Timehop: Sophie’s Quilt

Sophie's Quilt

Today’s timehop post comes from Chef Aubrey Marshall from {Southern Fabric}! Let’s revisit her darling quilt designed and made for her sweet little girl.

Finished Quilt Size is 62″ x 74″ using a ¼” inch seam.

4 Charm Packs (Scrumptious)
1¾ yards EACH of 2 coordinating solids, one light and one dark
4 yards backing fabric
½ yard binding fabric


Take your charm packs (you need to have 160 squares) and divide them into darks and lights until you have 60 of each.  The pack that I chose had 20 different colors so you will see a repeat 8 different times for a total of 20 different prints, 10 light and 10 dark.


Take your light pile and put your fabrics in the order you want.  You will need to have five different prints on each side for a total of at least 10 different prints.  I did from light to dark again (kind of hard to tell), or you can do random.   It is completely up to you.


Do the same for your dark pile.  I just did this from red to blue.  You will just need to have five different prints on each side for a total of at least 10 different prints.  Once again this can be in a uniform or random order.


Now take your four piles (two dark and two light) and sew them together in chains of five.  You should have four piles five squares long and eight deep.


Press, press, press.


Cut your sashing.  You will need (24) 2½” strips of both the light and the dark.


You will need two pieces of sashing for each strip of five squares.  I put the dark sashing around the light 5 inch strips and


the light sashing around the dark 5 inch strips.


Sew together and press.  You will need to do 12 light and 12 dark for a total of 24 blocks.


Sew the light to the dark and intermix them each time so that you get a chain 8 across that looks like this.  Press, press, press.

test pic.1


Make sure it has 8.  When you are all done you should have 3 chains of 8 blocks across.


Take the chain in the middle and flip it around so the colors go the opposite way. Notice how the top and bottom left blocks have white sashing and the middle one has pink sashing.  I just flipped it around.  My picture only shows 5 across but it needs to be 8.  Make sure it is 8 blocks across.  Sew together and you are done.  It’s just that simple.


That’s it!  You’re done.


Finished Quilt Size is 62″ x 74″ using a 1/4″ inch seam.

I hope you enjoyed this fabulous quilt.

Aubrey Marshall




11 comments on “Timehop: Sophie’s Quilt

  1. Ann Madison says:

    This is a lovdly quilt and will also work great with seasonal fabrics. Thank-you!

  2. Susan Wardle says:

    Definitely going to try this one, thank you xx

  3. Wenora Hughes says:

    Beautiful and great for a new quilter, or a seasoned quilter. I will definitely make it. Great Job.

  4. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Love this one. When you have a gaggle of quilts due for December babies it’s so nice to have a beautiful, versatile, easy go to quilt pattern! Thanks for this!

  5. Pam from CA says:

    Beautiful quilt! Very versatile for all fabrics!

  6. Tanya Watson says:

    Love this quilt. My granddaughters would love it and one for myself also

  7. Newbie says:

    It looks like this would work with Quilt as you Go…Correct???
    I’m super beginner. Only made 1 small quilt.

  8. Ruth Anglin says:

    This is such a sweet quilt! Thanks for sharing Ms Lisa!

  9. Ruth Anglin says:

    and Ms Aubrey!

  10. Dee Werner says:

    Love!!!! I am always looking for easy patterns that highlight the fabric. This is a cool way to use charms. Thank you!

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