Moda Candy Cabins


I love American Jane! Everything Sandy Klop (the clever quilter behind the American Jane fabrics and patterns) designs makes my heart go pitter patter. I also love tiny piecing! On my first-ever quilt retreat several years ago, a friend of mine was working on tiny paper pieced log cabins that she made into a pin cushion. Those cute tiny things have been stuck in my brain ever since so I created my own template to work with a Moda Candy pack (2.5″ squares). I’m currently making over a 1960s dollhouse for my daughter (well, let’s be honest – she’s two so the dollhouse is also for me) and this tiny patchwork is a perfect fit.

This itty bit patchwork block finishes at 2.25″ square.


1 Moda Candy {Bread ‘n Butter by American Jane}
Coordinating scraps
1 foundation piecing template {in the Printer Friendly Version at the bottom of this post}


Cut apart the foundation piecing templates for each block you would like to make.

For each block, you will need:

  • (1) ½” square
  • (12) ½” x 2½” strips
  • (3) ¾” x 2½” strips
  • (1) ¾” x 2¾” strip

Use a dab of glue to attach the ½” square RIGHT SIDE up to the WRONG side of the template. Be sure that the fabric is centered over square 1. Let dry for a couple of minutes. Place strip 2 right side down so that the seam between 1 and 2 is covered. Carefully flip over to the right side of the template and sew along the seam line. Flip again and press. Repeat this process until all sections have been covered with fabric.



Trim block to 2¾”. Gently remove the paper, starting with the outermost section and working your way in until you reach the center.





Make as many blocks as needed for your desired project. Mini quilt? Pin cushion? Those would both be cute! I made mine into a tiny sofa cushion…



This block finishes at 2¼” square.

Lisa Calle
{@vintagemodernquilts on Instagram}












12 comments on “Moda Candy Cabins

  1. Use interfacing, non sticky to print on then ďont have to tear away and can hand stitch too! Cute little block for yòur dolls house.

  2. Rosemaryflower says:

    OH and thank you Lisa for sharing this wonderful idea!!

    • Rosemaryflower says:

      I submitted a first comment but it did not show up 🙁
      Well, this is a great pattern. Instead, you could find some of those old bed sheets, and but the squares, trace the log cabin patterns and use the backing as well. I have done that with strip blocks.

      • Rosemaryflower says:

        ^^^^ wow, did anyone get what I meant there? 😛
        cut the squares from old bed sheets, draw on the mini log cabins and just sew to the sheet. No tearing

  3. Joanne says:

    Met American Jane (Sandy Klop) on Sat. at the Quilt Convention in Santa Clara. What a thrill! Love her work and your sweet tiny. Pillow.

  4. Saundra Weed says:

    How delightful in any size.What a great visual reminder for all of us “Fabric Collectors” And thank you Shelagh for a great tip for any piecing project. Can’t wait to try it !

  5. Karen Ackva says:

    Mini paper piecing is so much fun! Happy to see you discovered it. Your mini log cabin block is beautiful and the oversized pillow on the Davenport is awesome!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Lisa… Now you’ve got my attention! I will have to give this a whirl… Thanks for the sweet little project!

  7. patty potter says:

    Use Ricky Tims Stabil Stuff and you don’t have to tear out either. I use it for all my paper piecing and just leave it in. Goes through the printer fine as long as you feed it in one sheet at a time.

  8. Chookyblue says:

    Look at one of my very recent blog posts as I had a link to cattinkas doll will love seeing her folks house. Patchwork themed goodluck with yours.

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