9-Patch Posie Quilt


I am so excited to bring you my latest project!   Jelly rolls are my favorite precut, but often it takes two or three rolls to make one full/queen size quilt.  My mission with this project was to make a large quilt with just ONE jelly roll, and I am very happy with the results!  I created ‘9-patch Posie’ specifically to make use of one jelly roll and still make a quilt big enough for a queen size bed.



1 Jelly Roll (Mixologie by Studio M)

1/4 yard  for 9-patch centers (I used one strip each of Moda Bella solids ‘American Blue’, ‘Zen Gray’, ‘Spray’, ‘Buttercup’, and ‘Ochre’)

4.5 yards background (Moda Bella ‘bleached white’)

2/3 yard binding

5 yards backing



Start by cutting your background fabric:

14 @ WOF x 5.5”  (subcut these WOF strips into 112 @ 5.5” squares)

15 @ WOF x 1.5” (subcut these strips into quarters so you have 60  1.5”x11” pieces)

10 @ WOF x 2.5”

8 @ WOF x 3” (1st border, sorry these are not pictured in the stacks below)


Open your jelly roll and remove one strip.  You will only need 39 for this quilt.  Now, cut the remaining 39 in half length-wise so you have 78 half-strips approx 22” long.



Set aside 21 of these half strips for your outer border.


For the centers of the 9-patch blocks, you will be cutting 5 strips @ 1.5”.  I cut mine from 5 different fabrics, but you can cut all 5 from one fabric if you prefer.



Pair up one center solid strip with 2 of the 2.5” background strips and sew into a strip-set alternating background/solid/background:


NOTE:  Stitch all seams at 1/4”.

Press seams toward the center strip:DSCN4071

Subcut these strip sets into 1.5” sections:


Repeat with remaining 4 center strips until you have (at least) 113 pieces that measure 1.5”x5.5”.  There will be extras if you cut the entirety of all 5 strip sets.


Take your 57 half-jelly roll strips and cut them again in half to make pairs of 2.5”x11” pieces.  Sew each pair with a 1.5” x 11” background strip piece, pressing seams toward the prints:



Straighten one end, and subcut these strip sets into 8 pieces 2.5”x5.5”:

DSCN4074 DSCN4075


Continue with all of the 57 half-jelly roll strips.

Take two matching  print sections and pair it up with a solid center section that you created previously:




Sew together into this adorable little 9-patch that will measure 5.5”x5.5”.  You will have enough to make 114 blocks, but you will only need 113 of these little 9-patch blocks:



I found it easiest to arrange like this and then assembly line sew a left to a middle, then come back and sew the right strips on.  If you are confident (and because you have pressed toward the print and solid center), you can sew these w/o pins because your seams will nest perfectly:



Set aside 8 of your completed 9-patch blocks and sew the remaining 105, alternating 9-patch blocks with your 5.5” background blocks as pictured:



Now, sew these units into 15 rows that will have seven 9-patch/background sections.  8 of these rows you will sew a 9-patch unit that you previously set aside to the end so it begins and ends with a 9-patch, and 7 of the rows you will sew a 5.5” background block onto the end so it begins and ends with a background block.


Press seam allowances toward the background block:


Sew your 15 rows together to create your completed center section.  Notice the top and bottom rows will begin and end with a 9-patch so there is a 9-patch in all 4 corners:



Now, take you 8 @ WOFx3.0” strips and sew them into 4 pairs end-to-end.

Trim two to the measurement of the quilt center (should be 75.5”, but use YOUR quilt center measurement), and sew the first border onto the left and right of the quilt center.

Trim the remaining two border strips to the new width (should be 80.5”, but -again-, use YOUR quilt measurement).  Sew the top and bottom of the first border onto the quilt center.



Now, for your second border, you will take 20 of the half jelly roll strips that you set aside and sew them into 5 strip sets of 4 strips pressing to one side:DSCN4088

You can stack these up to save time on subcutting them.  I staggered each strip set by an inch to do the subcutting with my strip-cut ruler:




Trim off the ends to straighten the sets and subcut them into 2.5” sections:




Now, you can stitch sets of these so you have 4 sets that are 40 squares long.  2 of these, you will add one 2.5”x2.5” squares to each end to make 2 that are 42 blocks long.  (Cut from the last half jelly roll strip you set aside earlier).

At this point, I *highly* recommend stay-stitching 3/16” of an inch away from the edges of these long strips so your seams don’t come unraveled as you are stitching them to the quilt center (or when you do the quilting).

Stitch the two 40-square strips to the left and right, then stitch the 42-square strips to the top and bottom.  Press seam toward the first border and you are done with your top!


Quilt as desired and bind.


One approx 84” square quilt!



Vitis my website and I will give a little explanation of the quilting I did and the binding too.

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  1. Karin, I am also in the beautiful great Pacific Northwest! I love hats, so my next stop must be your blog and find out more! You did a great tutorial on an absolutely adorable quilt! I like how the blocks are airy, and have movement! Just like little flowers on a PNW summer day! I am new to this quilting obsession, but think I will make a smaller, kids’ size of this and then perhaps make HST’s so that they pinwheel off the center square. Sounds good at 2:30 am, will discover if it flares the way I think it will.
    Thanks! Stay warm in this particularly cold winter… All snuggled up in your new 9 Patch Posie! It’s just so cute!

  2. kathyinmn says:

    Just when I was going to swear off jelly rolls because they don’t make a queen sized quilt….this looks awesome. Pinned and going in must do patterns to try for 2015.

  3. Jackie Brown says:

    Can’t get the instruction to print. Can you please have this fixed? I really like this quit.

  4. Norma miller says:

    Your pictures and instructions are clear and great. Thank you for thus post!

  5. Regina says:

    Great tutorial Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lana Stover says:

    Can’t get the instructions to print. Can you help? Love the quilt, I too have lots of Jelly Rolls have been looking for a quick pretty pattern. Thank you for sharing this pattern!!

  7. Hope says:

    Wish the print friendly version would work, seems to never be working. Hopefully you will get it working soon. Very sweet pattern!

  8. connie says:

    LOVE the Quilt, please fix the printer instructions. Can not get it to print.

  9. kamalani3 says:

    I love this! Is there a way to get instructions for a twin-size quilt? I know a little girl who would LOVE this for Christmas, and the Moda fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks!

  10. CruiseFan says:

    Easy – indeed; nevertheless a beautiful quilt with clear and easy to follow instructions.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Veronika says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing such great instructions! Definitely on my to make list!

  12. This is really gorgeous.All these prints are beautiful and very usable.The colour combination of this fabric is particularly stunning

  13. SarahZ says:

    I just recently purchased my very first jelly roll, Miss Kate. I am making this, it is perfect!!!! I will likely adjust to a lap quilt size (or two?!?)! We shall see what I come up with!

    • Cassie says:

      No way! I just purchased my first Miss Kate jelly roll and stumbled upon this beautiful quilt I want to use it for!

      • SarahZ says:

        🙂 Cassie, are you thinking a white background or some other color? So many options 🙂

        • Cassie says:

          I am using a white on white patterned (very small print) background fabric that I purchased at Joanne Fabrics. I really liked the way the white set off the colorful prints 🙂

  14. Linda says:

    Very pretty!

  15. Amy says:

    So I am wondering, if I wanted to make this for a king bed, then would I need to add 50% more material? I haven’t quilted since I was a young girl and that was several decades ago.

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