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I am so excited to be back with me second recipe. I’m Richy of SpazzyCat Designs and hopefully you know me from Instagram under the name RichyJr16 and for those of you that don’t I have been quilting since I was 13 years old. Fracture Composition was designed for the Guys and the Modern lovers. Mix together a great neutral collection like BasicGrey’s Compositions with a bold Grunge and you’re ready to get modern with it.

This quilt/project finishes at 64″ x 64″.




1 Compositions Layer Cake®
3 yards background fabric {Saturday Morning Husk 301503 12}
4 yards backing fabric {Grunge Basics Grey Couture 30150 163}
1 yards binding fabric {Compositions Charcoal 30453 26}



The Cutting-

From the background cut 32 10″ squares.
From the Layer Cake pick out 32 squares.

Cut the all the squares in half diagonally. Then measure 3″ from the center and cut. Move the triangle out and measure 3″ from the outside edge and cut a diamond. Repeat with the other side. You now have two diamonds a small and large triangle from have of a square. Do this to all 32 layer cake squares and background squares.



Making the block-

Line up one print diamond with a background triangle. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Press to the triangle, trim off the extended diamond point.


Stitch the second print diamond to the unit made previously.


Press to the diamond you just added. Stitch the large background triangle to this new unit.


Repeat the process but this time using the background diamonds with the print triangles.


Stitch the two halves together and press the seam open.


Trim the block to 8 1/2″ unfinished. If your seams a bigger trim them a little smaller.


Repeat with the rest of your blocks, 64 blocks all together.

The Layout Game-

Using a design wall or the floor, layout your blocks. 8 rows of 8 blocks. Twist and turn your blocks around and have fun creating a fun modern quilt. There really are lots of ways to put the blocks together. Think of them as large fracture half square triangles.





Quilt and bind as desired. My binding was made using 7 3 1/2″ strips and set using a 1/2″seam allowance.



This quilt finishes at 64″ x 64″.

I can’t wait to see your take! Make it Modern with Moda

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47 comments on “Fractured Composition Quilt

  1. Pam Casey says:

    Love your quilt design and colors! Perfect for the males in our life! Please submit more of your designs!

  2. Ceil says:

    Directions as to the cutting are not entirely clear. It looks like you’re cutting a rhombus. But the quilt is interesting and I thank you for your pattern.

  3. Sandra Laws says:

    Wow…thank you for posting this challenging recipe! You are very creative to have figured out how to put this all together in such an interesting design. I love modern!

  4. Pam Walton says:

    I’m really loving your design and your colours are perfect. I’m not sure on the cutting. I understand the second cut that is 3 inches from the outside edge. But could you clarify the next 3 cuts.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Richy Jr says:

      Thank you! I will get some new pictures tonight to clarify

      • Pam Walton says:

        Perfect. Thanks so much for the extra pictures. We have a snow storm coming this weekend in Atlantic Canada so I am going to “whip” this quilt up. Ha Ha
        Thanks again

  5. Quilting Dee says:

    Can’t wait to start this!

  6. Sandi James says:

    He is saying to move that far triangle away from the strip that is created from the first and second cuts. Then align your straight edge with the top edge of the strip (which will be on a slant) and cut three inches in from that edge, which will result in the diamond. Then move your ruler down to the bottom edge (again, will be on a slant) and cut three inches in from that edge, forming another diamond and the center triangle will also be formed by this cut. Hope that helps!

  7. Susan J. says:

    Love it!!

  8. Sandra Lanter says:

    Love the pattern and your colors….modern and masculine, also good in different colors. Thank you. Sandy

  9. Cleo Miller says:

    Richy! You are awesome and I miss you. Hope 2017 is the greatest for you!

  10. Barbara Johnson says:

    Richy,, I love you… after finding one of your patterns and falling in love last week and now seeing this one..You can officially now by my “favorite quilting son”…. I already have 1 favortie son.. (only) and another favorite son (in law)… LOL Thank heavens that DD doesn’t mind!!
    Anywhoooooooooooo,,, may i ask if , when cutting do i place the background and the print or layer cake square RST? I may have missed something.. of do you do them one at a time? GrammaBabs

    • Richy Jr says:

      You are so sweet. How you cut is up to you… I did 4 prints at a time all face up. Then 4 backgrounds at a time all face up. But you can totally do two of each, sew them up then cut some more. Happy New Year!

  11. Rosemaryflower says:

    this is fantastic. It looks just lovely.
    I have a zillion layer cakes, for real
    I am going to jump in and try this one
    Thank you so much, Richy

  12. Kristi B says:

    Fantastic! I love the colors you’ve chosen and the ‘offset’ arrangement. Marvelous. Off to find you on Instagram!

  13. Lori says:

    Very impressive result from a “simple” block! Wow, so many possibilities!

  14. Guida says:

    Thank you for this pattern, a perfect one for those loved ‘boys’ in our family.

  15. Denise says:

    That quilt is fantastic. I love how you mix your collections. Been a quilter for 20+ years and have always done traditional patterns…..ready to mix it up and try something new. Your one of my favorites on Instagram….look everyday to see what new project you are working on. Your pics are very inspirational! Can’t wait to see what you next project is.

  16. blg2240 says:

    I’m not normally a quilter who loves modern, but you’ve changed my mind with this pattern. Love it! Keep them coming, I have a very large stash.

  17. Michelle says:

    this is an intriguing design and I like your color choices– I would never have thought to use that color of background, but it looks really good!

  18. Carol Adams says:

    Love this! Found you on Instagram a while back and your feed is favorite. I look forward to seeing many more patterns from you. This one is on my list for sure.

  19. cruisefan says:

    Love this design! I am on vacation in the Mediterranean at the moment- can’t wait to be home again (that is something I normally would not say while on holidays!!!)- to dig into my stash and do this great pattern. Sunny weather here is great but working on a quilt in the winter when it is snowing outside is a great alternative….
    I think I have a zillion of layer cakes that would make a perfect basis for this.
    Thank you very much for sharing this pattern with us!

  20. kaholly says:

    Quite nice! I’m always looking for a great man quilt!

  21. Fiona says:

    Thank you for sharing. LOVE this pattern – on my quilting to do list for our son this year

  22. ellen says:

    Are those diamonds equal in size to each other, or different sizes?? I am having such a hard time making the diamonds and triangle with the 3″ instruction…they end up being more what I would call parallelograms..(although my geometry is from another era!) ;to get equal looking diamonds(which is how they appear to me in your photo) I have to make my third and fourth cuts at 4″, not 3″….is there any possibility the instructions are wrong?? or are the “diamonds” not supposed to be the same size?
    This is only my second quilt…am I missing something?? Is there a special ruler or something that would help me??

    • Richy Jr says:

      The 3″ cuts are correct. Start with a 10″ square and cut it in half diagonally. Next cut 3″ from the diagonal cut, move the triangle out of the way. Now measure 3″ from the outside (pinked edge of layer cake) and cut. Repeat with the other side (pinked edge). I hope this helps

      • ryann says:

        I’m having the same problem. When I cut the square in half and then cut away the top triangle, I wind up with a trapezoid with the following dimensions: 3″ (height) x 14″ (bottom base/diagonal of square) x 8″ (top base). Based on your instructions, it seems as though the top base of that trapezoid should instead be 6″, no?

        In other words, following the above instructions, after I’ve cut away the parallelograms at 3″ from either edge of the trapezoid, I wind up with another trapezoid, instead of a triangle.

        • Richy Jr says:

          Did you follow the diagram in the tutorial. After you cut a diamond from each end of the trapezoid you should have a small triangle left.

  23. ellen says:

    Thanks. Once I understood the cutting ruler is lying on the fabric along the pinked edges, (and not 3″ along the cut lines) , and started using the Fons and Porter Triangle Trimmers everything is working out.

  24. Christine Chamberlain says:

    What do you do with the other side of the original 10″ square?

  25. Bettina says:

    Gorgeous Quilt ! But what happens to the other 32 Triangles that were cut in the first step ? Or did I miss something ???

    • Richy Jr says:

      You repeat with each triangle. So you’ll have 64 blocks.

      • Kimber2 says:

        Ah, ok. I read the pattern 5 times & couldn’t figure out what to do with them. You might want to add that bit to the instructions because the way it reads now, “You now have two diamonds a small and large triangle from have of a square. Do this to all 32 layer cake squares and background squares” makes it sound as though the large triangle remains intact

  26. Heyes Helen says:

    Many thanks for the pattern. I didn’t have any trouble with the instructions, just a little operator error! (that 8 1/2″ ruler gets me so often.)

    I blogged about my finished quilt at:

    My husband gave me the fabric for Christmas and I loved having the perfect project to make use of my gift.

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