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Garden Windows Title

Although it may look complex, this design is really easy.   The alternating light and dark windows create movement and invite a look inside.  The garden print squares seem to advance and recede as your eye moves around the quilt.  Placement of the lights and darks create the windows, so construction is key.  I have broken it down into a unit, then you create multiples of that unit to make it easy.  The Fern Hill fabric line creates a lovely, low volume, low contrast quilt.  Visit my blog at for more quilts with this window design.

This quilt finishes at 53″ x 77″.


Fern Hill Moda Quilt 1

1 Jelly Roll, {Fern Hill by Jan Patek Quilts}
2-1/2 yards large print for top, border and binding {Fern Hill by Jan Patek Quilts}
5 yards small print fabric for backing {Fern Hill by Jan Patek Quilts}


From the jelly roll, pull 8 strips each of navy, red and ecru.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 6

Sew the strips together in sets of three with the red in the middle so you have light-medium-dark orientation.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 9

Cross cut the strips into 6-1/2 inch squares.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 12

Mix up the squares to distribute the patterns evenly across the quilt.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 13

Cut 48 6-1/2-inch squares of the garden print.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 15

Arrange the strip blocks, alternating with the solid squares. Row one is arranged with the strip squares oriented horizontally, alternating the ecru on top with navy on top.  A garden print square is first on the left side of the unit.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 18

The second row has the strip blocks oriented vertical, alternating the navy to the right side (of the sewn strip square), then to the left side (of the sewn strip square) on either side of the garden print square.  This set has the strip block first.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 17

The third row is horizontal again, with the ecru on bottom, and a garden print square first.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 16

The fourth row strip squares are oriented with the strip squares vertical again, beginning with a strip square on the left, orienting the navy to the left and right. Be careful to place the colors correctly to form the windows.  Note this time the ecru is on either side of the garden print square in the second spot.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 19

Four rows of four blocks make a unit.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 25

Make six identical units.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 30

Assemble the units, orienting all of them exactly the same way so that the tesselating windows form between the units.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 31

Add border of 3-1/2-inch strips in the garden print.

Garden Windows Finish 1

Quilt as desired, using the small print fabric as the backing.

Fern Hill Moda Quilt 33

Bind as usual with the small print backing fabric.  Then enjoy your new quilt!

Garden Windows Finish 6


This quilt finishes at 53″ x 77″.

The low volume prints in this version create a serene feel.  You can try it with higher contrast fabrics for even more punch.  See more tutorials on quilting basics, projects, sewing and crafting on my blog, From My Carolina Home.  Thank you.

Carole Carter



21 comments on “Garden Windows Quilt

  1. Cevi says:

    Looks great, but it says to purchase FQ bundle – should it be Jelly Roll?

    • I was just getting ready to post the same thing…but saw you beat me to it. I would say it is a misprint….Carole shows a jelly roll in her photo ….I love her blog…it’s one of my favorites. With not enough hours in the day to read every blog I have to be selective….From My Carolina Home makes the cut each day.

  2. Susan Haney says:

    Beautiful! I do have a question, it says fat quarter bundle but shows a jelly roll. I do however know it is a jelly roll. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy says:

    great pattern can;t wait to make it

  4. Evie H says:

    It’s a lovely quilt, but doesn’t it look just like a Warm Wishes?

    • I had to research your question as I was not familiar with that pattern. Evie is right, the pattern is made a bit differently, it isn’t scrappy and did not use a jelly roll, but the final design is the same. It was published by Quiltmaker magazine 16 years ago, before I began quilting. I guess it goes to show that everything old is new again!

      • Evie H says:

        Carole, I don’t think it’s really your “fault.” I don’t know what the criteria is for submission to the Bake Shop, but I would think Moda has some responsibility to make an effort of due diligence before allowing a pattern to appear here, especially since a pattern such as Warm Wishes is (I think) quite well known. As I told you, I do like your jelly roll version and will have no problem using your version of the pattern. =)

        • Lisa Calle says:

          Thanks for your input Evie. I am not familiar with the pattern you referenced. 16 years ago is definitely before my quilting time. Carole has created an original design using her own method and we are so happy to have her talent here on the Moda Bake Shop.

          Lisa Calle
          Moda Bake Shop Editor

          • There are only so many patterns and squares out there and it stands to reason that some will be repeated. Since you aren’t familiar with Warm Wishes, which was a free pattern from Quiltmaker anyway, you just revised it to accommodate a jelly roll. Nothing wrong with it. I don’t think the quilt police are going to be able to stop creativity even though some patterns seem to be the same as others. I just stumbled onto Warm Wshes last week so I wasn’t familar with it as suggested. I’ve been quitling 6 years. Carol

  5. […] the post Garden Windows on Moda Bake Shop to see the step by step construction and download a free pdf with the pattern.  DH really liked it […]

  6. Lesley Gilbert says:

    Thanks for this ‘easy to sew’ and understand tutorial – it will go on my ‘when I eventually have time’ sewing list 🙂

  7. manasotavacation says:

    Love this…..indeed reminded me of Warm Wishes. I love your version and I hope to make it sometime soon. My Carole Carter folder in my Quilt Patterns document folder is growing with your wonderful designs!!

  8. Rosemaryflower says:

    Yippee. I have loads of jelly rolls.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity on MBS, Carole

  9. dezertsuz says:

    Yay! Thank you so much!

  10. Quiltgal says:

    Looks just like Warm Wishes

  11. Craftinanni says:

    This pattern is different from Warm Wishes in the construction of the striped block. The Warm Wishes pattern uses two strips cut 2″ wide and one strip cut 3″ wide for the striped block. This pattern uses three 2 1/2″ wide strips making it jelly roll friendly.

  12. eileen says:

    Hi – I can’t find the ‘other quilts with this design window’………can you tell me?

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