Bee-utiful Quilt-a-long {Block 2 – Bee Productive}


NOTE: This quilt-a-long has wrapped up. If you are looking for the full set of embroidery patterns and quilt assembly instructions, please visit the final post {here}.

Welcome back to our Summer Sewing Camp for Block 2 of the Bee-utiful QAL! Can I just start off by telling you how blown away I am?! The response I’ve received for this quilt is absolutely unbelievable. I am truly humbled by all the love and praise I’ve received, and I’m so grateful for everyone who’s decided to join me!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, are y’all ready for Block 2 {Bee Productive}?


For this block, I really wanted to find a way to emulate a bumble bee’s sweet, fuzzy appearance. So I chose to make one, larger bee the feature in this block. Its head is made up of lots of little French knots, so it has plenty of texture. I’m also introducing the chain stitch in this block.


Also in this block, I’ve incorporated one of my favorite materials to work with: WOOL. The colors are so rich and warm, and it lends beautiful texture to whatever project you’re working on. For this block, I used a variety of rich, golden yellows that tied in nicely with the hues in the Bee Creative fabrics I used for  the rest of the quilt.


As with the last block, I’ve created a little video tutorial to show you how I choose to do wool appliqué for this project, and also how to do the stitches that are introduced in this block.

For the PDF download, click here.

Don’t forget to join our Bee-utiful Quilt-a-long Facebook group, if you haven’t already! It’s a great way to share your work, ask questions, and make some really great quilty friends. And, if you’re on Instagram, share your work with the hashtags #beeproductive, #beeutifulQAL, and #summersewingcamp! I’m having SEW much fun seeing everyone else’s take on the blocks!

Until next time,


{Sweet Little Stitches}


note: The Printer Friendly Version will have each new block added to the original instructions. If you are new to this quilt-a-long today, print this and you will have everything you need so far. If you started with the first block, print only Pamela’s PDF download above.


14 comments on “Bee-utiful Quilt-a-long {Block 2 – Bee Productive}

  1. Barbara says:

    Was wondering…did you say last week that Blocks 2 and 3 would be posted at the same time?
    Just love the blocks.

  2. Block 3 will be tomorrow!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I notice this download also includes Block 1. Will each new block be added to the same download as they are introduced?

  4. Linda J says:

    This is so cute! Do you have a favorite source for the wool bits or is this something from your own collected stash? I’ve got the fabrics gathered to make my version.

    • Linda, I used to work for the creators of Primitive Quilts and Projects when they ran a quilt shop. It specialized in hand dyed wool for quilting and rug hooking, so I gathered a lot there. Then I moved away, so I started gathering from wherever I could find it! Now I mostly get it from Etsy shops, and Moda has actually begun carrying wool as well, and it’s VERY nice quality, although because it’s new there isn’t quite the variety of colors you can find from little shops that dye their own, but I assume once it grows in popularity, Moda will carry more colors!


    I need block one. I thought I downloaded it but can’t find it.. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.

  6. Karen says:

    How do I join the Bee-utiful quilt along?

    • You don’t have to do anything to join! Just print out the blocks and get started. There is, however, a Facebook group you can join (there’s a link above) where I can answer questions and you can share your work!

  7. Sue H says:

    I’m playing catch-up on your blocks. They are all so beautiful and original! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us!

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  9. Marla Stebens says:

    I am in love! Bee still my heart.

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