Snowing Quilt

I’m starting off my post with a great giveaway – because I love getting free fabric as much as the next quilter!  This giveaway features 17 fat eighths and an little extra scrappy yardage.

(Giveaway Closed)

First, subscribe to my YouTube Channel (if you haven’t already) and watch at least one video (the quilt previews are my favorite).

Then, leave a comment on this post.  That’s it!

In your comment, you can tell me what video you watched, if there’s a video tutorial you’d like me to make, or whatever you want!  This fabric bundle is just dying to get to your cutting table so give it a go.  Alrighty, onto the pattern.

– 18 Fat Eighths (I’m using Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille)
– 1 1/2 yards neutral fabric
– 1/3 yards fabric for corner stones
– 1 1/3 yards border fabric
– 3/4 yards binding fabric
– 4 yards backing fabric


Having a ruler for squaring up HSTs makes the process of doing them amazing, but it’s not necessary.  I use this one.


This quilt finishes at 66″ x 66″.

Lauren Terry


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  1. Beth T. says:

    Hi Lauren. I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel, so I took this opportunity to watch your Zipper Pouch tutorial again, since I’m new to sewing with zippers. It’s a very clear tutorial–thanks! P.S. I loved the question asking if you were using a pizza cutter on your fabric. That is such genuine curiosity; how can a person learn if they don’t ask, right?

  2. Jen Wilson says:

    I watched the mountain top preview, I bet it would look great in a couple of colors too! Love this quilt, perfect fabric too.

  3. quilting538 says:

    I loved your Mountain top tutorial and I subscribed to your U Tube channel

  4. Colleen E Duncan says:

    Your ‘snowing’ video makes it look very easy! Thanks!

  5. Kelly Beck says:

    I watched mountain top! I can’t wait to watch more. What a stunning but simple quilt! Thanks!!

  6. Lisann Durm says:

    I liked several of the videos. The English paper piecing part 1& 2 plus the snowing quilt. I have been wanting to try epp. I just need to jump in and start. It looks like it would be so fun to do. And I love doing hand sewing & embroidery. The Snowing quilt caught my eye. Love the design.

  7. Hello from Yorkshire in the UK. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched the videos on EPP. What a brilliant way to cut your fabric for the diamond shape. I faff about cutting the fabric pieces individually so your method is going to save me time and it will be far more accurate. Thank you.

    I’m looking forward to watching the rest of your videos.

  8. Kit says:

    Hello! I watched your ironing pad video. Gonna make one! I also love this quilt pattern. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Terri W says:

    Your instructional videos are so easy to follow with great results-I’ll be watching more as I need expert advice 🙂

  10. I watched the video for the Snowing Quilt, pattern of which you are sharing here today. What I love about this quilt is that, although you are using wintery/holiday fabrics for the quilt, it could also easily be made into a quilt that would be usable all year long, just by choosing a different fabric collection. I look forward to watching more of your videos. Love your site and your chosen methods of ‘teaching’ on the videos.

  11. Fiona Brandt says:

    Love your tutorial!
    Very easy to follow… so too your YouTube video!!!
    Looking forward to more YouTube videos:)
    Happy quilting. Xx

  12. Donna says:

    I watched your wheelchair quilt tutorial. First time I’ve seen a quilt for a wheelchair that wasn’t a lap quilt. Love the idea!

  13. Maggie Marlow says:

    I watched the child’s bag and the wheelchair quilt – both great! I’ll be making the bag with my granddaughter this morning! Thank you

  14. Debbie Kitsos says:

    I watching the Snowing tutorial because it will help in making this quilt. I love the brights on white. Although we did get a little snow this year, usually the closest I get to snow is to quilt making snowball blocks!

  15. Machelle says:

    Several great videos on there! I watched the DIY ironing pad video. Just what I need beside my sewing machine!

  16. Pat says:

    I’m new to your video tutorials and so glad I found you. Watching the Snowing quilt video gives me all the “tools” I need to make it. I love the look of your quilt, so fresh. Thanks for your know how.

  17. Debi says:

    I watched the wheelchair quilt. I’ve never seen a quilt used to fully cover someone, only a lap quilt. It’s a very interesting concept!

  18. Joan B says:

    I watched the Mountaintop quilt. Love it !

  19. Arline Radden says:

    I watched the rag quilt video. Love the look!

  20. Carole S. says:

    I watched Mountaintop, Snowing, and the dollhouse in a box tutorial. Next up is the wheelchair one. Great videos!

  21. Janelle S says:

    Hi Lauren! I watched the rag quit tutorial. I have been away from sewing for awhile and this looks like just the project to dive back in! Plus I have a couple of new babies coming into my life! one thought – instead of trimming each exposed seam, I think I will try using pinking shears on them. This beautiful giveaway would sure be fun to work with!

  22. Barb Hafner says:

    I watched the Mountaintop and Snowing videos. I enjoyed both and will watch more in the future.

  23. Mandy Carroll says:

    I loved the video on the pattern cross stitch
    I love to cross stitch, yet my eyes have weakened and the is the next best thing.

  24. Tammy says:

    I’m subscribed to your channel and I watched the American Flag tutorial and also the snowball tutorial. Very interesting patterns.

  25. Vinette says:

    I have watched and liked several of your videos. Trip Around the World baby quilt is one of my favorites. I also liked the tips on EPP.

  26. Susan Smith says:

    I watched the gingham quilt tutorial. I’ve always been a sucker for gingham! This pattern is great too! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Sue Kramer says:

    I watched Snowing. I’m a visual learner so I always find videos more helpful than looking at it on a page.

  28. Marcia says:

    I watched the machine quilted binding tutorial. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Kim Chisholm says:

    I subscribed to your you tube channel. Excited. Was not aware you had one. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the ironing pad video. I have a scrap of the batting with the shiny teflin layer I used for hot pads that will work for my iron pad. Your videos will be very useful in the future. Keep up the good work.

  30. Susan L. says:

    I am subscribed to your YouTube Channel. I watched the video for this quilt & would love to make it!

  31. Angela says:

    I watched Mountaintop. Such a simple block makes a great modern quilt. I’m adding it to my neverending list of to-dos.

  32. Barbara Lanning says:

    I love your YouTube Channel! The Mountaintop quilt is amazing!

  33. spierssusan says:

    I am a you-tube subscriber! The Mountain Top monochrome quilt caught my eye & I watched the quilt preview! I loved the black& white, but whatever two colors chosen, a great quilt!

  34. Cathy K says:

    Mountain top preview. Haven’t done a two color quilt yet and this one is very pretty and is now on my list of want to do soon projects.

  35. Barbara says:

    I subscribed! I watched easy sewing projects – rag quilt. Loved the technique

  36. Melanie H. says:

    Hello. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel and there are so many great ideas. I viewed the Snowing Quilt video because I appreciate a visual tutorial to go along with a written tutorial. Always learn new tips. Thank you – and will go back and watch a few more!

  37. Patricia Chechak says:

    I sew love bake shop you tube videos. The latest one I enjoyed viewing was the Bake Shop-layer cake recipe 1. I had gotten at a quilt show. What a beauty of a quilt it made, Thank you Moda for these fun videos!

  38. Krista Wells says:

    I’m a subscriber – love the color combo in this quilt.

  39. sheryl harrison says:

    i just subscribed to your you tube channel. i struggle with paper piecing. i made a twin sized wonky star a few years ago and didn’t enjoy it. i feel i waste a lot of fabric. i’ve made little projects now and then and last night, struggled with some little fish. i just now watched your english paper piecing. it was not what i was looking for and didn’t know what english paper piecing was. it is interesting! it’s not what i was looking for right now but something to think about for hand sewing away from home project. thanks!

  40. lindak21 says:

    So happy to see your videos. I just watched the video for your new Snowing pattern and you make it look so easy. I think I’ll make a little ironing pad like the one you had – that too, will make life easier! thanks!

  41. Elizabeth G says:

    I watched your gingham quilt tutorial and subscribed to your YouTube channel. I never really gave much thought to my seams, but the way you iron them makes a huge difference and I’m going to give it a try.

  42. Bev Hutchison says:

    I really like your trip around the world video. all the videos I watched are really awesome.

  43. Lisa says:

    I watched the video for “Snowing”. Appropriate, since we’re getting April snow here in MN today. Love the colors you used for your quilt. Beautiful!

  44. Elaine Gostick says:

    I watched Mountaintop. I love this Snowing quilt – love Bonnie and Camille fabrics. Happy to subscribe! Elaine G.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I watched your gingham baby quilt. I want to try one.

  46. Diana W. says:

    Hi I sure like this quilt . I need more Christmas quilts in my house. I did subscribe and watched the trip around the world . Sure would love to win, thank you for the chance.

  47. Alice Marie Pendergast says:

    I watched the “Trip Around the World” tutorial. I love the colors in the fabric giveaway!

  48. Joann Bauer says:

    I watched Mountaintop this morning but plan to watch more during my lunch hour!

  49. Rhonda L says:

    I watched Mountain Top quilt preview and subscribed. I think I need to make a monochromatic quilt. this One looked easy to make, but was stunning.

  50. Katherine says:

    I’m subscribed! I watched a few videos, but I really enjoyed the EPP videos. It’s a process I’m fascinated with and would like to add to my skills.
    I look forward to watching the Snowing video since this is such an adorable piece.
    Thanks for the chance to win these adorable fabrics!

  51. Maria E Jimenez-Taborda says:

    Hi Lauren,
    I watched the “Cross Stitch Tutorial” and I honestly thought the block was much harder. Thank you for making it look super easy. Wishing you all the BEST! Hope I win the giveaway bc I love Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille!! So adorable. It will keep me busy while I recover from surgery. Wishing love and blessings!!

  52. Shannon W says:

    Hello. I watched the tutorial for the snowing quilt…loved it. Your tutorials are so easy to follow and I am looking forward to watching more. Next up will be your zipper pouch, I am always looking for a good zipper pouch to make for gifts!!

  53. Liz Dempsey says:

    Hi Lauren: I enjoyed watching the video on this quilt, I have subscribed and do plan on watching a few more of your video. Snowing quilt I will definitely be making!

  54. Michele Breault says:

    I was already subscribed before your post today. My favorite is the Gingham quilt

  55. Susan McC says:

    I liked the “Cross Stitch” video – I can see lots of possibilities – thanks for the giveaway!!!

  56. Mary says:

    Loved the mountain top quilt on you tube. Thanks

  57. Dyan Ferreira says:

    I just watched several of your videos; I especially like your EPP
    Videos & how simple you make it look & how beautiful your blocks
    were in your quilt. I am new to quilting & sewing so I appreciate
    Your tips & style of teaching. Will you be doing any other EPP projects?

    Thank you.

  58. stephanie woodward says:

    I watched snowing and downloaded the instructions. Did I miss the dimensions of the quilt or do I just figure it out? I like the fact that you square up at each step. Makes it much easier.

  59. Tamara Isaacs-Smith says:

    Joined your you tube and am enjoying the Trip Around the World Tutorial. I have been collecting fabrics to make one and this is perfect for me.

  60. Marilyn says:

    I just subscribed to your channel and watched a couple of the quilt preview videos. They are well done. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Linda says:

    I am now subscribed to your channel and watched the Snowing video…well done. I will be making a ironing pad like yours. Thanks for the well done videos.

  62. Judi Reiss says:

    I subscribed and love how clear and close up your videos were. Yes, I watched more than one! I loved the quick American Flag!

  63. Cheree says:

    I watched this one and the American flag block (my son wants a flag quilt). Thank you for sharing those. These Christmas fabrics are beautiful!

  64. Rosemaryflower says:

    Lauren, you know you are a wonderful enthusiastic friend to me. I really love all of your videos.
    I watched a few while treadmilling this morning. I love the simple and so encouraging video at the bottom on how to make a quilt, start to finish
    All of your videos are so encouraging.
    I am going to print this quilt pattern here, It will be perfect for a few fabrics I have here to make one.
    Happy Moda Bake shop Tuesday. ❤️

  65. Diane Melish says:

    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel and watched the Snowing quilt video. I love how quick and to the point it was. Very easy to follow and great videography. I cant wait to make a Snowing quilt with Vintage Holiday Fabrics. Hope I win this bundle. 🙂

  66. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Been a subscriber for awhile. I love the zipper pouch tutorial. I go back to it frequently.

  67. Judy Gratrix says:

    I watched you pillow video, spring is around the corner and my andirondak chairs have never had comfy pillows. I also watched your Trip around the World quilt video, seems so simple, I was afraid it was going to be the tube method, you made it look so simple. Thanks

  68. Leslie Schucker says:

    I watched the Zipper Pouch. Great tutorial

  69. Mary D says:

    I watched your zip bag tutorial. I’ve made lots of zip bags, but it is always interesting to learn new techniques. Nice job!

  70. Rita Pogue says:

    I watched Beginners EPP. I am wanting to try this.

  71. Becky S says:

    I subscribed and watched your gingham quilt tutorial. I always like those tips for nesting seams. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I love Vintage Holiday and your Snowing quilt!

  72. Carol Enright says:

    Love the material and seeing a video helps when your sewing.

  73. Peggy Grubbs says:

    I watched a beginning quilt, the EPP, and the mountain top. Simple and well planned videos. Thanks. I did subscribe and look forward to watching more

  74. lewisnancy54 says:

    I subscribed to your you tube channel and watched this video on Snowing. I like to see things done, besides the tutorial, so this was very helpful.

  75. Kim B says:

    Subscribed! I watched your snowing quilt video. Thank you! Gorgeous quilt!

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    I subscribed and watched the video on the train engine. Your instructions are clear and concise. My great grandson will be getting a train quilt soon!

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    I am subscribed to you youtube videos.This quilt reminds me of one I recently made this Christmas. Christmas quilts are just so awesome!

  78. Karen Dicken says:

    I subscribed to your youtube channel and watched the Mountaintop tutorial and then couldn’t resist checking out the Doll House in a Box! Ingenious! Looking forward to more exploring. Your quilts look great.

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    I subscribed and watched mountain top and rag quilt tutorial. Very good and thanks for give away.

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    I loved your flag quilt tutorial. My son recently commissioned into the Navy and I’m planning to make him a patriotic quilt every year. This would be perfect and so easy! Thanks for the idea.

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    I watched the flag video as I want to make a pillow with the flag, I am happy to find your YouTube video.

  82. Sandi says:

    I watched the snowing video, noticed how you trimmed off the edges of your triangles to get rid of extra bulk, I did subscribe to your you tube, great, accurate instructions and since we are getting 6-8 inches of snow, perfect day for watching more. Thank you.

  83. Gretchen Biery says:

    I am so happy to find your videos! I watched Snowflake. Now I need to go back and watch the rest. I really like the tutorial without talking – many wonderful quilters over talk! With no words I was able to concentrate on the process. Loved it! Thanks. I will definitely do this one too – so cute

  84. Robin koenig says:

    Watched a couple videos. Will be watching more in time. Watched the two on paper piecing and trip around the world. You do a very good job. Thank you. Thanks for the opportunity to be lucky enough to get your fabric give away

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    Love the colours in this quilt, thank you for this competition

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    I subscribed to your channel last year. I like your tutorials, too. Love this new pattern. I like a big block!

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    I watched your Snowflake video. Wonderful to make a quilt block in under four minutes – whoohoo! Now if only I could duplicate that, lol. Also started following your videos – fun, fun!

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    I’m a subscriber! I liked the train car videos.

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    I just subscribed – love the gingham quilt video. I’ve been wanting to make a gingham quilt for a long time.

  90. Great tutorial. Need to make one for charity my quilt guild donates to. It is a nursing home in our county.

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    Just watched your 2 part English paper piecing videos, very helpful.

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    I watched cross stitch. Not sure about sewing on the bias! To get those triangles on. Subscribed.

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    I subscribed to your you tube channel…I love your tutorials..I watched the rag quilt and the gingham excited to try the gingham..thank you for the tutorials

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    I have the perfect fabric for this! I watched the snowing video so I could get a feel for the method. Planning on making this with 6″ blocks for an 18″ square pillow front. Thanks!

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  131. Kristy says:

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  146. Quilthganny says:

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  147. Chris K. says:

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  148. Sue McD says:

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  149. paula Johns says:

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  150. I watched the Mountaintop Quilt Preview and I like the way it looks. A simple way to present a simple explanation. I subscribed to the channel. More short introduction videos like that would be nice. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  151. Kathryn Laposata says:

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    I watched the Snowing Quilt, my perfect combination is a lot of white with bright colors (orange, fuchsia, yellow). What is the brand of your iron?

  154. Diane L. says:

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  155. Vicky Hopper says:

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  157. Kath S says:

    Hi Lauren! I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a long time. I watched Parts 1 and 2 of your English Paper Piecing tutorials as I about to start a big EPP project – great refresher and useful tips. What a beautiful quilt you made! ktshively (at)hotmail (dot)com

  158. Shaleen Edmundson says:

    Howdy, Just subscribed to your utube channel and watched Mountaintop. I love it in the solid 2 color scheme. Thank you.

  159. Angela Bowling says:

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