Flashback Friday: Labyrinth Quilt


Chef Karin Vail’s Labyrinth Quilt takes on a whole new look today!

Just a few rotations of the basic block and this fun quilt goes from this:

to this:


Keep the darks and lights separate and twist the blocks yet again for a third layout:


Fabric shown is Sandy Gervais’s latest offering – Refresh. Perfect for spring.

See the original recipe {here} to make your own Labyrinth Quilt.

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5 comments on “Flashback Friday: Labyrinth Quilt

  1. Elizabeth Utley says:

    I just can’t wait to make the Labyrinth Quilt. It looks complicated but it isn’t ! Fantastic .

  2. blg2240 says:

    I love to see one quilt morph into a completely new quilt and that is what you have done. The Labyrinth is one of my favorites and now I am looking forward to doing it again with different colors. Thank you so much.

  3. cruisefan says:

    This pattern is so versatile….
    Thanks for showing different options – I especially like the third layout.

  4. They are all beautiful! The last is my favorite now and I loved the original! I think some prints lend themselves more to different layouts. The second one makes me think “Cleopatra.” It’s exciting and inspiring to see how the same block can be used to create completely different looking quilts! Each quilt also appears to be a more complex one than the last, yet it’s just rotation and color placement! I can see it’s time to invest in the quilt software and play, design, stitch….. Oh my!

    Also, let’s give a shout out to Lisa Calle for all the hard work she does in editing for the MBS! Thank you, Lisa, for your dedication and hard work, plus all the amazing quilting skills you share!

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