Humble Bumble Berries Quilt


Strawberries and busy bees make The Jungs latest collection a delight to sew with this season! This quilt finishes at 66″ x 66″.


1 Charm Pack™ {Bumble Berries by The Jungs}
1 Jelly Roll™ {Bumble Berries by The Jungs}
1⅞ yards background and inner border fabric
1⅞ yards outer border and binding fabric
4 yards backing fabric


Select 12 charm squares for the stars in the quilt. Trim the squares to 4½” x 4½”. You now have 12-4½” star centers. From the remaining darker squares, cut a total of assorted 32-2½” squares.
Cut 12 Jelly Roll™ strips into 2½” x 22″ strips that match the 12-4½” star center prints. Cut the 2½” x 22″ strips into 8-2½” squares.
You now have 8 star sets (1-4½” star center and matching 8-2½” squares).
Cut 18-2½” x 22″ strips from the lightest prints. (18-light strips)
Cut 24-2½” x 22″ strips from the darker prints. (24-dark strips)

From background and inner border fabric, cut:

  • 9-3½” x width of fabric strips. From the strips, cut 16-3½” squares, 48-3½” x 4½”, 32-3½” x 1½”
  • 12-2½” x width of fabric strips. Cut 4 strips in half to make 8-2½” x 22″ strips (8-background strips). From 2 strips, cut 32-2½” x 1½” rectangles. Sew 6 strips together end to end. From this long strip, cut 2-2½” x 54½” and 2-2½” x 50½” inner border strips.

From border and binding fabric, cut:

  • 7-2½” x width of fabric strips. Sew the 7 strips end to end using a diagonal seam to make the binding.
  • 7-6½” x width of fabric strips. Sew 3 strips end to end. From this strip cut 2-6½” x 54½” strips. Sew 4 strips end to end. From this strip cut 2-6½” x 66½” strips.

You will make 2 types of star blocks, 4 of block A and 8 of block B. See the diagrams in C and D. Decide which star sets will be the A stars and the B stars.

(1) Star Blocks A and B

(A) Star Points: Select one star set. Draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner, on the wrong side of the 8 matching 2½” squares. Layer one marked square, right sides together, on 1-4½” x 3½” background rectangle. Sew on the diagonal line. (Press the square to the corner to make sure that it aligns with the edges of the rectangle.) Trim ¼” from the sewn line. Press toward the corner to form a triangle.

Repeat on the opposite end of the rectangle. Make 4.
Repeat to make a total of 12 sets of 4 matching star points.

(B) Pieced Star Corners:  (Use the 32-2½” squares cut from the Charm Squares.) Sew 1-1½” x 2½” background rectangle to one side of a 2½” square. Add 1-1½” x 3½” background rectangle as shown. Make 32 total.


(C) Star Block A: Select 4 matching star points, the matching 4½” square, and 4 pieced star corners. Sew together in 3 rows as shown.
Sew the rows together. Make 4.


(D) Star Block B:  Select 4 matching star points , the matching 4½” square,  2 pieced star corners, and 2-3½” background squares. Sew together in 3 rows as shown. Sew the rows together. Make 8.


(2) Chain Blocks

(A) Strip set A: Sew 2 light, and 2 dark  2½” x 22″ Jelly Roll™  strips, and 1-2½” x 22″ background strip together as shown. Make 4 strip sets. Press toward the dark strips. Cut 26 units, 2½” wide


(B) Strip set B:  Sew 2 light and 3 dark-2½” x 22″  Jelly Roll™  strips, together as shown. Press toward the dark strips. Make 4 strip sets. Cut 26 units, 2½” wide.


(C) Strip set C:  Sew 1 light and 2 dark  2½” x 22″  Jelly Roll™  strips, and  2-2½” x 22″ background strips together as shown. Press toward the dark strips. Make 2 strip sets. Cut 13 units, 2½” wide.


(D) Chain Block:  Sew 2-Set A, 2-Set B, and 1-Set C units together as shown to make one chain block. Press toward Set B. Make 13.


(3) Assemble the quilt
(A) Sew the chain, star A, and star B blocks in rows as shown.  Press away from the star blocks. Sew the rows together.
(B) Add the 2-2½” x 50½” inner border strips to the sides of the quilt.   Add the 2-2½” x 54½” inner border strips to the top and the bottom.
(C) Add the 2-6½” x 54½” border strips to the sides of the quilt. Add the 2-6½” x 66½” border strips to the top and the bottom.


(4) Layer, quilt as desired and bind. ENJOY!


This quilt finishes at 66″ x 66″.


Oda May
{Adapted from Breezy Batiks}

Oda May

Oda May

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5 comments on “Humble Bumble Berries Quilt

  1. 8machines says:

    Thank you! I have quite a few jelly rolls in stock and plenty of charm packs!! Will make this one soon!

  2. I love it! This great little tutorial makes the Irish Chain feel easy (especially after just reading Trish Poolson’s awesome Scrappy Irish Chain tutorial, another Georgeous quilt!)They make sense and now I can do it. Thanks for demystifying the whole thing, taking away it’s being hard (i.e. moderate or ambitious, piquant, tangy, whatever.) Thank you for the confidence boost!

  3. Rosemaryflower says:

    This is a sweet quilt. All of my favorite ingredients.
    It looks like fun to put together.
    I also have a boat load of precuts that would fit in nicely here
    Thank you for sharing this dear Oda

  4. I really love this quilt! Of course I love all the quilts on here LOL. I’ve been looking for the right pattern for my daughter’s charm pack and jelly roll and I now I’ve found it. Thanks for all the inspiration you all give us!

  5. Connie R says:

    I like this quilt and will add it to my todo list. The colors are amazing

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