutorial and darling pattern. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love this. Cutting up some stash into 10″ blocks for this one !!!! Beautiful.

    • Nicola Dodd says:

      That’s a great idea, Kathy, I have some Christmassy fat quarters calling my name (and if I start now, there’s a faint chance I might actually finish before December!) xx

  14. cruisefan says:

    I’m looking forward to using up some of my beautiful 10″ squares for this nice pattern.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Beautiful quilt and a perfect size, thanks!

  16. michelle says:

    I am definitely making this quilt! Any way to enlarge? I was thinking insert another row in the center?

    • Nicola Dodd says:

      To make the pattern work you would need to add another two rows, which might give you a longer quilt than you want (6 blocks wide x 10 blocks long, or 54″ x 90″). I would suggest lengthening each row by two, making the quilt 72″ square (8 blocks x 8 blocks). Does that make sense?!!

      For a LONGER quilt you will need: 12 extra Layers (10″ squares), 2 extra 5″ x WOF strips of neutral fabric and 2 extra 5″ x WOF strips of border fabric; then make 8 extra centre blocks & 4 extra border blocks.

      For a WIDER (square) quilt you will need: 16 extra Layers, 3 extra 5″ x WOF strips of neutral fabric and 2 extra 5″ x WOF strips of border fabric; then make 12 extra centre blocks & 4 extra border blocks.

      Hope that helps!

  17. Tamara Williams says:

    Birthday gift for a 4 year old, she’ll love it!

  18. Hermie says:

    A very nice quilt. I will make him for my granddaughter. I am a moda fan.

  19. Maureen Singleton says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada, and I love this quilt, Is it possible to make it into a King size for my bed?

    • Nicola Dodd says:

      Hi Maureen!

      Enlarging the quilt to King size is certainly possible. To make the pattern work you need an even number of blocks each way, so I would suggest making it 12 blocks square, which would give you a quilt of 108″ x 108″. You will need to make 100 Centre Blocks and 44 Border Blocks – as directed in the pattern – so you will need the following materials:-

      3 Layer Cakes or 126 10″ squares
      5.75 yds neutral fabric for centre blocks
      2.5 yds fabric for border blocks
      10 yds fabric for backing
      116″ x 116″ cotton batting
      1 yd fabric for binding

      I see lots of chain piecing in your future! Let me know how you get on,

      Nicola xx

  20. SarahZ says:

    This is such a clever design, resulting in one of my favorite block shapes! Such clear instructions…ooh, I would just love to make this one! 🙂 (I am also going to be sure to check out your blog/website!)

  21. I am just going to have to figure out how to make this Queen size! My favorite quilt on MBS in a long time! Thank you!

  22. Linda says:

    Love this quilt. I was wondering which color you used on the border and binding?? Thanks

    • Nicola says:

      I used ‘Daisy Blooms’ in the Pond colour-way, Linda. My binding was the Pond polka dot from the original collection – one of my last precious scraps! – but ‘Sprigs’ from the new collection would work just as well. Hope that helps,

      Nicola xx

  23. Katie says:

    Any reason this pattern wouldn’t work with several charm packs instead of a layer cake?

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