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Add a photo of the finished project with a watermark. Watermark should state your name and/or blog and the name of the project.  You can also add the MBS logo. Download logo: {.PSD} {.JPEG} {.PNG}.

This is a sketch/photo from your submission placed here as a reminder for the Editor. This will be deleted before publication.

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Include an introductory paragraph with a link to your blog or social media, if desired.

This quilt/project finishes at xx” x xx”.

{Optional Photo of Ingredients}

x Fat Quarter Bundle, Fat Eighth Bundle, Charm Pack, Moda Candy, Scrap Bag, Dessert Roll, Jelly Roll®, Layer Cake®, Honey Bun®, Turnover®  {Lovely Fabric by YouKnowWho}
x yards background fabric {SKU number optional}
x yards border fabric {SKU number optional}
x yards backing fabric {SKU number optional}
x yards binding fabric {SKU number optional}


List any notions, tools, or trims required

Type out the steps required to make this project. Include photos, sketches, or diagrams of each step.


This quilt finishes at xx” x xx”.

Closing paragraph with a link to your blog or social media, if desired.

Moda Bake Shop Chef Name

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*delete any links you don’t need! For links you are using, keep the text before the colon. Change the italicized text to show your link name and add the URL. If you can’t add it yourself, paste the URLs you would like to show in the post and the Editor will add them for you.

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