Dec 5: Wrapped Up

Merry Christmas! I am Denniele from Louanna Mary Quilt Design.  Today’s block, Wrapped Up, brings memories of wrapped gifts under the tree.  Whether they were expertly wrapped in beautiful paper, covered with newsprint, or wrapped with love by a child, the pull to discover what was inside for the recipient is something we all can recall.  So grab your best red and white fabrics and  join me in making, Wrapped Up.

This block finishes at 6″ or 12″ square.


6″ Block 12″ Block
From white fabric, cut (8)1 1/4″ x 2″ rectangles (A) From white print fabric, cut (8) 2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangles (E)
From solid red fabric, cut (2) 3” squares (C), (4) 2” squares(B) From solid red fabric, cut (2) 4” squares(F), (4) 3½” squares(G)
From red print #1, cut: (1) 3½” square(D) From red print #1, cut: (1) 6½” square(H)
From red print #2, cut (2) 3” squares,(C) From red print #2, cut (2) 4” squares(F)

Ruler to trim Half Square Triangles(HST)

The 6″ and 12″ blocks are made in the same way.  Information for the 12″ block is shown in parentheses.

NOTE:  I added fabric from The North Pole? to the 6″ block and Grunge and Red Dot….Green Dash to the 12″ block.

1. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back of both red print #2 C (F) squares.

2. Place a solid red C (F) square and a red print #2  C (F) square right sides together.  Stitch a scant 1/4″ from both sides of the drawn line.

3.  Cut apart on the drawn line and press open.  Trim to 2″ (3 1/2″). Make four HST.


4.  Stitch a white A (E) to opposite sides of a red B (G).  Make four.

5.  Stitch a HST to opposite ends of the ABA (EGE) unit.  Make two.

6.  Stitch an ABA (EGE) unit to opposite side of D (H).

7.  Layout the the rows and stitch together to complete your Wrapped Up block.


This block finishes at 6″ or 12″ square.


I hope you enjoyed making Wrapped Up with me.  Remember to come and check in every day to see what the Moda Bake Shop Chefs have cooked up for you.  You can follow my quilting adventures on  Instagram (@dennielebohannon) and Facebook (Louanna Mary Quilt Design).  Please tag me when you share your Wrapped Up block.  It is always a joy  to see what you create.  Merry Christmas!

Denniele Bohannon

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4 comments on “Dec 5: Wrapped Up

  1. Bruce says:

    You could cut “c” at 2.5″ which will give you 2″ finished hst’s

    • Denniele says:

      Bruce,you are correct. I find it easier to have a little more room so I cut them slightly bigger. But we end up at the same place which is the important thing! 🙂

  2. Mary Andra says:

    Love this block.

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