Countdown to Christmas: Bowtie Wreath

Hello! I’m Alison from Little Bunny Quilts and I hope that you are enjoying Moda Bake Shop’s Countdown to Christmas! It’s like a quilter’s Advent calendar! One of my favorite classic quilt blocks is a bowtie and with a little machine applique, I made a simple wreath block! Let’s get started!

This block finishes at 6″ square.

You will need to cut:

Eight (8) 2″ squares of green fabric (I used a dark green Bella Solid)

Eight (8) 1.25″ squares of green fabric

Eight (8) 2″ squares of your background fabric (I used Bella white)

You will also need a scrap of red approximately 4″ x 3″ for your bow and your choice of fusible web.

Pair each small green square with a background square and use the stitch and flip method. Sew diagonally from corner to corner of the green square, trim your seam allowance to 1/4″ and press toward the green.

Pair two large green squares with two green/background units to make bowtie blocks. Make a total of four bowties, each should measure 3.5″ unfinished.


Arrange your four blocks as shown below and sew together. Your block should now measure 6.5″ square.


Trace your desired bow shape onto fusible web. Your bow should be a maximum of about 2″ tall. (I tested both larger and smaller bows — 2″ tall is perfect!) Iron your fusible web onto your red fabric and then trim the fabric to your desired shape. Remove protective paper and iron onto your block. Note: If you iron your bow right onto the seam, it will be much too bulky (I also learned this the hard way!) and your best bet is to have the “knot” of the bow just above the seam.

Use the stitch of your choice to machine applique the bow to your block. I used a small blanket stitch for my block.

One super duper adorable Christmas block! (Ornaments not included!)


I am enjoying seeing everyone’s blocks on Instagram and in the Moda Bake Shop Facebook group! Tag me (@littlebunnyalison) on Instagram when you post your blocks!

Alison Vermilya
{Little Bunny Quilts}

9 comments on “Countdown to Christmas: Bowtie Wreath

  1. BeagleMom says:

    If it was meant to be included, I did not see a link to the applique pattern for the bow.

  2. michelle says:

    A copy of the bow shape would have been helpful

  3. Diane says:

    Disappointed with this one. Specific requirements for size of bow but no template given.

  4. Great idea for a Christmas block Alison! Love the last photos. What no bunny ornament?! 😉 There are PLENTY of bow outlines online, in kids’ books, EVERYWHERE at this time of year especially…no need for one IMHO

  5. Sharon says:

    Do you have a pattern for the bow?

  6. Heather says:

    I did a screenshot of the finished block and sized the actual block to 6.50 inches on iPad. I then froze screenshot and traced bow. Not sure if this can be done on other tablets.

  7. trina says:

    Or you could skip the applique idea entirely, and just add a real bow with ribbon!

  8. halejm says:

    Thank you for the cute pattern!

  9. Mary Van Kleeck says:

    I would love a pattern for the bow!!!

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