Bee-utiful QAL {Block 5 – Bee Courteous}


NOTE: This quilt-a-long has wrapped up. If you are looking for the full set of embroidery patterns and quilt assembly instructions, please visit the final post {here}.

When I first announced this quilt-a-long, this was among the first blocks I shared. I love the sweet simplicity of it.













The beauty of having such a simple design is that it really allows you to exercise creative freedom.


So, the instructions (for PDF click here) are quite vague for this block. I wanted you to exercise creative freedom! I choose colors that coordinated with my quilt, but I used them completely at random, and I chose, also at random, to fill in some of the honeycomb with a satin stitch, while outlining the rest with a backstitch.


So let those creative juices flow! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! Share your version on Instagram with the hashtags #beeutifulQAL, #beecourteous, and #summersewingcamp, and/or in our Facebook group. Also, no video for this block. Don’t worry, though! I’ll have more to come.


Next block will be posted July 2.

Until then, happy stitching!


{Sweet Little Stitches}





14 comments on “Bee-utiful QAL {Block 5 – Bee Courteous}

  1. Karen Boswell says:

    Cannot load just the last block, the one with all the hexagons, without loading all 12 pages — I’ve already downloaded the previous patterns and don’t need to waste ink and paper loading this one posted today.

    • Karen, scroll up where it says “PDF here” and click on here. That’s where you get block 5.

      • Karen Boswell says:

        Thank you so much — don’t know how I missed seeing that “PDF Here” place! I’d been able to load the other 4 blocks previously … maybe my eyes/brains were just tired G!

        Am enjoying these “more unusual” designs a lot.


    • Marcia says:

      You don’t have to print the entire document again. When you click print click on page range and you can tell it to print just the last two pages.

  2. Penny Sanders says:

    I love love love these blocks… within 24 hours of your publishing them I have them ready to embroidery and there is not one person who has seen them that do not fall in love with the blocks…Will make a beautiful quilt…Thank you sooo much for not only having the idea but sharing with us…

  3. claudia says:

    Thank you so much for these lovely embroderie/quilt blocks. I’m enjoying all of them!

  4. blg2240 says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt. I just recently brought embroidery back into my projects and this quilt is terrific.

  5. Barbara says:

    I asked this question on the Block 4 page, whats the thought on pre washing the background
    fabric for the embroidery? Like I said I am new to the embroidery “part” of quilting. I do not
    pre wash my fabric for my other quilting projects.
    Beautiful blocks by the way!

    • Joan says:

      Hi Barbara, I knew I had seen this answered so I went way back and checked and these are the comments I found. I needed to know also as my fabric is sitting on the table staring at me. 馃檪

      Robin Dilts Do you recommend pre-washing fabrics?
      Like 路 Reply 路 June 20 at 10:13pm

      Pamela Jane Morgan Nope! I’ve never pre-washed a fabric before.
      Like 路 Reply 路 1 路 June 20 at 10:25pm

      Pamela Morgan says:

      Yes! I always use a Shout color catcher to keep the colors from bleeding, but they wash up very nicely!

    • Karen Boswell says:

      I ALWYS prewash ANY fabric before using. The Shout Color Catchers don’t always work well enough and I’d rather not find out after the project is done. Textiles with lots of dye in them can need several Color Catcher treatments.
      Likewise, one of the DMC Reds is not colorfast and so it had been advised for a long while to presoak in a vinegar-water solution and air dried before using. It’s been quite awhile since I’d seen that happen and heard/ read about it from my local needlework shop and not sure of the DMC number but might have been Red 321 or Red 498 or something like that.

  6. Deb says:

    To those ladies who would like some guidance on colors– if you do a search for “DMC Color Descriptions” you will find a .pdf file on the DMC website that you can use to search out colors that fit.

  7. Barbara says:

    I am panicking a bit! When do the next blocks get posted?

  8. Lyla Hanna says:

    Love your bee blocks have finished five but am having a panic as I have only been able to purchase the charm blocks.Other fabrics needed are proving elusive please help.I live in N Ireland have tried online , no luck..Will I ever be able to finish the quilt? Thanks for your lovely work.

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