WEEK 1: School of Sewing Quilt-Along

Today we are so happy to announce Oda May’s School of Sewing quilt-along! Class is in session…

A note about ratings for this quilt-along: Overall, the quilt is rated as Moderate, but many of the blocks fall into the Easy category. You will see the ratings vary between Easy and Moderate from week to week. For more information about what these ratings mean, click on the graphic above.

Welcome to Week 1 in Oda May’s School of Sewing! It’s me Oda May, here, the hostess of this quilt-along and the lady behind the scenes here at the Moda Bake Shop. My official title is Precut Guru because I’m pretty passionate about all those lovely sliced and diced bits of fabric we make here at Moda.

This week of the quilt-along is simple. I’ll be giving a little bit of introductory information plus fabric requirements. Then we will press pause until August 21 when I’ll share the instructions for block number 1. This allows everyone some time to agonize over fabric choices, change her mind at least once, and make a virtual or actual trip to the fabric shop to bring home the final selection.


A new block will be posted on either Monday or Tuesday each week, beginning on Monday, August 21 and ending with fireworks and fanfare on Tuesday, November 7. I have structured the blocks we are making each week so that it will be easy to keep up. I’ve also built a week in to take a break and/or catch up as needed. But please, go at your own pace!


This quilt-along was inspired by my own massive wish list of Moda Bake Shop projects. There are so many things I’d like to make! So I’ve pulled together a variety of blocks I love and whipped them into this School of Sewing quilt:

Pattern instructions are written for layer cakes but can easily be adapted to fat quarters.

The quilt finishes at 88½” x 88½”.


1 Layer Cake® or 11 fat quarters*
1 yard accent fabric
6⅓ yards of background + border fabric
8 yards backing fabric**
⅞ yard binding fabric

*For more print variety, I suggest using at least 20 fat quarters

**Calculated for 4″ overage. Double check the measurements depending on the overage required for the finishing method you plan to use.

I’ve created a worksheet with outlines of the quilt that you can use to test out color schemes. Click on the Printer Friendly Version below to download and print it.

Please join us on the Facebook group {www.facebook.com/groups/MBSbakers}. This group will be a good place to share your fabric choices and ask questions as we go along.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Happy sewing,









65 comments on “WEEK 1: School of Sewing Quilt-Along

  1. Jodi says:

    Would a fat eighth bundle work? Love the layout.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Jodi! Some of the cuts needed are too wide for a fat 8th. However you may be able to use one along with a fat quarter for those larger cuts if you are working with what you already have in your stash.

  2. Kathleen L Trejo says:

    A color version would be nice to see. It would give more emphasis on the types of fabrics I’m looking for. The printer version didn’t show the list of ingredients in the download. I’m on Instagram, will you use their link as well to follow?

  3. Leann Stepp says:

    I agree on a color version curious about the yard needed for accent fabric and where this is needed!

  4. Doreen Tavares says:

    “Click on the printer friendly version below” ??? Can’t seem to find.

    • diane says:

      right below Ooda May’s name…picture of a printer and it says printer friendly version

      • Doreen says:

        Thanks Diane! I couldn’t find that anywhere! Also, I think it really should be in color. That b&w is way to confusing for me.

  5. Kim Jones says:

    I have many layer cake so seeing color would give me an idea about what would work.

  6. Carol Sparks says:

    Looking forward to starting the quilt.

  7. Karen says:

    The layout is great! Now I just have to find a few more days in the week so I can add this to my growing list of quilt alongs! Layer cake is chosen already.

  8. Bonnie R Tiernan says:

    I tried to find your group on facebook and could not find it under MBSbakers? Is it under another name or did I not spell it correctly? Thanks for your assistance.

  9. Sally says:

    I was thinking of doing this as a 2 color quilt–red and white. Is the accent color used for the rails? I could still do those in red.

  10. Sharon L Whittington says:

    This is a perfect project for ‘Scrappy’ LOVE!

  11. Gwen Wehner says:

    Looks like fun! Thanks!

  12. Geri Alper says:

    agree with all comments above – how about a color version

  13. Elsy Menko says:

    Would like to do a red and white version, would two jelly rolls do?? Thanks for letting me know!

  14. Leslie says:

    Oh joy! I have fabrics I can use for this. Can’t wait!!!

  15. Lorraine Deckert says:

    I have many projects going but it will be fun to take part in this starting August 21st.

  16. M Rudolph says:

    How will the accent fabric be used? A couple of people in another group asked once I posted the link to this. Thanks!

  17. Susan says:

    I think I’m just going to “go with the flow” and be surprised with the color outcome. Too much planning and worring is stressful. I’m going to just pick my favorite colors and have fun. If its really ugly I know a few people I can “gift” it to….am I being bad or what? (Last time I did that I had 3 people fighting over it – go figure)

  18. lori says:

    So fun! Thank you for organizing! I’m going to do a red/white quilt too!

  19. Toni shirley says:

    This will be my first quilt along! How do we know when the block is posted?

  20. Joyce Beechly says:

    I have some black, white and red that I have been itching to use and I think this would be the perfect time.

  21. Raquel Gatica says:

    Sounds sounds interesting.

  22. michelle says:

    Im doing several other qiult alongs but excited to get started on this one. Gotta go through my fabric to see what im gonna use.

  23. Julia Parrish says:

    Excited to start in another quilt along. Will look at my fabric choices this afternoon!

  24. Debbie Rosetta says:

    When I click on the “printable version” I get a message “Blocked Plug-in”. Anybody know how to fix that? I have a MacBookPro.

    • Amy says:

      In the right hand side of your address bar there will be three dots when the pop up is blocked. If you click on them it will give you the option to allow the pop ups from moda judt one time or always. Hope thst helps!

  25. FriendshipStar says:

    I love this! I have so much stash… I might have to do 2 or 3 quilts!!! Love the design, Oda May! Thank you for all you do!!!

  26. Toni Eignus says:

    What is the price of this quilt pattern

  27. Andrea Hall says:

    Just looked at the “printer friendly” layout and am loving just outlines – I can showcase many fussy cutting opportunities in this quilt. I am very happy to NOT have a colour picture because it is freeing up my ‘fabric’ thinking… 🙂

  28. MaryAnn says:

    Well, I find a blank page on the worksheet. And there’s a layer cake in the closet waiting to be used. I think I’m in. I would love to see your sample in color too.

  29. Elli says:

    Looking forward to this new project

  30. MaryAnn says:

    Guess what I found last night….. a layer cake in green batiks. Will that work? I have options

  31. Gwen Malinowski says:

    I have lots of layer cakes in my stash. I’m guessing the accent fabric is the lattice and maybe something else. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I can’t wait to choose some fabric and get started. This will also force me to join Facebook which I keep putting off.

  32. Laura Radke says:

    I am excited to get started on this sew along. I only had one layer cake in my stash so that made it relatively easy to choose fabrics which I usually have a hard time with. LOL Can’t wait to get started!

  33. Fiona Brandt says:

    Love the layout – will be my first online quilt along – sooo excited!!!
    Will check / tartan fabric work with this wonderful quilt design?
    Concerned it might be too busy!

  34. Lisa Stantz says:

    Hi! I have 3 yards of fabric that I want to use for the background…and I was going to use something else for the borders…will the 3 yards be enough? Thanks for your help!

  35. mickieg14 says:

    I would like to make this in just two colors, the background and a focus fabric. How much focus fabric would I need? (Yes, I am math challenged! )

  36. Birgit says:

    I will try this for my first time… I hope I can do well enough and will keep on… It makes me a bit nervous, but will do my best.
    🙂 Birgit from Austria

  37. Carol Enright says:

    Where will you post the instructions

  38. lori says:

    Ok, so where do I actually find it?

  39. Nancy kuhl says:

    I am looking for the pattern for a baby quilt for a girl. The quilt I saw has the na me of Grace and is mostly cream colored with different fabrics around boarder. Hearts are appliqué. Help me find the pattern

  40. Teresa says:

    Hello? Where are the first set of instructions?

  41. Barbara A Davis says:

    How do I join the group on Facebook?

  42. Gretchen Biery says:

    I can’t find anything after the August 13 post. I went to the magnifying glass and typed in August 20 but nothing came up. Have there been more posts past the first one?

  43. Gloria says:

    How do I sign up to get the School of Sewing Quilt Along weekly updates?

    • Patty S. says:

      Gloria, just sign up for the “Email Updates” on the right side of this page. You’ll get an email notification every week, when the new block is posted.

  44. Patty S. says:

    Very fun quilt, Oda May, thank you for drafting a great quilt along! Do you happen to have created an EQ7 layout of the quilt and the blocks by chance? That way, if you have EQ7, you could colorize or import various fabrics so you can have some virtual mock ups. That would be really fantastic!

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