Tilted Squares Quilt

Tilted Squares

Hello all!  I’m happy to be back at the Bake Shop, with another queen sized quilt, this time made from the amazing Compositions fabric by Basic Grey.  This fabric is absolutely beautiful – maps, music, letters and numbers, all in a lovely neutral color palette.  This quilt has 13 large blocks set on point, and with the jelly roll goes together quickly.  Feel free to stop by my blog for more pictures.

This generously queen-sized quilt finishes at 102″ x 102″.


Materials Needed:     1 Compositions Jelly Roll
2.5 yards Compositions Maps Charcoal  (border, squares)
3 yards Moda Grunge Paper  (background)

3 yards Composition Notes White (setting and corner triangles, center of squares)
1 yard Compositions Type Keys Stone 30454 19 (binding)
3 yards Compositions Notes Grey (pieced backing)
3 yards Compositions Maps White  (pieced backing)
3 yards Compositions Number Jumble Charcoal (pieced backing)



From your background fabric (Moda Grunge Paper), cut 36 2.5xWOF inch strips.  Sub-cut into

104 6.5 inch pieces

104 4.5 inch pieces

104 2.5 inch pieces

From the White Notes fabric cut:

13 6.5 inch squares (center squares)

2 34 inch squares (for setting triangles)

2 17 inch squares (for corner triangles)

From the Maps Charcoal fabric, cut 11 2.5xWOF inch strips.  Sub-cut into 52 8.5 inch pieces.

You’ll need 39 jelly roll strips for this quilt.  Separate your jelly roll into lights, medium and dark value fabric.  For this roll, the white background fabrics were the light value, and everything else fell into medium/dark.

There are 13 quilt blocks set on-point in this quilt.  For each block, you will use three jelly roll strips – one light, and two medium/dark.

For one square, cut each of your three jelly roll strips into four 8.5 inch pieces.

Take four of the 8.5 inch charcoal maps pieces and the 8.5 inch strips you just cut from the jelly roll.

There are four strip pieced sections, and the center square for each block.  For one of the strip pieced sections, take one piece of the charcoal maps, and one each of the other three fabrics.  The top row uses the charcoal maps, the second row uses a dark/medium fabric, the third row uses the light fabric, and the fourth row uses the other dark/medium fabric.

Take two 6.5 inch pieces, two 4.5 inch pieces and two 2.5 inch pieces of your background fabric.

Note – many of the prints in the Compositions Jelly Roll are directional, so take that into account when piecing your squares.


Sew a 6.5 inch piece to the right end of the charcoal maps.

Sew a 2.5 inch piece to the left side of your second medium/dark value row jelly roll strip, and a 4.5 inch piece to the right end.

Sew a 4.5 inch piece to the left side of your third light value jelly roll strip, and a 2.5 inch piece to the right end.

Sew a 6.5 inch piece to the left end of your fourth medium/dark value jelly roll strip.


Sew these four strips together, and repeat three times so you have four identical sections.

To add these to the 6.5 inch music notes center square, we will use a partial seam.

Sew center square and one of your strip sections together, from about halfway through the center square to the end.

Step 1

Sew the next strip section on to the completed edge of the first section.

Step 2

Sew the third strip section on.

Step 3

Sew the fourth section on.

Step 4

Complete the first seam that you started, completing your square.

Step 5

Sew 12 more blocks, for a total of 13.

For the corner and setting triangles:

Take the 17 and 34 inch squares that you cut.  (Note that these end up slightly oversized; we trim them down in the end.)

Cut the 17 inch squares in half diagonally.  Since this fabric is directional, I cut one in each direction.  These are your corner triangles.

Diagonal Cuts

Cut the 34 inch squares diagonally twice, so you end up with four triangles from each large square.  These are your setting triangles.

Diagonal Cuts2

Lay out your 13 quilt blocks and your setting and corner triangles in an arrangement that you like (again noting directional prints), following the diagram:


Working in diagonal rows, assemble the pieces.  Start by sewing one corner triangle onto the top left quilt block.  Next, sew one setting triangle onto the sides of the quilt block.  Set this aside.  Sew the three quilt blocks in the next row together, then sew a setting triangle onto each end, watching the direction of the fabric and the orientation of the triangles.  Sew this onto the first rows you’ve already assembled.  Continue assembling in this way until you’ve completed the entire top.

Next, trim the sides.  Aligning your ruler with the 1/4 inch mark on the points of your blocks, trim off the excess in the setting and corner triangles.


From the remainder of your Charcoal Maps fabric, cut ten 4.5 inch x WOF strips.  Cut two strip in half.  For each border, piece together 2 1/2 strips.  Sew one onto each side, and trim to length.  Sew the remaining two borders to the top and bottom, and trim to length.

Piece your back from the yardage; there are so many great prints in this collection to chose from!

Layer, baste and quilt as desired.

Cut 11 strips of binding fabric to your preferred width, and bind.


This quilt finishes at 102″ x 102″.

Brenna Goode
Quilting in the Heartland



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  1. Pauline says:

    Love this quilt! I’ve been looking for literally years for a quilt pattern I can make for our bed and I think this one will fill the bill. It’s contemporary in feel and I can adapt it to work with my room colors and my husband won’t complain that’s it’s too girly!

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