Tips & Tricks: Strips and Binding Ends


Do you have spring cleaning on your to-do list? I know there’s just something about this time of year that makes us all want to shake the dust off and tidy things up. Your sewing room is a great place to start. This month we will be featuring reader tips to keep you organized and make sewing easy breezy. Click through to see today’s tip!

Nicole Lorenz of @happyhandmadehome on Instagram caught our eye with this drawer of goodness:


She keeps a drawer in her sewing room for leftover 2 1/2″ strips and binding ends (the extra bits after you’ve finished attaching the binding).  Looks like a rainbow strip quilt is in order!


Nicole’s got a lot of inspiration to share so be sure to stop by her Instagram page and take a peek.


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6 comments on “Tips & Tricks: Strips and Binding Ends

  1. 2bleubirdzsssing4u says:

    I like to put my precuts in ziploc bags if I’m not going to use them right away, so they don’t get so shaggy!

  2. Karen Barger says:

    I save my leftover bindings in one place and often use them on scrap quilts. Sew the leftovers together having enough for the scrap quilt. But love the idea of using them for string scrap quilts too.

    • Cindy Cutsforth says:

      Leftover prepared binding also makes great accent strip in a pillowcase or binging for scrappy potholder so.

  3. cruisefan says:

    I have small leftover pieces in old shoeboxes sorted by color. Lately I made a wonky star quilt where all those little pieces, accumulated over the years, came in very handy.
    Bigger pieces I have sorted by size, “somewhat” in a color scheme as well.
    And leftovers that are in size close to a jelly roll piece I keep in huge ziplock bags.
    The other day I pulled them out to find out that I have enough for sewing at least 2 king size quilts!
    Leftover bindings -usually only small pieces, though- I keep rolled up to use in future scrap quilts.

    Nevertheless: I will definitely have to do more spring cleaning in my sewing room…. ;-))

  4. MDecker says:

    just a note… the instagram for Nicole Lorenz is happyhomehandmade

    but I found her… LOL thanks for introducing me to her work.

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