Cornerstone: Tulip Field

In the hustle and bustle of camp life, it’s nice to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. These tulip blocks are the optional cornerstone blocks for the first round. Whether to add cornerstone blocks is completely up to you–choose what works best for your quilt!

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

Each block requires three fabrics (A, B, and background) and finishes at 3 inches square.

makes four cornerstone blocks

Fabric A (main part of flower):

  • [4] 3 ½” by 2” rectangles
  • [2] 2 ½” squares

Fabric B (small piece in the middle of flower):

  • [4] 1 ¼” square

Background Fabric:

  • [4] 1 ¼” square
  • [4] 2” by 1 ¼” rectangles
  • [4] 2” square
  • [2] 2 ½” square

Assembling the Block

First, we will assemble the half-square triangles.

  1. Draw a line on the diagonal of the wrong side of (1) 2½” background square.
  2. Pair with (1) 2½” square of fabric A.
  3. Sew 1/4″ away from each side of the pencil line.
  4. Cut on the pencil line.
  5. Press towards the darker fabric and square up to 2″.

Next, we will assemble the Easy Corner Triangles (ECTs).

  1. Draw a pencil line on the diagonal of (1) 2″ square of background fabric.
  2. Match the background fabric to the left edge of (1) 3½” by 2” rectangle of fabric A and sew along the pencil line.
  3. Trim 1/4″ to the left of the pencil line and press toward darker fabric.

Finally, we will assemble the block.

Take a 1¼” square of Fabric B and a 1¼” square of background fabric. Sew together. Press towards fabric B.

Sew a 2” by 1¼” rectangle of background fabric to the side of the two squares with the square of fabric B in the lower right corner. Press towards the rectangle.

Join HST and ECT units as shown below.

Repeat to make a total of four cornerstone blocks.

The Tulip Field block finishes at 3″ square (measures 3.5″ square unfinished).

Christine Weld

[blog: The Quarter Inch]
[instagram: @christine.weld]

22 comments on “Cornerstone: Tulip Field

  1. Carol O says:

    Love the tulip

  2. Nicole Hanson says:

    Your fabrics are not labeled A,B, or C. I have no idea which fabric cuts are the flowers and which are the background cuts.

    • Hi Nicole, Thanks for commenting! Fabric A is the main part of the flower (blue in the diagram), Fabric B is the little bit between the flower (purple in the diagram), and the background fabric is listed as “Background fabric.” Let me know if you have any other questions, and happy sewing!

    • ArtsyOne says:

      Same question as Nicole – I print out these patterns with a black and white printer, so I have another layer of “what’s A? B?”

  3. Gail Timmins says:

    Oh dear, I hope I have placed these cornerstones correctly, I was doing so well too! Can we have a picture of your finished border please. Gail

  4. Rosemaryflower says:

    this is a very nice block. I love it!!

  5. Linda says:

    I’m really enjoying Path B. I’m using 2 Kaffe Fasset 10″ square packs with Moda Grunge vanilla as the background. It’s looking good!

  6. Jackie says:

    I love tulips; this is wonderful!

  7. Janet Jensen says:

    have a question about this corner block. If I sew it according to the instructions, my points end up on the very edge of the block. When I join this block to the quilt, I will cut off my points. Your photo shows a seam allowance on the points. How did you get that seam allowance, especially where the two “tulip” points finish?

    • Hi Janet, that’s frustrating! It’s a little hard to know exactly what the issue might be without a picture. Is it possible to e-mail one to me (christine.weld at gmail dot com) or post one over on the Facebook group? If not, here are some thoughts. My first question is, is your block sewn together yet? The points go all the way to edge before you join the pieces together. The seam allowance is created when you join the pieces of the block together. Also, make sure you are sewing on the drawn center line when you add the square to the 3 1/2″ by 2″ rectangle (it’s a but different than the HSTs).

  8. Nicole Hanson says:

    Thank you Christine. This block was easy and so cute! It’s the more multiple designs that get a bit confusing when labeled 1,2,3 etc, but directions say A, B, C. . .J, K, L…
    This is fun and a different concept. Thank you, again.

  9. Mary Andra Holmes says:

    Perfect corner square. I’m saving it for another round.

  10. Diana Marlow says:

    Thank you for this beautiful block! I have really enjoyed how well it went together. I have one question at the very last of joining the last step, which way is best to press the block? Thanks again for sharing this cute tulip block!

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