Dear Oda May: Log Cabins


Log cabins are one of the building blocks of quilting (puns intended!). But what is the best way to approach such a classic block? Let’s see what Oda May has to say in today’s edition of Dear Oda May.

Dear Oda May,

After years of working on complex and long-term projects, this year I’m trying to get back to basics with my quilting. I’ve never made a log cabin quilt and now I want to give it a try. I have a few jelly rolls on hand so I thought I’d start there. My question – is the best method to pre-cut all the strips to exact lengths? Are jelly rolls the best precut to use? I’d really like to just jump in and sew. Please tell me your thoughts.

A Log Cabin Lover

Dear Log Cabin Lover,

Log cabins have appeared here on the Bake Shop in many forms and we love them so! You certainly can’t go wrong with a jelly roll log cabin! If that’s the precut you have on hand, start with Chef Julie Sebire’s Cabins in the Hills.

Julie precuts the jelly roll strips and sets her blocks on point for a perfectly scrappy log cabin quilt.  Layer cakes also make for lovely log cabins – check out Chef Trish Poolson’s Layer Cake Log Cabin Quilt.

For the rest of you dear readers who may want to explore the varieties of log cabins, be sure to check out these wonderful recipes:

CandyShop1 header SPvmq-moda-candy-cabins-cover

Happy sewing,








3 comments on “Dear Oda May: Log Cabins

  1. quiltercb2 says:

    No matter the style of log cabin, you will find it goes together quickly and accurately if you cut the logs to length before assembling the quilt. You can cut them ahead of time if you are doing a quilt with a repeating color design. Make a chart showing the length of all of your “log” for quick reference You can lay out each group in piles for quick assembly. But even if you are doing a scrappy design, this is worthwhile. I’ve been quilting for over 25 years and I can tell you from experience, this works. Do not believe instructions that tell you to simply lay a strip down and cut as you go, unless you want a bunch a different size and shape blocks.

  2. loosecannon2 says:

    I adore the MODA Bake Shop & Everything You offer. Thank You ever so much.

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