Aztec Half Square Triangle Quilt

aztec tute


One Bella Solid Charm Pack in Robins Egg Blue, Silver, Navy, Porcelain White, and 30’s Yellow (5 charm packs in total.)
One Jelly Roll in Porcelain White.
One yard Robins Egg Blue
One yard Modern BG Paper Silver Off White


Separate the charm packs into piles for 9 different rows as follows:

Row 1 & 9: 11 Yellow and 11 Silver

Row 2: 6 Yellow and 6 Robins Egg Blue plus 11 Yellow (trimmed to 4 1/2″)

Row 3: 11 Navy and 11 Silver

Row 4 & 6: 11 Yellow and 11 Porcelain White

Row 5: 6 Robins Egg Blue and 6 Porcelain White plus 5 Robins Egg Blue and 5 Navy

Row 7: 11 Silver and 11 Robins Egg Blue

Row 8: 6 Navy and 6 Porcelain White plus 11 Porcelain White (trimmed to 4 1/2″)

You will have extra squares, you can use them to make extra Half Square Triangles (HST’s) to piece into the backing if you so choose.

Pair the squares up with the opposite color. For example for rows 1 & 9 you will pair one yellow square with one silver square. Repeat until all the squares have a match. DO NOT pair the 11 trimmed squares from row 6 & 8, set these aside.


Once you have matched all the squares together you will use a straight edge ruler and draw a line diagonally from one corner to the other corner (as pictured below.) Do this for all of the squares (again excluding the trimmed squares.)


Now sew 1/4″ on both sides of the line you drew (as pictured below.) I like to sew assembly line fashion just putting one piece in as soon as the next is finished, it keeps them all stuck together so you don’t lose any and it saves thread and time.



Now cut along the drawn line to separate the two HST’s you just created.


Open each one up. Press, trim, and square each one to 4 1/2″.


To assemble the 9 different rows reference the picture below. (You can also reference the finished quilt picture, the first picture above.)

Row 1 and 9 are the same but the square is turned 180 degrees so that they mirror each other.  And the same applies to rows 4 and 6.

To make row 2 and 8 use the 11 trimmed pieces that were set aside at the beginning to make a long strip of solid yellow and a long strip of porcelain white. Then put the HST’s together to form pyramids and then sew the two strips together.

Row 3 and 7 are assembled the same as one another. Rotate four HST’s to form an arrow and repeat for the entire row.

Row 5 uses 8 HST’s to form a white diamond surrounded by a robins egg blue diamond and navy pyramids. (Reference the finished quilt and the photo below for a good visual representation.)


For the back I pieced extra HST’s together with several lengths of Porcelain White jelly roll and random lengths and widths of Robins Egg Blue and Modern BG Paper Silver Off White to create a fun pattern. Then I used the Porcelain White jelly roll and trimmed charm pack squares to create a fun textured binding for finishing the edges.



One lap size quilt measuring 44X56

Alicia Steel

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