Homespun Quilt

Hi everyone, I’m excited to share instructions for a medallion quilt.  I’ve never designed one before, and it’s been fun to use so many different blocks and techniques in one quilt.  But before I get to that, I have an incredible giveaway of fat quarters that will make it’s way to one of you!



To enter  this giveaway, just watch any one video on how to make the Homespun Quilt, then leave a comment on this blog post.  You can find the videos embedded below (just scroll down), or they’re on my YouTube Channel:

*If you leave a comment and don’t see it right away – don’t worry.  Each comment has to be approved, so it might take a couple days to show up.  I’ll be sure all comments have registered before I randomly pick a winner!

This quilt/project finishes at 71″ x 71″.

– 1 Fat Quarter Bundle (or 13 Fat Quarters)
– 4 1/2 yards neutral fabric
– 3/4 yards binding fabric
– 4 1/4 yards backing fabric

Triangle Square Up Ruler

3″ x 6″ Finished Flying Geese Ruler

8″ x 8″ Rotating Cutting Mat (Favorite. Tool. Ever.)

6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Quilting Ruler

The first thing you need to do is download the Homespun Cut List and watch the first video with some tips on cutting.  The following videos will guide you through the creation of each block, and finally the quilt top assembly.

This quilt finishes at 71″ x 71″.

You can find more pattern downloads on the following page of my blog: Free Quilt Patterns

Thanks for reading!

Lauren Terry

180 comments on “Homespun Quilt

  1. Antoinette van der Kas says:

    I just love your design Lauren. This makes a great Christmas quilt. Thank you so much. I know what I’ll be making for this year’s Christmas.

  2. Lori says:

    Excited to make your quilt! Love your idea of using paper plates to keep pieces organized!

  3. Beth T. says:

    I watched your Ohio Star video; it’s one of my favorite blocks. I appreciated you giving pressing pointers, which always makes the blocks come out more precisely.

  4. Melissa Weatherby Velik says:

    Love the paper plate idea for keep cut blocks organized!

  5. Donna W says:

    Like the idea of using paper plates to separate the cut fabrics/

  6. joolz says:

    The trimming tips in the cutting instructions is great! Can’t wait to by a spinney cutting mat.

  7. debby says:

    I like the new quilt and the fabric is perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Joolz says:

    I love the spinny mat. Great cutting tips!

  9. Dominique says:


    Quelle belle idée ce médaillon avec toutes les videos pour reussir.

  10. Cynthia Rust says:

    Interesting construction of center block

  11. Joni says:

    This is really beautiful!

  12. Connie Allison says:

    Your tutorials are unique in how you demonstrated them. I feel very comfortable in sharing these with the children and ladies I have in my weekly online gathering for church. Each step is simple so they can easily get them done while building their sewing/quilting confidence. Thank you for sharing this.

  13. JULIE MACKIN says:

    It’s a lovely pattern and I really liked the tips for the Ohio Star block. Thank you.

  14. Margaret Reid says:

    Your video is clear and easy to understand, I actually learned something from video one that I didn’t know. Please pick me for the contest I’d like to make this quilt with it. Thanks.

  15. Hope says:

    Amazing what You learn, center is important! thank yoy

  16. Sheryl Bordelon says:

    Wow! What an awesome tutorial AND an awesome quilt! I am going to gather my ingredients and dive in! Thank you so much!!

  17. I watched your Flying Geese tutorial and was surprised to hear about the raw edge that can occur in the goose neck. Didn’t know that and never had it happen. I like your pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Janet says:

    I absolutely love this pattern! I watched the cutting video-Love the idea of paper plates for organizing! And I love how you show different methods for squaring up! Would love to make this with Christmas fabrics- or any fat quarter bundle. Excited to get started. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. Vickie says:

    I watched the video on cutting the fabric and thought the idea of using paper plates to sort the fabrics for each block a simple and efficient idea.Thanks!

  20. Lee says:

    What a beautiful quilt! How nice to have so many video tips for this project! It helps to have visual and auditory instructions! Thanks for the chance to win the lovely fabrics!

  21. Sharon L Dvorak says:

    Thank you for the tip on how to use a piece of cardboard for squaring up. I can use this idea on the odd sized blocks of quilts in the future.

  22. Becky says:

    I’ve shied away from flying geese, but I’m going to have to give your method a try. thank you!

  23. Joan says:

    We have learned many ways to do flying at our quilt guild demo days but I have to say that this seems to be the easiest one. I can not wait to try it the next time I need to do flying geese. Thanks for the tutorial.

  24. Janile Prasifka says:

    Love this Quilt! Can’t wait to make it!

  25. Marjorie Bixler says:

    Watched a video and I’m sure I’ll be watching more. Very helpful.

  26. I love that you show how to make the quilt with videos!! I’ve never made an X block so I really liked that one. Thank you for taking the time to make them! Lovely quilt!!

  27. Judy Chastain says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I’m definitely going to make one. I watched the flying geese video, and I look forward to trying that technique. They turn out great with a little trim – I definitely am a trimmer. And that’s a lotta geese! Nice pattern, Lauren.

  28. Windy says:

    This looks amazing , and after watching a few of your videos , I’m sure I could make it.

  29. Terr says:

    Love this quilt and will definitely create one.

  30. Wayne Miller says:

    Love the quilt the tutorials are excellent

  31. Susan Smith says:

    Great pattern and great tutorials!! Thank you for sharing and for the chance to win.

  32. Marilyn says:

    Enjoyed your videos. Very clear directions and what a great reference. I’ve never made a medallion quilt but this may be the one.

  33. Sandy Allen says:

    Beautiful quilt! Thanks for all the tutorials. They are so helpful!

  34. Christina Bellotti says:

    I love this quilt and the style of others that I saw on your web site…simple, traditional, classic….full of love 🙂 Thank you for sharing your pattern. Your videos are clear and easy to follow which makes the quilt very do-able. Great work!

  35. Susan Shaffer says:

    I have yet to make a medallion quilt thinking it would be too difficult but having your tutorials available I just might be able to make one. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Love the cute Christmas fabrics.
    Susan Shaffer

  36. Roxanne says:

    This is beautiful. Will need to do this one. Instructions are very clear

  37. Pat A says:

    I hope to be making a Christmas quilt soon, so you’ve kicked me off to a great start!

  38. Dara Wamsley says:

    really cute quilt and great tutorials make everything easy.

  39. monica says:

    Hi Lauren
    I enjoyed your video on quilt top assembly. I also checked your YouTube channel and saw that you explain butting your blocks together quite often. I’ve subscribed because I’m looking forward to seeing you the steps in putting the quilt together.

  40. Lovely quilt thank your sharing!

  41. Lorraine says:

    Love the quilt! Great having videos for each block in the quilt!

  42. Mary E. FEE says:

    Beautiful quilt, fabulous instructions!!

  43. Suzan Koczka says:

    Great videos. I watched the flying geese video and will try your method for making more than 1 at a time. Also watched the X block one because I’ve never made an X block. Very clear instructions. Thank you.

  44. Linda Johns says:

    This quilt looks like so much fun!!! I have watched the first video, and surprisingly I have all the tools needed! Now, to choose my fabric. I would love to win your giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

  45. lewisnancy54 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I watched the half square triangle block, and always pick up new tips.

  46. Dori Johns says:

    Excellent tutorial for the Ohio Star Block! Love the quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win the fat quarters.

  47. Judy says:

    Beautiful quilt! Your tutorials are very good.

  48. Cindy Garaas says:

    These videos are so good! Good job!

  49. Verena Chance-Jones says:

    Beautiful quilt! I especially like the way the eye is drawn toward the center piece (the video which I watched). Your directions are clear and concise. Good examples to show and the video is easy to follow along. Great job, Chef Lauren! I can’t wait to try my own! I will have to put it on “the list”!

  50. vivoaks says:

    This is a beautiful Christmas quilt!! I’ve wanted a Christmas quilt for so long, but something else always seems to jump ahead of it, so I still don’t have one… Thanks so much for the inspiration! Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net

  51. Awesome Providing all of the videos! I watched the flying geese just now. I need to sit down and watch all of the tutorials. Thanks for Sharing!

  52. Terri Rogers says:

    Excellent organizational tips for block management and also, appreciated the options for squaring the blocks.

  53. Liz Horgan says:

    I watched you cutting video–thanks for the great tips.
    I’ve never done a medallion quilt, but have too many things going to start this one now!
    I’m subscribing to your you-tube channel.
    Have a great weekend!

  54. Gudie S. says:

    I love this quilt, think I will start this and hope I can finish for Christmas, the videos are a big help !

  55. Barb says:

    Beautiful quilt! Would love to win the fat quarter

  56. GayLynn says:

    Lovely quilt. Your quilt assembly video is very clever.

  57. Charlotte Brown says:

    I love how detailed your instructions are. Very precise and clear. I would love to know what iron you are using because it looks smaller than mine and seems to do a good job with a lot of steam.

    • Lauren Terry says:

      Thank you so much! I usually buy the cheapest iron from Walmart. I think it’s the Mainstays brand, and on the order of ten dollars. I have to replace it every 2-3 years, but for me that’s worth it.

  58. Diana says:

    Love your homespun quilt. I’m a new quilter and I appreciate the video and great instructions. Thanks for a chance to win.

  59. chrisinnm says:

    What a lovely quilt! And the tutorials are really clear and helpful. Thank you!

  60. Jean says:

    Lauren, your videos are very instructive. I like how you used tiny pieces of paper to show us how to assemble the quilt top – love the pattern! Thanks

  61. Denise Newton says:

    What a wonderful quilt. The videos are very helpful. I’d say that your first try at designing a medallion quilt is a success.

  62. Pat Felton says:

    I watched the video on making flying geese. Great tip for covering the raw edge at the corner. I have never been a big fan of flying geese.

  63. LaRue says:

    Love this quilt and your tutorials are easy to follow. Thanks for your post.

  64. Kathleen Gaffney says:

    Love this quilt pattern and the videos are great help.

  65. Sandie Hrycyk says:

    Thanks for sharing your quilt pattern. I look forward to making it. I’d love to win.

  66. Roxie McBride says:

    This new medallion quilt looks like a real winner! Will love it in Christmas prints. Watched first video on cutting tips — never realized there were so many different ways to square a block.

  67. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Gorgeous quilt and love the tutorials. Interesting that some 1/4″ seams are pressed open but I like that idea. Thank you for the free quilt pattern.

  68. Rhandi DeMars says:

    Oh my gosh!! What a great quilt and wonderful explanation of how to put this together. I know that this is one that I have to make. Thank you so much for giving such great and easy to follow directions.

  69. Joyce Brenton says:

    Beautiful Christmas quilt. Love the very detailed videos especially how she stressed the importance of pressing directions. Looking forward to making this one.

  70. Adele says:

    Well Done Lauren! Excellent video tutorial! Thanks for the clear directions.

  71. Rosemaryflower says:

    Lauren, this is a happy fun quilt. I have never made a Christmas quilt!!
    I like the videos, You are really good at teaching and showing

  72. Rosemaryflower says:

    I just left a comment for Lauren I cannot find that it is posted.. ooops.
    I will check back later
    Have a fun day everyone

    • Lauren Terry says:

      Sorry about that – there has been a recent change where each comment has to be approved. So it might take a couple days for them to show up. 🙂

  73. Norma says:

    Excellent videos! I watched the X block video first as I have never made this block before. I really appreciate the pressing tips!

  74. The Wizard says:

    Thia looks so fun! I love your idea of using paper plates to keep your blocks sorted as you cut. Simple and effective! I’m gonna have to remember that trick for future projects too

  75. Bev Hutchison says:

    your videos are excellent, easy to understand

  76. Deb Mac says:

    I watched all the videos. You’ve packed a lot of info into a small package. This quilt just may make it into my fall plans.

  77. Kate Devera says:

    I really like how you go over options that don’t require you to go out and buy new tools if they aren’t in your budget. I like the cardboard trick especially marking the mid points which i always forget about.

  78. Great videos, Lauren! And the result is a darling quilt.

  79. shirley marvin says:

    Looks like a fun project. Love the small pressing sheet.

  80. Rita Olivieri says:

    Lauren, congrats on a very interesting and original pattern. I love medallion quilts and having visuals of seeing one on my bed or wall. The video will be an exceptional help and motivation to complete this beautiful quilt. Rita

  81. Debra says:

    I watched the half square triangle video – excellent tute! I love this quilt too! Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. Debbie Hart says:

    Lovely! Getting a start on Christmas.

  83. Cheryl L Isaac says:

    Great tutorial on half-square triangles – I like the use of the Quilt-in-a-Day ruler for squaring up the half square triangles – I’m going to have to get one!!!!

  84. Dolores says:

    Love the Homespun Quilt!! Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Geri A says:

    WOW! I LOVE this quilt in the Christmas colors. I watched the center medallion. It’s so crisp and fresh looking done in simple colors

  86. Lisa Olson-Ashton says:

    Excellent instructions. Clear voice and very easy to follow. I particularly like the flying geese video with the discussion about the raw edge and how to avoid that. I hate tossing all the waste triangles and will use this method from now on. Thanks!

  87. EllenB says:

    I like the way you did the HST block. So much easier than using the large white HST with long bias edge. Just curious about the reason for pressing open the seam on the small green/white HST.

  88. Ellen Elmore says:

    Very easy to follow instructions. Thanks for the time you put into these videos.

  89. Beulah Koen says:

    Looks like a fun quilt!

  90. CHARLOTTE KEY says:

    Thank you for this lovely pattern.

  91. Ellen Baldridge says:

    I like the way you made the HST block. So much easier than using the large, white HST with the long bias edge. Just curious about why you pressed open the seam on the small, green/white HST.

  92. Susan L. says:

    I watched the Homespun Quilt Along: Cutting & Tools video

  93. Wendy says:

    Love this quilt! Really really like All the different blocks you incorporated into it. The first video was favorite showing differnet ways of cutting. I never thought to use cardboard if don’t have the ruler! Thanks!

  94. kitnel says:

    Just finished Choose your own adventure quilt so I watched your videos on half square triangles and geese. Thanks for the tip on the little extra piece on the top of the geese. Really liked having the embedded videos. I always like to watch for better ways to do something. Also liked the little orange iron. What brand is it?

  95. Helen Tulip says:

    lovely clear instructions

  96. Beth says:

    I watched the center block video – very helpful detailed instructions! I love the look of this quilt!

  97. Cathy B says:

    I’ve never done a medallion quilt yet, but like this one! And what a wonderful idea for a wheelchair quilt on your blog – thank you!

  98. Kathleen says:

    Love this quilt! I am so bad at flying geese, so I watched that video. I like when these blocks are made so they can be trimmed to size.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  99. Robin says:

    Lauren, thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful quilt. Your tutorials are quite helpful. Can’t wait to pull some fabrics from my collection and get started on it.

  100. Sherri Bailey says:

    I enjoyed watching all the tutorials and learned some easier ways of making flying geese and HST. Thank you for the information and I can’t wait to make the Medallion quilt.

  101. Judy Cozzi says:

    Good tips on how to square up blocks. Looks to be a fun project.

  102. Laurie says:

    What a lovely quilt! Great videos. Thank you!

  103. Terri W says:

    Thank you for the great pattern and helpful video tutorials!

  104. Kristy says:

    I just finished watching Cutting and Tools! Loved your presentation…I think the paper plate method is a great idea and I plan on trying that. Squaring up the blocks always makes the whole quilt go together so much more easily. I prefer the cutting mat method. Can’t go wrong with a red, white and green quilt…a classic! Thank you for sharing. Now I have some more videos to go enjoy!

  105. Peggy Davie says:

    Liked the flying geese tutorial

  106. Diane Nave says:

    Pretty quilt! Thanks for the video tutorials.

  107. Rosalene says:

    I watched the cutting and tools video. I agree with your comment about the small rotating mat. I use it often.

  108. Janet T says:

    I like it!! Thank you for sharing.

  109. Cathy Holmes says:

    I enjoyed watching your videos, I am more of a visual learner and will archive these. It really simplified the pattern for me .Your quilt is beautiful, and I feel confident in sewing it.

  110. Jeri Niksich says:

    Love love love the video tutorials for the Medallion quilt! I’m definitely going to give this one a try. I’m a beginner but with the tutorials O think I can do this one

  111. sheilaoxley says:

    What a fun and festive quilt! I’m enjoying the medallion quilts ever since working on the Choose Your Adventure quilt a long! Off to download your pattern and watch the rest of the videos!

  112. Chris K. says:

    Good tutorial, pretty fabric.

  113. Marie Eddins says:

    I watched your flying geese tutorial as I was curious which method you used to make them or any hints. That’s my favorite method to use but as you pointed out, it doesn’t work for all fabrics as well as some odd sizes. Thanks for explaining well.

  114. Eileen Cole says:

    I’ve been quilting for a while now, and have never thought of using paper plates to keep my cut block fabrics separated. Your idea is absolutely BRILLIANT!!

  115. Jo Goodloe says:

    wonderful quilt

  116. Charla Cloudt says:

    Interesting FG tutorial. First one I’ve seen that acknowledges the “hanging chad” on the one side at the top point. Lol. Thanks for sharing the workaround. Woo hoo!

  117. Very nice holiday quilt.

  118. Becky S says:

    Beautiful-I love medallion style quilts! Thanks for the pattern. The video tutorials are great too.

  119. Marlene says:

    I’ve been looking for a pattern for a Christmas quilt. I love this design.

  120. Lela Cox says:

    I like how each block is easy to construct using the techniques you shared in the videos and then it all comes together in a fantastic design that looks so much more complicated. Can’t wait to start my own quilt!

  121. Delaine says:

    All of the tutorials are excellent! Thanks!

  122. Arlene Berndt says:

    My favorite color way.. Also I like all the tips for cutting and trimming.Beautiful quilt

  123. Margaret Schaefer says:

    The videos are great should be fairly easy to make, colours are fantastic

  124. Susan says:

    I really like this quilt.

  125. Meran Taylor says:

    Lovely quilt. Congratulations. It looks like a really large cross stitch.

  126. I watched the cutting and tools video. I like the paper plate idea for sorting the block pieces and labeling on the paper plate. I also like that you show the specific ruler/templates and also how to square without those specific items. Now I am going to watch the block videos. Thank you,

  127. Becky DuBose says:

    I loved the vids on the homespun medallion quilt and the flying geese units. Well done~

  128. Dawn says:

    I love the flying geese border. It frames this beautiful quilt nicely. Thank you for such an awesome free pattern. Can’t wait to make one oe two of them.

  129. Diane Oubre says:

    very nice. thank you

  130. Kathleen says:

    I left a comment here the other day for the giveaway but I don’t see mine or any other comments. So trying again. I did view the flying geese video at that time.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

    • Lauren Terry says:

      Hi Kathleen, sorry about that. It’s a recent change that each comment has to be approved – so it might take a couple days for comments to show up from here on out. Thanks for reading!

  131. Pam Sharpe says:

    Love the quilt! Will be making this one. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  132. Karla Lang says:

    Wow Lauren! Beautiful quilt & your tutorials are well done! I’d love to receive your give away material as well! Thank you!

  133. Marcia says:

    Love your homespun quilt and videos. Thanks.

  134. Rachel says:

    This is so beautiful! I love this design and how classic it looks. I watched the center block tutorial, which is my favorite of the pieces. Thank you for sharing your pattern and these wonderful videos!

    • Lauren Terry says:

      Thanks so much! That center piece is called a “weathervane” block. I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make that block in a smaller size on my blog in the next week or so. I love it too!

  135. Linda Gentle says:

    This is a very unique pattern. The color can dictate the holiday.
    Simple blocks placed well make all the difference between a nice quilt or a great quilt.
    Thank you for spending so much time demonstrating the construction. Lot of preparation to make this tutorial. I sincerely appreciate it. Don’t usually see this much effort !!

  136. I haven’t done 1/2 square triangles yet but with the medallion quilt tutorial I now have the confidence to try them. Thanks so much!

  137. Carol Sallaberry says:

    Love the quilt and your instruction videos. Hoping to win the fabric.

  138. Angie Hall says:

    Beautiful quilt and great tips. I will now use the paper plate organization for many of my quilts a great tip.

  139. Sally Christiansen says:

    Beautiful quilt. I have been wanting to try to make a medallion quilt and love that you have all of the instructions I will need in one place.

  140. Cat McKenzie says:

    I love the quilt, red, white and green are so wonderful together. I am going to put this one on my list to make for Christmas, this year or next.. I watched the tutorial on the X block and it went together so easily. Thanks for the pattern and the excellent tutorials.

  141. Mary Kjersten says:

    I watched the flying geese video as I struggle getting them perfect. thank you for the tips and technique. Thank you also for all the videos, cant wait until tomorrow to be able to watch more. thank you!

  142. Lisa Rogerio says:

    Wonderfully festive pattern! I think will make a beautiful Christmas throw!

  143. Peggy Woodruff says:

    I watched the center star video to get idea of how it was done. I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas quick and thinking this might be the perfect one to make. Thanks

  144. Sarah says:

    I had never heard of nesting on a diagonal with the x block. That made so much sense. I will have to try that.

  145. Nadine says:

    What a beautiful and festive quilt! I think I’ll take your advice and get myself a rotating mat. Thanks for the tip!

  146. Linda Cejnar says:

    Thank you for this pattern. I watched the flying geese video. Although I’ve seen this method demonstrated before I have never attempted it. I look forward to trying it.

  147. Debbie Muttersbaugh says:

    Such a lovely quilt. Medallion Quilts are always eye catching. The flying geese video is very helpful. Thanks.

  148. Lisa Marie says:

    Watched the HST video. Love the little rotating mat and the tips on pressing.

  149. Diane Kot says:

    I can’t wait to make this quilt it’s beautiful! Thank you for all of the tutorials and tips I love that you have made the cutting instructions call for pieces to be cut larger so that there is room for trimming and blocks will be the perfect size, I especially need this for flying geese. Your tutorial will be followed very closely!

  150. Margaret Yarberry says:

    Love the video’s – and a beautiful quilt. Thanks for all the wonderful instructions!

  151. Marcy Henri says:

    Great pattern! I would love to win the fabric. My aunt recently bought a home and is living alone for the first time ever in her 74 years and loves snowmen. This would be a great bundle to make her a quilt for her first Christmas in her new home

  152. Anna Landthaler says:

    I love medallion quilts! I would love to make this quilt for my daughter and her boyfriend who are in the midst of buying a house. Thank you for the time you put in to make all the individual videos. The tips will sure come in handy!

  153. Sheila Cocco says:

    Thanks for this wonderful pattern! I fell in love with medallion quilts on the QAL so this is such a nice surprise. I love your tip on using paper plates, organization is always a struggle for me! Your trimming tips are on point and I agree with the spinny mat. Like you, I waited a long time to purchase one and now I don’t know how I ever trimmed blocks without it! I look forward to making this beautiful quilt, thanks again, Lauren!

  154. Cathy says:

    I’m a new quilter, bravely trying. This tutorial is excellent – clear on instructions and a beautiful result. I think I can do this one – with your help.

  155. Kathy Conway says:

    What a great pattern. Holiday quilts are one of my favorites!

  156. Dawn Lee says:

    Great tutorial, beautiful quilt, and I LOVE those fabrics!!!

  157. Roga Guthmiller says:

    Your videos are clear and easy to understand. Can’t wait to get this going. So excited to start a new project!

  158. Susan S says:

    I never knew about the raw edge in the geese, and never had a problem with it, but I appreciated learning about it! I’m actually making a ton of geese for another project and will use your pointers. Thanks!

  159. Janeen Kopp says:

    I enjoyed the video of the medalion center. It is always interesting to see how the parts go together.
    I am still working on my QAL but it has been a great summer adventure following along. I have learned so much about my sewing skill. I am very happy to have been part of this adventure and I thank each and everyone of you who put it together.

  160. Marianne Simpson says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful quilt pattern. The tutorials were so informative and there were some fabulous ideas and techniques.

  161. Gail says:

    I was looking for a Christmas quilt. This might just be the one!!! Beautiful!! Thanks for the tutorials and tips.

  162. Lynn Boudreaux says:

    Thank you for the lovely pattern and tutorials. This versatile pattern would make a beautiful quilt for almost any occasion.

  163. Tracy Hulsey says:

    I love the quilt and the choice of blocks. You’ve included my favorite block, flying geese, so this is definitely going in my Project pile. Thanks again for the great looking quilt.

  164. kbryan says:

    I liked how you used diagrams on paper to describe the assembly. I was hoping you’d discuss the quilting you decided to do to.
    The back fabric is beautiful!

    • Lauren Terry says:

      Thank you! As for the quilting, I ended up sending it to a long arm quilter. (Sew Shabby Quiltling in Pleasant Grove, Utah). She did “Meandering Leaves” and it did turn out lovely.

  165. Mary L. Howlett says:

    Beautiful quilt-I would love to make one. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  166. Marie says:

    Always a treat to watch someone demonstrate their constructions methods. Your videos are very clear. I love your pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  167. Mary Milham says:

    I love the quilt and you made it look so easy to make. I started with the flying geese video because I had a little trouble with them when I was at camp. Them of course I couldn’t stop with only one video, I had to watch more! The videos were so informative: organizing pieces on paper plates, demonstrating squaring up the blocks, and finally putting the pieces together. I learned something on each video! Thank you for sharing your skills.

  168. Robin Bladen says:

    Beautiful quilt. I like the large amount of white area to show off the quilting.

  169. Becky McCoy says:

    I really like the quilt. Watch the cutting hints video first, and I have the tools that you mentioned, so am looking forward to this. I haven’t had good luck with flying geese so looking forward to your hints. I will watch that one next!

  170. Terry Greenstreet says:

    Just found your youtube site and love it

  171. Deborah R Davis says:

    Lovely Christmas quilt! You seem very organized – watched the first video and picked up some good tips. Now to check out your you tube channel! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  172. Ellen says:

    Great way to demonstrate construction of the different blocks. I love the clean beauty of this quilt

  173. Carolyn Buck says:

    I am now a lover of medallion quilts after Oda May’s Choose your own adventure. Also, love your paper plate organizational tools.

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