Bee-utiful QAL {Block 3 – Bee Lovely}


NOTE: This quilt-a-long has wrapped up. If you are looking for the full set of embroidery patterns and quilt assembly instructions, please visit the final post {here}.

It’s pretty rare to see flowers without a bee somewhere nearby, so it seemed only natural to have a block full of flowers in a quilt about bees. I have this long-standing dream of having a garden full of beautiful flowers and fuzzy bumblebees swarming around, but sadly I am 100% awful at keeping plants alive. No joke, I’ve killed a cactus. Sigh.

Thankfully, you can’t kill embroidered flowers 😉

That’s being said, I’ve created some pretty gorgeous, unkillable (Is that a word? LOL) flowers for you to embroider in block 3.

(PDF download here)


I won’t really be introducing any new techniques for this block.


Although, I will be using some techniques in a new and different way 🙂


Also, I hope you like sunflowers! They’re my favorite, and I’ve incorporated quite a few throughout this quilt.


Here is your video tutorial for this block, where I show you how to fill in the “circle flower” (Don’t judge; I made this flower up! Apparently I’m not creative when it comes to naming flowers.) using a chain stitch.


{Sweet Little Stitches}


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8 comments on “Bee-utiful QAL {Block 3 – Bee Lovely}

  1. Lilian says:

    Jag Àlskar dessa söta broderier.
    I love these lovley embroideries
    Tack för den hÀr söta.
    Thanks for this sweet little one.

  2. Zinnia says:

    Hi Pamela – Thank you for the wonderful patterns. Would it be possible to give DMC (or similar) numbers of the embroidery threads you used? There are so many shades of the same color(s) and it would be really nice to take the guesswork out. Thank you again!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Oh I really like this one! Cute flowers!

  4. Karla says:

    Hi Pamela! I am just joining in on this, thanks for the wonderful pattern. I will be starting this week now to get caught up..

  5. Sue Monsey says:

    I would also love to have some DMC numbers in the directions – I am the absolute worst about choosing colors, and enjoy having at least a starting point – that being said … I absolutely love the blocks.

    One of the ladies I quilt with on Wednesdays brought all three of her blocks in and showed them and I just knew I had to do them too … is there a PDF that I missed for the directions for the entire quilt?

  6. Melba says:

    When will block 4 be posted?

  7. Melba Darton says:

    Is anyone familiar with Speedwell Quilt by Nicola Dodd? I am making this quilt and the sewing instructions are confusing. Can anyone help?

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