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Christmas Twirls Cover

Hello! I’m Alison from Little Bunny Quilts and I am back today with an adorable Christmas quilt using The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater! You’ll take charm squares and turn them into festive pinwheels — let’s go sew!

This quilt/project finishes at 42″ x 49″.


April 024

You’ll need:

2 charm packs of The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater
2/3 yard grass green crosshatch print
2/3 yard red dot print
2.5 yards grass green dot print for backing and binding


From your red fabric, cut forty two (42) 4.5 inch squares. Cut each square diagonally once for a total of eighty four (84) red triangles.

From your green fabric, cut forty two (42) 4.5 inch squares. Cut each square diagonally once for a total of eighty four (84) green triangles.

Using all of your charm squares, pair each square with another square. I paired a light colored square with a darker print square for my quilt. With the right sides together, sew around all four sides  of your paired charm squares using a 1/4 seam as shown in by the dotted line. Cut each sewn pair in half diagonally twice as shown.


Press each of the four HST units towards your darker fabric. Arrange into a pinwheel and sew together. Note: you can trim your HSTs before or after you sew your pinwheels together. If you trim prior to constructing your pinwheels, trim each of the four units to 2.75 inches. If you sew your pinwheel together and then trim your pinwheel unit to 5.5 inches. Make a total of 42 pinwheels.


To each of your 42 pinwheels, sew four of your large triangles. Sew 21 blocks with all red triangles, sew 21 blocks with all green triangles.


Arrange your blocks in seven rows of six blocks in each row. Alternate your red and green blocks as shown in my finished top. (My original diagram below shows green and grey background blocks.)

MBS 002

Christmas Twirls 6x7

Layer with batting and backing and quilt as desired. Use excess backing for your binding. I quilted my quilt with an all-over pattern of loops and snowflakes!


This quilt finishes at 42″ x 49″.

MBS 008

I’m very excited to see your version of this quilt! Stop on by Little Bunny Quilts to see what else I have been working on!

Alison Vermilya

14 comments on “Christmas Twirls Quilt

  1. Most effective. Love your choice of colours. Good clear , easy to follow instructions too
    It is on my hit list .
    Thank you

  2. cruisefan says:

    Very nice – great idea how to sew the half square triangles – can’t be mentioned often enogh! ;-))
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. April says:

    After you sew the large triangles to the pinwheel, what size is the block?

  4. blg2240 says:

    Charm squares, HSTs, gorgeous colors and a great tutorial, what’s not to love? Thank you for sharing your talent. This quilt is the perfect size for a gift for my little sister or my niece or my best friend, in fact it is perfect for so many of my loved ones.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Some how missed the size of the rectangle for the backing of each square. I don’t see where you mention the size.

    • They are 4.5 inch squares each cut diagonally once — this is listed right under where it says Instructions.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I can make the pinwheel but it is the green material pictured for the triangles around the pinwheel that I am not sure of the size.

      • Elizabeth says:

        OK! lol think I have it now. The triangle around the pinwheel comes from a 4 1/2″square cut once corner to corner.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry, it’s triangles. Reread but still can’t find size of the triangles.

  7. Kathleen says:

    When I make pinwheels, I put the charm square and my background fabric wrong sides together. Then I stitch around the perimeter. Next, I cut the sewn square diagonally each way, ending up with four half-square triangle units. A really easy way to do a pinwheel block.

  8. Great blog, I love your articles and reports, good luck.

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