Countdown to Christmas: Vintage Snowflake

Counting down to Christmas has been so much fun here at the Moda Bake Shop! My block is one that lends itself to this tiny size for those of you who love piecing small things, but it can also be sized up for a 12″ block if you’d like!

This sweet little block has a lot of small pieces but don’t let that put you off giving it a try. The 1″ finished half square triangles are made using foundation piecing – find the template in the Printer Friendly file at the bottom of this post.

This quilt block finishes at 6″ square.

From background fabric, cut:

  • (1) 6⅛” x 8” rectangle
  • (1) 1½” x 4½” strip
  • (4) 1½” squares

From red fabric, cut (1) 6⅛” x 8” rectangle and (1) 2½” square.

From green fabric, cut (1) 1½” x 4½” strip.


If you prefer not to use foundation piecing:

  • For standard piecing of HSTs, cut (10) 2″ squares each of red and white and trim HSTs to 1½” square.
  • Alternatively, flying geese units can also be subbed for 16 of the HSTs. They need to measure 1½” x 2½” unfinished.

  • A stiletto tool is very helpful for guiding the small pieces under the foot of your machine


Print out the foundation piecing template on thin copy paper (the thinner the better). Trim to the outermost line (6⅛” x 8” rectangle). Place background fabric and red fabric right sides together and layer with foundation peicing paper on top (order is red, white, paper).

Sew along the dashed lines of the foundation paper as indicated. Trim on solid lines. Gently remove paper and press toward the red fabric. Trim off dog ear corners. Each HST is 1½” square. The foundation paper yields 20 HSTs. Set aside 16.

Sew each of 4 HSTs to (4) 1½” background squares as shown. Press seams open.


With right sides together, sew the 1½” x 4½” green strip to the 1½” x 4½” background strip. Press towards the green. Trim the strip unit to (4) 1½” x 2½” units.



Join each green unit to each HST unit as shown. Make (4) 4-patch units.

Assemble the block as shown, taking care to press seams open where two bulky seams join.

Lightly starch and press block. Trim to 6½” square.

This quilt block finishes at 6″ square, 6½” square unfinished.

Lisa Calle
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14 comments on “Countdown to Christmas: Vintage Snowflake

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you for the Christmas related squares. An even bigger thank you for always having “printer friendly” option.

  2. Giquilt says:

    How cute is this!

  3. Sharon says:

    I don’t know if it is the color selection of this pattern but as it is this is not one I would personally make.

  4. Robin says:

    Love the snowflake block. Thanks.

  5. Gay Reeder says:

    Did I miss the one for Dec. 5th?

  6. Donna says:

    Thank you for the pattern and your work as blog editor! It is all much appreciated.

  7. Linda Clark says:

    Lovin this block.

  8. Kristen says:

    When strip piecing the green and white strips…you call for 4 1/2 inch strips, but you can’t get (4) 1 1/2” sections out of that, so you need to cut the strips longer. I cut mine 6 1/2”.

    • Stasi McKibbin says:

      Yep, that is definitely an error. I was making this block last night, yes January 18th (I’m a little behind) and it should be a 6 inch strip.

  9. Christine says:


  10. Amanda A Randolph says:

    You might want to correct the green and white strip piece section. You cannot get 4- 1 1/2 sections from a 4 1/2 inch strip. Now to cut another 1 1/2 inches.

  11. Suzie Johnson says:

    cute block — but it does have an error — it needs to be at 6″ strip/not 4 1/2″ and there are no instructions for the “flying geese” units —- unless i missed something somewhere….

  12. Carmen Maletta says:

    Ambitious indeed. Love the way it turned out.

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