Simple Circles Table Runner

Hi again! It’s Natalia from Piece N Quilt. I am super excited about this fun table runner. As you know I usually make quilts but I decided to change it up this time and go with a fun, simple table runner that requires no quilting.

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2 Yards Batting
Take 20 of your layer cake squares and trace three sizes of circles on them.
We used (15) 10″ circles, (5) medium circles and (5) small circles.
Cups, plates and bowls are my favorite templates for circles.
After you have traced your circles on the fabric you will layer your materials. First batting, then backing material, right side toward you, then your layer cake square right side away from you.
Stitch 1/4″ inside the traced line leaving a 2″ opening that will be used to turn the circle right side out.
Trim on the line you originally drew.
Clip little notches every 1/2″ around the entire circle.
Turn the circles right side out. Press and top stitch. You don’t need to turn the small opening.
Now lay the circles out in a pattern like the one above. Tuck the opening of every circle under another circle. Stitch in place.

1 Simple Circles Table Runner
Natalie Bonner