Bake Shop Basics: Precut Info


Have you ever noticed the packaging that comes with your precuts? Fat quarter and fat eighth bundles, Layer CakesĀ®, and charm packs all come with a sheet 0f paper listing the SKUs for each included fabric. SKUs are the numbers used to identify each product in a store (or warehouse, in our case). Knowing the SKU number of a certain print allows you to easily search the web to find yardage or call up your favorite shop and see if they have it in stock. We often list product SKUs here on the Bake Shop to help those of you who want to make the quilts exactly as shown.

Layer CakesĀ® come with some extra information – How to Slice a Layer Cake. This fun printable will give you ideas for working with Layer Cakes and you can download a copy {here} if you don’t have one on hand.



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