Multi-Faceted Charm Pack Quilt


Hey there! I’m Amanda Morrison, here to share my Multi-Faceted quilt with you today! This is my second quilt for Moda Bake Shop–you might remember my Pixie Sticks quilt that was published in May of last year. Let’s get started!



2 Serenity Charm Packs
1 Bella Solids Charm Pack in charcoal
1 yard Bella Solid in charcoal
yards for backing and binding

Start by cutting the following from your Bella Solid yardage and set aside. Plan to cut one 17″ x 6″ rectangle and one 22″ x 6″ rectangle from a single WOF.
12 6″ squares
17″ x 6″ rectangles
22.5″ x 6″ rectangles

Next, pair up 40 of your Serenity charm squares with 40 of the Bella Solids charm squares.  Stack them, right sides together and sew two quarter inch seams on opposite sides. Next, use a ruler and rotary cutter to cut these in half diagonally as shown below. Press both sides open.


Stack the triangles to sew a quarter inch seam down the long side, making sure to lock together the perpendicular seams in the center.

20160215_155430   20160215_155504

Press open your quarter square triangle (QST) blocks, and trim to 6″ square.  You will have 40 Serenity/Bella Solid QST blocks.


Repeat this process pairing 20 Serenity charm squares with 20 Serenity charm squares, to make 20 Serenity QST blocks.

Layout the QST blocks and the cut Bella Solid pieces as pictured below. In the diagram, the Serenity/Bella Solid QSTs are marked and the Serenity only QSTs are marked B. Make sure to pay attention to how your A QSTs are facing!


I started by sewing the center B blocks into a four patch and just worked my out in rings. You may choose to sew the blocks together in rows or sections as you prefer.

This quilt finishes at 55″ x 55″. My lovely sister, Alison of Little Bunny Quilts (and fellow MBS Chef!), was kind enough to free motion quilt Multi-Faceted for me.



I just love how Serenity pops on this charcoal background and can’t wait to see what color palette you choose!

Happy quilting!
Amanda Morrison
{Honey, Bunny, and Doll}

14 comments on “Multi-Faceted Charm Pack Quilt

  1. Jan Pascoe says:

    Hi Amanda, What a great pattern! Thankyou. I am a “newbie” and still “practicing” (including QSTs which I am happy with) and building a stash! I really “luuvvv” this so much that I am going to give it a tryout with some of my not so precious fabrics as a dress rehearsal for my real “yummies”! Cheers Jan (from Aus) 🙂

  2. Libba Utley says:

    At first I thought this looked complicated and fiddly but NO it is amazingly simple.
    I LOVE your method for QSTs
    Great pattern , simple method and looks so impressive
    Can’t wait to get started on it
    Thank you

  3. Gillian Harrison says:

    I love the choice of background, a refreshing change from white!

  4. What a beautiful layout! I enjoy the different shapes created within the quilt by use of color.

  5. Jody Durant says:

    Love the quilt, is it possible to the fabric requirements converted to yardage instead of charm packs? It’s hard to tell how many different patterns are represented. Thanks, Jody

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Jody! There are 25 different prints in this collection (Serenity by Amy Ellis). Amanda has used a total of 80 charm squares in the quilt so each print was used about 3 times. Fat eighths would be a reasonable substitute (14 F8s, cutting six charm squares from each print) though you would still have less variety with only 14 prints instead of 25.

      Lisa Calle
      Moda Bake Shop Editor

  6. cruisefan says:

    Just beautiful !!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. QUILTER3333 says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I love this quilt. You did a fantastic job!!! The color choice is just enough to not steal attention away from the pattern. I think I just found my quilt pattern 😉

  8. Pat says:

    I like the pattern where can I get the materials u used?

  9. Adorable quilt!!!! It is now on my list!

  10. katherine says:

    i really like this pattern, however, i am a bit confused. i thought charm packs were 5″ not 6″. not familiar with this particular charm pack but the instructions require 2 of the same charm packs but show a print and solid charm packs. what am i missing?

    • Amanda M. says:

      The Charm pack squares are 5 and the unfinished QST blocks are trimmed up to 6″ square before you sew them together. And the Ingredients section lists two Serenity Charm Packs and one Bella Solids Charm pack and you make some QSTs that are only the print fabrics and some that are print and solid together.

  11. chokoboysmom says:

    I made this last week using the suggested Serenity charm packs and charcoal / black background. It literally took about 6 hours to piece the top (about an hour or so, each day after work), from start to finish. My husband couldn’t believe how quickly this all came together. You really do have to pay attention to the direction of the hourglasses. My friend is going to custom quilt it (in both a tradition and modern style). She is drooling over the ‘negative’ spaces on the quilt top. LOL! This quilt will be proudly hung in my new home.

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