Layer Cake 9-Patch


Jelly rolls are usually my go-to for strip piecing because, well – they are already strips! But Layer Cakes® piece up nicely into 9-patches and today I’ll show you how I make them. If you have another layer cake 9-patch technique, tell us about it in the comments!

This block finishes finishes at 6″ square.



2 Layer Cake® squares (one Light and one Dark)

*Fabric used is Just Another Walk in the Woods by Stacy Iest Hsu. It’s full of adorable prints and gorgeous florals! It will be available in shops November 2016.

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1. Cut each Layer Cake® square into (4) 2½” x 10″ strips. Make the cutting quick and easy by layering up your fabric and using a 12½” square template, cutting at 2½”, 5″, and 7½”.


2. Set aside two strips – 1 light and 1 dark. From the remaining strips, pair up 3 sets of light and dark and sew together along the long edge using a scant ¼”seam. Press toward the dark fabric.


3. Add remaining two strips to 2 of the strip sets created above to make 1 Light-Dark-Light strip set and 1 Dark-Light-Dark strip set. Press. You will have one extra L/D pair of strips. Set aside for now.


4. With right sides together, pin strip sets at opposite ends, taking care to nest seams together. Sew along pinned edges.


5. Remove pins on one edge and trim off 2½” section. Realign strips, pin again, and sew long newly pinned edge. Remove pins from both ends. Cut a 2½” section from each end and press. You will have (3) 4½” x 6½” units and (2) 2½”  x 6½” units. Set one of the 4½” x 6½” units aside.


6. Join one 4½” wide unit with one 2½” wide unit to create a 9-patch block. Press. Repeat to create one additional 9-patch.


7. Trim the extra L/D strip set from step 3 into (4) 2½” segments. Sew two segments end-to-end and press. Remove either the light or dark end of this segment. Add to leftover unit from step 5 to create a third 9-patch block.



  • Each pair of Layer Cake® squares yields (3) 9-patches
  • One 42 piece Layer Cake® yields (63) light/dark 9-patch blocks plus an extra 9 scrappy 9-patch blocks if you piece the leftover bits

I’m saving my 9-patches and extra squares to make snowballs and 9-patches! What will you make with your 9-patch blocks?


Oda May

Oda May

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  1. anudge says:

    Lisa, saw Eleanor Burns do a similar method years ago. She used 8 inch blocks and sewed them on two sides cue and made her 9 patches. It’s good to see this quick way of making blocks come around again.

  2. Rosemaryflower says:

    Lisa, this is a great idea!

  3. rosa says:

    Great idea and will try with stripes.Which is the size of one of these little ones?That fabrics are yummiest!

  4. 相当不错,自愧不如!

  5. Sandra Lanter says:

    Thank you for this…I have several layer cakes I can use for this.

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