Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Welcome to our Summer Camp Closing Ceremony. It’s always hard to say goodbye and this is especially true for all of our Camp Counselors this year. We’ve had a blast sewing along with all of you!

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

If you are looking to make the quilt, you can find the instructions by clicking on the links below:

We are giving away some goodies to a few campers so please be sure to comment on this post to enter! Tell us your favorite thing about camp and maybe what you’d like to see next summer.

For a special surprise, we have one more block! It’s a label block for the back of your quilt. Take it away, Sharla!

Can you believe our time at Oda May’s Summer Camp has come to an end! Of course, that means it’s time for Summer Camp Closing Ceremonies! I’m Sharla Krenzel of Thistle Thicket Studio and I’m your camp counselor for one last time to share the Piney Woods label. No camp quilt is complete without a label to mark the memorable times spent while on our adventures at camp.


• 1 Sew-in colorfast fabric sheet for ink jet printer (follow manufacturer’s directions for printing)
• Scraps from your prints and background used in your quilt top

Cutting Instructions:

• Pine Tree: 3 – 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles
• Pine Tree Background: 6 – 2.5” squares
• Pine Tree Trunk: 1 – 1.5” x 2.5” rectangle
• Pine Tree Trunk Background: 2 – 2” x 2.5” rectangles
• Border A: 2 – 1” x 8.5” rectangles
• Border B: 2 – 1” x 10.5” rectangles
• Border Background: 4 – 1” x 8.5” rectangles
• Border Corner: 4 – 1” squares
• Border Corner Background: 4 – 1” squares

Label Size: 10.5” x 10.5” unfinished (10” x 10” finished)

Sewing Instructions:

Pine Tree (Flying Geese):

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on two 2.5” background squares. Layer a background square on the left side of a Pine Tree rectangle, with the drawn line going from the top center of the Pine Tree rectangle to the bottom left corner of the Pine Tree rectangle. Sew on the line. Trim ¼” from sewn line. Press towards background.

Lay second background square on the right side of the same Pine Tree rectangle, with the drawn line going from the top center of the Pine Tree rectangle to the bottom right corner of the Pine Tree rectangle. Sew on the line. Trim ¼” from sewn line. Press towards background. Repeat for a total of 3 Pine Tree sections. Square up flying geese units to measure 2.5” x 4.5”.

Sew the 3 Pine Tree sections together along the length of the flying geese, stacked one on top of the other with points facing up. Unit should measure 4.5” x 6.5”.

Pine Tree Trunk:

Sew a Pine Tree Trunk Background rectangle on either side of the Pine Tree Trunk along the 2.5” lengths. Press seams towards trunk. Unit should measure 2.5” x 4.5”.

Sew the trunk unit to the bottom of the Pine Tree Unit. Press seams towards trunk unit. Pine Tree should measure 4.5” x 8.5”.

Label Center:

Sew the Pine Tree Unit to the left side of the 4.5” x 8.5” printed label. Press seam towards label. Center should measure 8.5” x 8.5”.

NOTE: The printed label document can be found at the end of the post by clicking on the “Printer Friendly Version”.


Sew a Border A rectangle to a Border Background rectangle along the length of rectangles. Press seam to dark fabric. Repeat for a total of 2 border units. Border unit should measure 1.5” x 8.5”. Sew one border unit to the right and one to left of the center label with the Border A fabric (not background) next to the label.

Sew a Border Corner square to a Border Corner Background square. Press towards darker fabric. Repeat to make a total 4 units. Unit should measure 1” x 1.5”.

Sew a Border Corner unit on each end of a Border Background rectangle, with the Border Corner fabric (not background) next to the Border Background rectangle. Repeat to make 2 units. Unit should measure 1” x 10.5”.

Sew a Border Corner/Background unit to a Border B rectangle along the length. Press towards the Border B fabric. Repeat for a total of 2 units. Sew one unit to the top and bottom of the label center with the Border B fabric next to the label. Press towards border. Label block should measure 10.5” x 10.5” unfinished.

Attaching the Label:

Press the four edges of the label block under ¼”. Hand stitch the block to the back of your finished quilt. You could also piece this block into your backing if desired.

On behalf of all the Choose Your Own Adventure QAL camp counselors, I would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful camp experience! We had a great time on all our adventures and can’t wait to see your finished quilts! Be sure to stay in touch with all of us at the following:

Christine Weld
blog: The Quarter Inch
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Jessica Dayon
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Kristin Esser
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Kristina Brinkerhoff
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Mona Phelps
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Sharla Krenzel
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228 comments on “Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

  1. Dianne Ronson says:

    This was my first QAL and I’ve loved every minute of it (although mines not finished yet). Thank you to the designers for their hard work. It must’ve taken ages to come up with not one, but two block options. Looking forward to next year all ready.

    • Jan Brown says:

      THANK YOU all for such a fun summer sewing experience! I loved seeing each round (and
      cornerstone) and I am savoring all the beautiful quilts that other campers created. I loved the
      camp theme. I particularly liked the simplicity of directions and accuracy of the pieces. I look
      forward to finishing my first piece and have started a 2nd. I think this medallion concept will
      be useful in a variety of quilting adventures.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing and fun sew along….my adventure has been put on hold for previous commitments, but look I’m looking forward to coming back to finish my adventure in a few weeks!!

  3. sheilaoxley says:

    Although I didn’t keep up and still have about 1/2 (probably more) to do, I enjoyed the fast pace of it. I looked forward to the next post and deciding which path I would take! That’s another thing I enjoyed, the whole “camp” feel of it…the names of the rounds and cornerstones, just a very fun QAL.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this quilt along. Thank you to all. This label is just perfect!

  5. Donna says:

    Thanks so much to all the camp counselors. The best part of the camp was the many options we had as campers to explore and create. It was fabulous seeing everyone’s design choices and fabrics. Again thanks for this summer experience. Will love seeing more quilt alongs in the future.

  6. Wanda says:

    This has been a fabulous time! I loved the two paths options idea! It is so much fun to see all the various quilts. Thank you for a fun summer project!

  7. Vanessa says:

    I loved the challenges and having two options to choose from! I’ve never made a medallion quilt before and it came out so beautiful!

  8. Kathy says:

    I had an amazing, fun time participating in Camp Oda May, Choose your own adventure. I enjoyed the new friendships I made on Instagram with fellow campers. It was fun posting pictures and adding my own imaginary story to the activities of camp. I really loved the fact that the quilt lent itself to being very scrappy and did not need to be made from a single fabric line. The directions for each pathway were very easy to follow, and I liked that individual choices for the rounds of the quilt could be made. I hope that camp next year is similar in nature in that the participating camper can make individual choices. I will definitely participate again next year1

  9. Elizabeth Burge says:

    I haven’t finished my quilt yet, in fact I’m going backwards from the outside in now, so I can use the rest of my fabrics as efficiently as possible, and use all the smaller pieces for a diverse flock of geese.

    It’s winter camp for me, and a great diversion from work when I get a chance. Although I’ve done a couple of mystery quilts, I’ve never done a medallion quilt, or a quilt along. The best part was the choice as I could still design my own unique quilt without having to make all the decisions at the start. This was also a “free” quilt as I’ve only used my stash, so now I want to make another quilt with the paths I didn’t take (mostly).

    Next year, a road trip or trip around the world would be good.

  10. Callie says:

    Camp was a blast! I learned so much and was so motivated to work through the long, hot summer. Can’t wait until next year. Thanks so much!

  11. Andee Lines says:

    Thank you to everyone at Moda Bake Shop and the Chefs for a wonderful camp.
    I haven’t had much in the way of a sewing mojo and not sewn with any enthusiasm for quite a little while. The quiltalong has inspired me to sew, after being introduced by a friend, Mel Taylor, and I have made a lovely quilt top, of which I am very proud.
    I managed to use many of my larger pieces in my scrap bag and also, incorporated left overs from my son’s quilt.
    I would very much loved to see something similar to quilt along with in the future.
    Thank you again, I’m home, the washing is done, tent packed away and ready to make something new.
    Regards to all from East Sussex, England.
    Andee Lines

  12. I enjoyed making a medallion quilt; I’m glad it was a mystery QAL, though, or I would never have attempted this. The arrows and the flower cornerstones were my favorites. Thank you!

  13. Robin Culbreth says:

    I had so much fun with this quilt along. I didn’t even know what a Medallion Quilt was until I started it. Although challenging and time-consuming, I enjoyed learning how to make a granny square. The best part, though, was just the anticipation of each installment of the quilt and not knowing what was coming next. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

  14. Chris Reeske says:

    I really liked all of the blocks, so I may be making another quilt with the ones I haven’t used yet.
    Thanks to all the Camp Counselors

  15. Gaby McQuaid says:

    This quilt along has been so much fun! This was my first one and wont be my last! Thanks so much for this wonderful experience! I will treasure this quilt 🙂

  16. Annette M Fletcher says:

    I loved being able to choose my own adventure. I loved having a Medallion quilt instead of a sampler quilt. I am truly drawn to medallion quilts. I liked the way it was a mystery as we went from week to week from camp A to camp B to the optional cornerstones and so on. Thank you so much for this adventure. Most of all I loved seeing all the other quilts as the weeks progressed. Colors and prints of fabric I would wonder about…loved seeing how they looked.

  17. Cherie Casey says:


  18. Sherri Burrier says:

    The whole experience was a joy and wonderful. I absolutely adored each challenge and how hard the counselors worked on their submissions each week. Path A was really fun, and hopefully within the next year, I can create Path B! For next summer? Just surprise me!!!!

  19. Nancy Nehez says:

    I love that there was 2 paths to choose from and you could mix and match as you wish. The variety from all the counselors was great! Thank to all the designers! It was a great quilt along! Look forward to the next one!

  20. Emily says:

    #Summer camp #quilt along was so much fun! This was my first summer camp and quilt along experience. I had a blast, sooo looking forward to my next camp experience!

  21. Lisa Rogerio says:

    Thank you for a wonderful experience! I have to admit this was definately a challenge for me as I had never done most of these blocks! I will finish my last round later today and will post my final pic to share with the group! The sharing of our experiences has made this a wonderful summer- thank you Camp Counselors!

  22. Connie Creekmore says:

    I had a wonderful time at camp. Thank you all so much, for such a great adventure.

  23. Beulah Koen says:

    What fun this has been. Thanks to the designers for a wonderful addition to our summer!

  24. Kris Russell says:

    Summer camp was a blast! I can’t wait to see you all again next summer. Thanks to all the counselors and my fellow campers.

  25. Wayne Miller says:

    Great as I. Love the label pattern. The designers,did a great job. Enjoyed the project. Making one of both paths.

  26. I loved two things about this quilt along: the comraderie of the Facebook group and the ability to choose a path at each step. I love how my quilt looks so far; it will be a favorite. And I really felt like I was back at 4-H camp. Thank you, counselors, for great designs, clear instructions, and encouragement along the way. It’s been so fun!

  27. I absolutely loved this quilt along. I still have work to do to finish my quilt because a couple vacations took me away from my sewing machine but I can’t wait to see it completed. The thing I loved the most about this camp besides the whole theme was that we could choose which path we took and could create our own final design. I’m a Girl Scout leader and is is akin to what we teach our girls, to follow your own path in life. Thank you so much for such a terrific experience and I can’t wait for the next one.

  28. Vickie says:

    Love the printable label bonus! I always label anything that I make. This quilt-a-long looks fun but I am currently working on 3 other projects and have just been admiring(and saving) each post until a later date. Thank you for all the excellent piecing directions.

  29. Helen Murray says:

    Thanks to Moda Bake Shop and all the chefs for a fun few weeks. It was good to have choices each week. These catered for all our tastes and levels of experience. Look forward to the next ‘camp’ whatever form it takes.

  30. Patti Kaplan says:

    This was so much fun, A special thanks to all the wonderful chefs that made this fun and challenging!!!!Can’t wait until we meet again! Happy trails!

  31. Janet Appel says:

    Thank you for such a fun and challenging summer camp. This is the first QAL I’ve joined and I look forward to finishing my quilt before next summer. From the Instagram pictures, choosing your own adventure has made for some absolutely beautiful projects. Happy Sewing everyone.

  32. Polly Monica says:

    Wow Love this label block! This has been such a fun summer activity! You MUST do it again!! I really LOVED having the two path options that were sized the same for mix and matching!! Great job , Chefs and Oda May!!

  33. Connie Terry says:

    This was a fantastic adventure! I loved the variety and. Choices in designs. My favorite part was seeing all the color choices the campers displayed as camp continued. Thank you for this camp!

  34. Rita S says:

    Thanks for giving so many options to make and finish this quilt. Good job as always.

  35. Micheline Laforge-Lavoie says:

    This was, by far, the most fun I had at summer camp! What a great quilt! I’m so proud and very pleased on how it turned out! It was also my 1st medallion quilt. It was fun and challenging! Sadly, it has come to an end…we need to pack up and head home…My favorite thing about this adventure : the positive environment it creates with all the fellow campers from around the world. The counselors were awesome, their recipes (blocks) were clear and fun to do. I’ve learned so much from all of you (counselors) and the campers! I am looking forward to the next quilt along 🙂

  36. Jackie Menard says:

    Thank you to all the councilors who helped out this summer. This was my first quilt along and I enjoyed the trip! I have stumbled at Goose Grove but I plan on shaking myself off and finishing the trip before the end of summer. I love my quilt so far and plan on taking a picture of the finished product! I would like to see mystery blocks instead of quilting around a center block…but I truly enjoyed the time at Camp this summer!

  37. Diana says:

    I appreciate the work that went into putting this together. Thank you .I enjoyed having some choices in which block to use . This was my first medallion quilt.

  38. Tamaulipas says:

    Thanks for the fun quilting camp! I really liked having the different options each week for each row.

  39. Marcy Henri says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the Choose Your Own Adventure QAL this summer. I loved the mystery aspect of it and making fabric/design choices when not knowing what was coming next. I learned so much & really enjoyed the opportunity to share the experience with all of my fellow campers in such an encouraging & supportive environment! Thank you to all the counselors & Moda for a wonderful time!

  40. Kim B. says:

    I just want to say THANK YOU to Moda and especially all the camp counselors that contributed to this fun sew along! As always, I learned new things with this camp experience and am so grateful for the experience! My favorite thing was the encouragement given by the camp counselors…it made this such a more personal experience!! Thank you!!

  41. Sarah says:

    I do not have a real life quilting community. What I loved was sharing my quilting with real people. I especially loved having multiple options for the quilt. I know that my quilt is unique. I love that it was part of a group but stamped with our own individuality. So thank you so much for organizing this! It has been so fun!

  42. Nancy C says:

    thank you for the quilt! I really like the design and thanks also for the label to tie it all in together. This was the best camp experience!!

  43. Stephanie Woodward says:

    Thank you for the most important part, the label. So many don’t recognize how important it is. Appreciate all the hard work you all did, .it was a blast.

  44. sstreet2010 says:

    This was my FIRST Summer Camp and what FUN it was! All of the counselors made it interesting, fun, and easy to venture thru each pathway – giving excellent detailed instructions with pictures step-by-step. Was never worried about getting lost! Looking forward to the next MBS camp. I have learned a lot from this one, and hope there will be another one. Would love it if there was a ‘Winter Camp’ to attend! Thanks so much to Moda and to all the counselors, and to all the campers who shared their progress with us, and for sharing pics of their finished quilts. Wow – WHAT a FUN SUMMER CAMP it was!!!

  45. Rebecca Murray says:

    I have just started my camp quilt, but I loved seeing everyone’s quilts and the community it brings. It is also fun for me to try new designs! Thank you so much for camp and I can’t wait for next year!

  46. Diane Kot says:

    I think my favorite part of camp was how happy you made everyone! Everyone was so excited and happy with each new block and being able to choose a path. I Loved seeing all of the beautiful quilts everyday. I have never been to a camp or made a medallion quilt so I want to thank you all for the clear and easy to follow instructions, two beautiful quilts{that i am still working on} and a wonderful time.

  47. Nancy Gibson says:

    I loved the Oda May Camp Quilt along. I stepped out of my comfort level and tried The Dresden Plate Path. I love being able to choose the level of the border I wanted, Thank you for great instructions. My quilt still isn’t finished but I am just deciding what border to choose next. My quilting goes to help someone in need and right now I have become a crazy quilter and I am working on three quilts, I look forward to camping again soon

  48. Thanks so much to all the counselors for a fun & challenging camp! It was fun having two choices for adventure. The encouragement from fellow campers helped push me to complete my quilt. Would enjoy another medallion quilt next year that perhaps included some 12 inch blocks.

  49. Sandy Allen says:

    I have loved seeing the variety of blocks offered and the fun alternate corner blocks! I wasn’t able to play along this year, but there’s always next summer. (Guess you could say I was the kid left at home when everyone else went to camp.)

  50. Barbie says:

    Camp is great! I’m not leaving…

    Thanks for everything, everyone!

  51. Jane says:

    Many cooks spoil the broth, but many counselors make for a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  52. Mary Kjersten says:

    This has been a fun adventure, I’m a bit behind as I have spent extra time visiting with family and friends, but am excited to finish up my project. Thank you all for the experience. Your design choices have been so hard to choose between path A or B. I have enjoyed visiting each of your sites and have learned so much along the way. God’s blessings to all of you.

  53. Kerri Winslow says:

    This was so fun! I loved all the choices and seeing all the different ways campers chose to make their adventure different from my own. I do so hope you do this again next summer!! It would be nice if you guys did another one of these in the winter, gives those of us living in the cold something to look forward to, lol.

  54. Debbie I says:

    Thanks for this great project! Getting a new round each week was great motivation to finish the current week, although I wasn’t always successful doing that. I hope to see the designers completed quilts!

  55. Megan I. says:

    Loved the different options! So many variations…loved them all!! Thank you!!

  56. Liz Horgan says:

    Such a fun quilt along–I wasn’t able to sew with you, but I followed and loved to it come together.
    And I like the different options!
    Thank you!

  57. Cathy B. says:

    Loved having options! Will be interesting to see some finished quilts.

  58. Sandra Tackett says:

    I am behind because I’m a slow piecer. I love seeing,everyones progress and seeing all of the different ideas people came up with. My daughter cam over several times when I was working on pieces and she actually stole ideas to use on a quilt she is making. She wants to go to camp next year.The camp counselors did a great job with this camp and I cant wait until next year!!!

  59. Paula Strickland says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed camping trip. Had so much fun choosing from the different paths each week. Thanks so much to the camp counselors. It was a fun summer.

  60. Karla Lang says:

    This camp outing was awesome! All the counselors generosity is appreciated very much! I like the way there were 2 paths, corner stones, mini borders. The mini borders really helped to keep size consistent even though our piecing may not be ‘perfect!’ Thanks again for a wonderful summer activity!

  61. tricia53 says:

    As a new (since January) quilter, I learned SO MUCH at Camp Oda May! My four-patch round didn’t fit quite right, but the forgiving background borders solved that issue. After that, my rounds all fit perfectly! And I tried several of Kristin Essex’s tips for making flying geese. (Those were a LOT of geese!). Thanks so much to all the camp counselors for excellent instructions!

  62. I love the ability to choose your own path…what a great idea!

  63. Vikki says:

    This has been a most awesome adventure! Thanks so much to the camp counselors that have made it possible!

  64. Sharon Zirkel says:

    This was the BEST summer camp I have ever been too! Will be back again. Thanks for all your hard work.

  65. Linda says:

    It’s been a blast! I’ve kept up with all the posts and now have a stunning medallion quilt made with Kaffe Fassett prints and Moda grunge background. Many thanks to all the “camp counsellors” and to everyone involved!

  66. Cocoa Quilts says:

    I was sad to not be able to participate this year due to an unscheduled move. But look forward to whatever is done next year. I will be in.

  67. Dawn Lee says:

    Had a great time at summer camp! Thanks to all of you for your hard work! Looking forward to the next one!

  68. Susan Speak says:

    I am playing catch-up at camp, but this is my first quilt along. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a challenge for me. I don’t think I would have ever tried a medallion quilt “on my own”, but seeing everyone’s quilts motivated me to try and I’m so glad I did. I love what I’ve done so far. Looking forward to next year.

  69. Jean says:

    Thanks to Oda May and Camp counselors – this was my first MODA QAL and I learned sooooo much ….. importance of accurate 1/4 inch, never thought I would include a 1 inch border and it turn out ok, plus learned how to post multiple pics on instagram (LOL). Thanks again.

  70. Jean says:

    Love the label. The perfect finish.

  71. Diane M Downes says:

    This was a great project! I saved all the posts so I could work on it later because I just have too much going on to add one more project! I loved it and loved the great work the counselors did in keeping with the theme!

  72. Marylee Toensfeldt says:

    Such a fun project! Best thing for me was the choices each week. Each camper had a unique quilt and it was fun looking at all the variations that were posted. I will definitely participate in future sewalongs.

  73. Sharon says:

    I am way way behind on this quilt along, but I have so enjoyed the adventure and hope to finish camp in September. Everyone did a fantastic job. Looking forward to the next one.

  74. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for this great quilt label, what a neat idea. I am just like many others who participated in this QAL, grateful for the knowledge shared by the counselors and fellow quilters. I would never have attempted this quilt on my own had I seen it first. It was challenging for me as a beginner, but very rewarding at the same time. I look forward to a future QAL. My only suggestion would be to possibly have a break in the middle for people to catch up. You could call it family week at camp. The whole idea of a QAL is just that, quilting along. Thanks again, I now have another quilt top completed I only need to complete 5 more. Making one for each of our grandchildren. Have a Sew Happy Day.

  75. Margaret Yarberry says:

    Summer Camp was awesome! I really love how their were several options so we could really make the quilt our own. I sat around the camp fire too much and have fallen a little behind…but I am excited to finish up before fall. Thanks again…and it was wonderful seeing everyone’s quilts.

  76. DeeDee Isaacs says:

    Moda Bake Shop and Camp Counselors, thank you again for a wonderful camp. I was able to choose
    some paths for my quilt that were new to me. The leadership and guidance along the way were so valuable. Oh sure while “away” at camp the laundry built up and the yard looked a little neglected, short term problems that are all taken care of now. I have a beautiful quilt to enjoy for years. The label is such a nice bonus….now I can’t wait until the next quilt a long !
    Again thanks,

  77. Janeen says:

    Thank You – I love how my quilt is turning out. I really appreciated how everything fit together.

  78. suztzus says:

    Camp was really fun! This is my first medallion quilt and I love all the blocks. The best part besides making the quilt was seeing all the beautiful quilts on Facebook and reading the funny comments. This was the best quilting adventure ever. Thanks to all of the camp counselors and Moda for coming up with the whole concept of camping and quilting.

  79. Deb W says:

    What a great project! I really looked forward to each clue and deciding which path I was going to take. I loved seeing the other projects too and ended up with a lot of quilt envy between the fabric choices and variations. Thank you to all the designers for making this such a fun journey, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed camp as much as I enjoyed this one!

  80. Bekka says:

    What a fun label! My favorite part of camp was really the choose your own path portion. I loved seeing all the quilts coming together, each one unique and beautiful!

  81. Kathy Collins says:

    Thank you ALL for your AmAZing guidance & directions as Chef counselors for Choose Your Own Adventures QAL camp!! You helped me learn new techniques & I learned to make a Dresden Plate, successfully!! whoohoooo!! Being brand new to all of this, would you be up to a class or classes that helps with ideas on how to quilt our pieces? Or possibly a quilt as you go type quilt?? Thank you again for everything!! I will have lasting memories!! ♥

  82. Leslie Soltau says:

    Thank you all for such a fun adventure. This was my first QAL and I’m forcing myself to slow down and enjoy the experience of discovery, not to rush willy-nilly to the summit as is my normal tendency. As a result, I’ll be in camp for much of the summer and may yet be here to shutter the windows against autumn’s chilly winds. But I’ve learned and am learning from each of the very talented camp counselors and the many, many experienced campers that posted their projects and stories. Thank you all!!!

  83. Katie Coleman says:

    I’ve saved everyone of the recipes of this fabulous quilt; I found it about 4 weeks in. I love the diversity of having options to choose from. I’m fairly new to quilting,but have been sewing most of my life. I look forward to starting my summer camp quilt this winter and will be looking forward to next summer’s adventures.

  84. Suzie Wick says:

    Thank you for the great summer fun! Moda is so great to us quilters with this project and the Blockheads!

  85. Cathy Holmes says:

    Thank You for providing this camp experience…I look forward to completing this quilt.

  86. Marilyn says:

    So much inspiration! Thanks to all…

  87. Debbie Darlington says:

    This has been such a fun project. What a FUN mystery. I greatly enjoyed seeing everyone’s beautiful creations along the way! Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near done as my husband is in the hospital. Praying he comes home soon. Hoping my Christmas “Path B” will be done for the holidays!
    Thanks to ALL the super-talented creators of this event.

  88. Cheryl McAllister says:

    Thanks so much for an awesome quilt…still have a little ways to go to finish…but thoroughly enjoyed sewing along & seeing everybody’s interpretations. To the camps chefs thanks for the time & effort you put in to make this a valuable & enjoyable experience. Enjoy the remainder of your summer, whilst in the other hemisphere I’ll look forward to summer coming. Bye now.

  89. Sally says:

    I had a fantastic time at camp! The counsellors were great and kept us busy trying new things! Best of all was seeing all the work done by so many campers from all over the world. Maybe next year at camp we could build a log cabin or go to the ocean. After this great experience I will definitely be back! Thank you so much!

  90. Connie Sawyer says:

    It was quite the camp experience. It was like waiting for a special package or letter to come in the mail. It is so much fun to see what the other campers would do with their quilts, colors, patterns and the way they put things together. Inspirational! I am in awe when it comes to inventing patterns and putting them together to make a quilt , a gift to be sure. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise . I hope to “reconnect” with campers again on another adventure.

  91. Patty S. says:

    I think this was one of the best quilt alongs from Moda Bake Shop, I really loved looking at all the different quilts, so much inspiration! That was my favorite thing: the variety. Can’t think of anything you could do to improve! Love having a larger project over the summer, I think that’s a great idea.

  92. Kim says:

    Great summer project. Thank you to all the designers. Loved it.

  93. Debbie Donnelly says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this quilt along to make a beautiful quilt with the Moda Paris Flea Market fabrics that I had been saving for a special quilt. My favorite part was learning new techniques that gave my quilt blocks greater accuracy! I appreciate the counselors thorough instructions and the different paths so that each quilt can have its own style. My quilt top is not yet finished, I took all of the hiking trails to the lookout points before I chose which path to take ;-). Many thanks to the Oda May counselors for the great block patterns and to all of the quilters for their inspiration. I hope to partipate in the quilt along next summer!

  94. cherriberi1 says:

    Thank you to all of the camp counselors for all of their hard work. I have always loved the look of the Dresden blocks, but have never been brave enough to try them. Have no idea why, they are so easy! I also love flying geese and orange peels, so this was a win win quilt! I can’t wait to get it quilted and bound. I don’t really care what mystery quilt you do next summer, I just care that you do one!

  95. Cindy Dickinson says:

    I had so much fun. I loved having two options, and then seeing everyone else’s quilts. This was the highlight of my summer!

  96. Julia E comingore says:

    having the two paths was a excellent idea. not only could we choose which style we wanted we could also mix and match. thanks for all the hard work

  97. Dara Wamsley says:

    Loved the QAL and seeing what others were doing. It fascinates me to no end how different the quilts look when coming from the same basic pattern. Those differences that make each quilt unique and special are, for me, what quilting is all about. Mine is still in the works but I am making steady progress. I look forward to doing another. My suggestion, which is coming from someone who works thru the week, is that more time be allowed for the later rounds as they have more blocks in them and take more time than the first 2 or 3. I loved having choices with each round and appreciate all of the time and effort that our camp counselors put into summer camp. It was a blast!!!

  98. Nadine says:

    This was my first quilt along ever. I have loved every bit of it, but my favorite was seeing posts from other campers. Thank you for this label block to commemorate it. As a new retiree I’m so looking forward to the next quilt along! One more reason to love December!

  99. Juli Marlan says:

    This was a fabulous summer camp. I really liked having the two paths that we could choose from. I also liked the Facebook group, it was so inspiring to see what everyone was making. The camp counsellors were always there to answer questions and offer encouragement. I am open to something new next summer. I would prefer that it not be a block of the month style, anything else would be great.

  100. pamela s roever says:

    I didn’t participate in the sew along but I think I might sew this up this winter. Just too much going on . That quilt label is really cute and the icing on the cake. Thank you to all the designers

  101. Pat Felton says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful camp counselors for this amazing opportunity. I had a great time at camp. The label is a good way to end it. This was my first ever medallion quilt and I am sure it won’t be my last.

  102. Teresa Owens says:

    Simply gorgeous! Although I am way behind, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Love seeing how they all turned out! Thank you for the wonderful tutorials and photos every week! Moda bake shop is top notch!

  103. Anna Marie Short says:

    This camp adventure was awesome! My first time with something like this. I love that you gave us choices and that no matter which we chose it made a beautiful quilt. It’s challenging to pick patterns that go together and all of the chefs did outstanding. What great talent! Thank you so Much!

  104. blaquilts says:

    Choose Your Own Adventure was so much fun! And I have a quilt top almost done (hope to finish it today). I love the way it just grew and grew! Thanks for putting this together so that we could have fun this summer! All your efforts were so appreciated!

  105. Nancy E. Digby says:

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful adventure! Loved the speed of the adventure, very enjoyable. Looking forward to next years trip.

  106. Paula K says:

    This was such a fun quilt-along! I used a stack of fat quarters that I had been saving for just the right quilt, and this was it! Because I love appliqué, next year’s camp might include a little more of that; but this summer was great!

  107. johnsonkae says:

    I LOVED this quilt along & would like to thank all the contributors. It was fun belonging to this facebook group & seeing everyone’s fabric choices & variations. I enjoyed the medallion style, also. A fun idea for next year would be a row by row type quilt? Or another medallion.

  108. RAYNA M DEBRULER says:

    Thank you all for such great patterns and a wonderful learning experience!!

  109. Lisa Cecil says:

    I loved watching! Just wish there was a simpler Evening Camp version for us full-time workers with less time for quilting! 🙂

  110. Cathy K. says:

    This quilt along has been a wonderful experience. Each of the round’s instructions from each counselor were detailed and easy to follow. The way the whole quilt along was presented was fun, inspirational, and exciting. My thanks to all for their hard work, advice, time, and talent!!! I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

  111. Shannon Nadeau says:

    Thank you so much for this fun quilt along! The quilts are all beautiful.

  112. Donna Ingram says:

    Thank you so much for your designs and for letting us take part in the process by voting on the type of design and choosing our path each week! Best summer camp ever!

  113. Sharon Bozman says:

    This was so much fun! I loved seeing all of the different ideas on the Facebook page. Looking forward for the next summer camp!

  114. Rosalene says:

    Great job on a summer camp. The label was a classy touch! Thank you to all the Chefs/counselors..

  115. Pamela Woolsey says:

    Oh my Gosh ladies, I have had so much fun and I have learned so much in this journey. I can’t think of a thing I would change. The skill levels had something for everyone and pushed me to challenge myself. I especially would not change the staff and or members. Everyone has been so kind and helpful throughout Camp that it made it so much more fun. Thank You ladies for a great Camp and I look forward to the next one. Have a fabulous day!

  116. Ginny A says:

    I love that you made a special label for this great quilt. It makes it so much more special!

  117. Robin says:

    Love the label so much!

  118. Renee M. says:

    I loved summer camp 2018! I never made a medallion quilt and now I will have made 2 as I am doing both path a & b. It was nice to have the borders in between the blocks so seams did not have to match. It was also nice to be able to substitute between path a and b although I ended up doing a as a and b as b. The blocks were lovely and so creative! I would like to do a row-by-row for next year’s summer camp. Thanks for all the fun…such great designers at Moda!

  119. Ranee Scott says:

    What I loved at camp was all the fabulous block designs! As a year old beginner, I experienced many new blocks for the first time. Had the courage to branch out on a short cut through the woods with my own path for one round. The directions were very well written on all the blocks for a beginner to follow. There was a great mix with the level of difficulty for the blocks. If I needed to modify I felt that I could. Over all it was a fantastic time at Summer Camp! Thank you to all the camp counselors for giving their time and experience! I was so much fun!!

  120. Angie Wenzel says:

    This has been so much fun! I have loved learning new techniques and making my first medallion quilt. I am begins but look forward to finishing soon!

  121. Mary B Morse says:

    This quilt along was so fun! I just got back into quilting and it was a really good way to brush up on all the different block skills at once! I am really looking forward to next year. Thanks so much for the counselors for their hard work.

  122. Anita Stanley says:

    I loved the options given on this so individuals could work at their skill level, or try a new one. Also, the postings of the different works in progress were very inspiring. Next year I thibk the chefs will be as creative as this year. Thanks so much for this project.

  123. luv2quilt says:

    thank you for all your help. every quilt has been gorgeous.

  124. Beth T. says:

    My favorite thing about stay-away camp was the feeling of camaraderie. Although I heard another great thing yesterday: seems nowadays kids get to pick their own names to be called during their time at camp. I would have LOVED that!

  125. Kat Morgan says:

    I loved loved loved this quilt along. Each one of the Camp Counselors made it FUN and Personable!!! My quilting skills are still developing but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the displays of beautiful quilt blocks!!! Thank you for such a great time. Love you ALL!!!

  126. Silvia Merz-Horn says:

    This has been a wonderful experience – my first mystery quiltalong. Definitely won’t be my last. Thank you so much camp counselors for your hard work and making this such a fun project.

  127. Ginger Himleright says:

    I loved Summer Camp. This is the first quilt along I have done in real time. I did the School of quilting from last fall but not until it was well done. This has been so much fun. The mystery really changed me as I am a real planner and this got me to think outside the box, this is good. I did blocks I never had done before and learned a lot. I can’t wait until the next one. I love following on Facebook to see what everyone else is doing. There are so many beautiful quilts. The label is perfect. I cant wait to get mine quilted and use it this fall.

  128. Lynda F says:

    The label is a great finishing touch, nice design!
    Had a great time at summer camp, sorry to see it end but love the results.
    Thank you

  129. Peggy Tschetter says:

    I wish it were a real summer camp and we could sew all day away from the busyness of jobs, etc., but I guess I have to settle for visiting camp on the weekends to finish up. I have a boatload of pin wheels waiting for me to sew on one quilt, and grannies and a gaggle of geese to sew on the other. This has been a great adventure! It was a first for me to make a Dresden plate and to use batiks exclusively in one quilt. I have loved the creativity, encouragement and help of the counselors and the resulting creativity and enthusiasm of all the campers. Thanks!

  130. Caren Langan says:

    Thank you all so much! I loved that you see us all as individuals who have our own preferences, tastes and creative style! Awesome QAL!

  131. Nicole J says:

    Camp was so much fun! I loved having the two options to choose from each week so I could tailor it to my style as well as how much time I had to sew that week since we are busy in the summer. It was awesome to see everyone’s creative take on the quilt with the different fabric choices and routes they chose. I can’t wait to get a little sewing time to finish up mine as everything is cut and waiting. Kiddos go back to school in two weeks so hopefully soon after I’ll have mine done! I would do another one of these so please let us know if you dream another one up! Thanks to everyone involved to make it such a fun experience!

  132. Clara says:

    I truly enjoyed the format of this quilt along with the camp theme. It is my first medallion quilt to make. As a big city kid, I marveled at all the stars I saw when at summer camp in the country, Thanks for helping me remember those fun times.

  133. Julianne Furlan says:

    It was so much fun working on this medallion quilt with such a great group of people! I loved seeing everyone’s choices along the way and being surprised each week by the camp counselor’s designs. The choose your own path aspect made this quilt along super fun! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  134. Kristy says:

    My favorite part was the fast pace, and the icing on the cake was the label. Great detail 🙂

  135. This was such a fun quilt along and I’m so glad I finally joined in. All the quilts are beautiful and interesting to see all the many versions. I hope you do another quilt along, thanks so much!

  136. Gina Price says:

    So much fun!!! Loved seeing what everyone was doing. I hope to do another sew a long soon

  137. Carol D says:

    This has been the best sew along! I like the shorter time frame from a block of the month, I usually lose interest in those. But this went so fast it always kept my interest. I love the design, and this group has been the best. Everyone has been so welcoming and positive. A great experience!

  138. rwdaymail says:

    This was an awesome quilt along. Really liked the different options so that we could select what best matched our own skill set and interests. Kudos to all who collaborated on this project to make it so much fun for all of us.

  139. Tony Roth says:

    this camp was awesome, learned a few things and loved sharing with everyone, seeing how others interpreted the assignment and all the fabric choices. what a great time… i like the idea that next time we do a world tour…. but what ever it is count me in… THANKS

  140. Mary Gurtler says:

    Have absolutely loved going to camp. Thankyou to all the counselors and Moda. Just so much fun.

  141. Pat Everlith says:

    I have really enjoyed camp. I’m still working on my quilt but have all the blocks for Shoreview cut out, just need thinks to slow down so I can see them. I learned many new blocks at camp. Thank to all designers for a fun quilt.

  142. cd says:

    I was late arriving at camp and then hid from the buses back so I’m still here! Love the theme and the blocks – they are pushing me out of my comfort zone and making me learn some new skills! My favorite thing was the sense of community fostered by the project! So appreciative. 🙂 I hope to go back to camp next summer – maybe one by the seashore?

  143. Sue says:

    Thank you! I have enjoyed this so much! I have appreciated all of the paths you have allowed us to take to create an individualized experience. As we embark on any path in life, we regret some and enjoy others but hopefully, along the way we learn a few new things! Thanks again!

  144. Heather says:

    I loved seeing everyone’s journey through camp. I’m a slow hiker so am still making my way over the river, but I will get there.

  145. The Wizard says:

    This is the first QAL I have finished (or about to, I need to finish sewing and assembling my orange peels). It was a first medallion quilt too. I would love to see a non applique sampler QAL next summer 🙂 I learned a lot about sewing with triangles and doing machine applique during this Camp 🙂 thanks.

  146. Tanya R says:

    While I’ve fallen behind on the hike because of school, this has been a wonderful experience. My favorite part of this journey has been seeing all of the beautiful work by everyone else!

  147. Laurie says:

    This was my first quilt, and it has been so much fun! I’m lingering at camp, not finished yet. I loved having multiple options each week and being able to mix and match. I am looking forward to next year, and maybe by then I’ll be able to keep up with everyone!

  148. Monika W says:

    This was my first QAL and I loved it, it was so much fun and I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to the next camp. It still takes time to finish my quilt, but I already love it. Thank you to all the designers who made such an effort to bring us joy and fun!

  149. Dianna Mobley says:

    My favorite part of camp was seeing pictures from counselors and campers. This was a huge source of ideas and inspiration for me. This was a challenging project for me and really appreciate tips received from Kristin Kelly Nesser on a few issues. This was my first QAL and I loved the surprises every week, so much fun. I will be looking for the next QAL, keep up the good work Moda 🙂

  150. Anna Landthaler says:

    I have always loved summer camp. Thank you for the beautiful project! I am still working on the shoreline but I don’t mind extending my time at the shore! Thank you to all the participants that made it fun!

  151. Sheila Cocco says:

    Oh my goodness, this has been SO MUCH FUN!! This is the first quilt along I have done but will not be the last. Thank you to the counselors for your wonderful designs, thanks to Moda for your sponsorship and thanks to all the campers-you have been truly inspiring. I am not yet finished because my trip to the shore has been long and winding. A big camp hip hip horray to you finishers. Just sit at that camfire, eat more s’mores and I will be there soon . I absolutely loved the idea of the two paths. Monday’s I would log on and debate until Wednesday which path was for me! I have never done a medallion quilt so this was outside the box for me but we all need a challenge, right???? Ideas for next year? Wow, how about you surprise me . Thanks again to one and all. Happy sewing.

  152. Diana Marlow says:

    Thank you for the motivation to get back into quilting! I have loved this!

  153. Mary Chapman says:

    I’m such a newbie but I loved Summer Camp. I enjoyed watching and learning from the camp counselors and all the other campers. I especially liked the options to take Path B when Path A was too complicated or too steep. Thank you.

  154. Tanis Halladay says:

    I loved that there were opportunities to personalize our design, and the tips to improve accuracy. Thank you!

  155. Janine Allen says:

    I liked the skill building of the blocks Some were easy, others challenging. Great job counselors! Can’t wait until next year.

  156. Monica says:

    Although I’m not finished yet. I loved choosing which row I was going to do next. Also I liked seeing how some incorporated more then one row into their design. Thanks it was sooooo fun.

  157. Waverley Reid says:

    Loved the QAL. Never got to go to camp as a kid, so this was a great substitute. I appreciate the hours and hours of hard work that went into this: not only coming up with the concept but writing all of the instructions for what is essentially 2 quilts. Thanks so much.

  158. Laurie Edwards says:

    Was a fun adventure, that isn’t finished for me YET !!!! Just back from my family camping trip, that was EPIC. Looking forward to finishing of my Camp Oda May quilt. I enjoyed that there were options for us to choose and that everyone has a unique quilt doing the same QAL. Thanks to all the Camp Counselors

  159. Mary K Bode says:

    I appreciated the pacing of the QAL. I was able to mostly keep up and am very close to done. This is also my first medallion quilt and, as a result, I learned several new things doing this quilt.

  160. Chelsey Blum says:

    Even though I am not finished yet, I have really enjoyed this project. This is the first time that I have participated in the QAL and I had the perfect fat quarter bundle in my stash that was just waiting for the right project. I liked that there were multiple options for each round and loved how they followed the camping theme, which makes for a fun story line while working on the project. The label is a great finishing touch. I am hoping to get finished up in the next few weeks (working mom of three young kids). Thanks for such a fun quilting project.

  161. Debbie AF says:

    this is my 3rd quilt along with Moda and i have truly enjoyed this one as the first one. I was so inspired by the designers and how so many different designers were able to come together to help the creative minds of quilters to personalize their own interpretation of summer camp. I really liked that while there was two paths (trails) you could follow there were no rules and at times the paths would cross and you would still make it back to your camp. I want to thank you for allowing all quilters to join in the fun.

  162. Jay Taylor says:

    I loved the way others mixed their Paths and came up with such unique designs….and the ones where people strayed WAY off the path. I would never have thought of all these variations unless I had seem them during camp. Thank you so much.

  163. Margaret Crow says:

    Thanks to each of the camp counselors! I had a fabulous time, however I got stuck on one round but hope to get it accomplished soon. Having options was a great idea. Well, the whole quilt was a super-duper awesome idea!!!

  164. Jen Rutherford says:

    I’ve loved seeing everyone’s versions of the quilt and learning new techniques myself! I’d just love to see another QAL next summer – whatever it is!

  165. Yvonne Newport says:

    Wow! I have had so much fun participating. Thank you so much to the designers for the wonderful patterns and clear instructions. I’m fairly new to quilting and a newbie at a medallion quilt. I absolutely love the results. My seams are becoming so much more accurate. My family is going to have so many wonderful picnics sitting on this quilt.

  166. Diane Stumpf says:

    I’ve really enjoyed being part of this community and anticipating each new post. The label today made me laugh–I accidentally made too many geese, so I’m already started. Thanks for the quilt along!

  167. Jo Goodloe says:

    so much fun really enjoyed it best is always last the quilt label adds the crowning touch thanks so much

  168. Ann Richmond says:

    I am so lucky to have found this site one night when I was playing on the computer. It has been a great learning process for me. I have enjoyed seeing the beautiful work all the other campers have done. I am still working on the Orange Peel border, but have looked forward to going into my sewing area and work on each step after work. Thank you for doing the Choose your Adventure Summer Camp. I think my favorite thing from this would be that I end up with a quilt of my own while learning so much. I look forward to seeing what next new and exciting projects come along. Happy Sewing!

  169. I absolutely loved this Summer Camp adventure. I loved the choices and how everything fit together so well. I still might make a second one with the opposite paths. Thank you to Moda and the Counselors for all of your hard work and coordination. Maybe a little swap next year. I’ve never done a swap. It could be something simple like swapping 2 squares of fabric. Trees, waves, canoes more arrows loved those for next year perhaps. I hope everyone posts their pictures when they’re done. Looking forward to Summer Camp next year.

  170. Diane Stumpf says:

    I’ve really enjoyed participating in the quilt along and being part of the community. I also appreciate the label and actually have a head start: I accidentally made too many geese. Thank you for the fun!

  171. Alice Leisy says:

    I’m sorry summer camp is over, it was a fun journey. Thank you for the designs, support and encouragement. You are an awesome group.

  172. Thank you for the wonderful patterns, my QAL is coming along nicely and my MIL will be getting it for her 80th birthday in September. Looking forward to the next time

  173. Kathy Conway says:

    I have always loved summer camp and this QAL did not let me down! Thank you to all of the designers who participated and shared their blocks. Looking forward to next summer, maybe picnic in the park? Or, living it up at the lodge?

  174. Wendy says:

    This was fun! I enjoyed the “choose your own path” giving different options. Thanks so much to all the counselors and others that were involved!!! {My favorite thing in real camping was meeting my then, future husband. We have been “camping” together for 46 years.}

  175. Anne says:

    Thank you all so much for Camp Oda May. i arrived to camp late so I’m still working on my quilt top, but what an adventure! Still deciding on which path to take to finish.
    Thanks again❣

  176. Tammy King says:

    Loved all the different ways you could choose the next round.hate that we have to leave camp. See you all next summer ‍♀️

  177. Monica McCurty says:

    This was so much fun! I’d like to see one in sections, like Moda dessert cuts quilt.

  178. Allison Moyle says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Summer Camp. I’m not quite finished but I will certainly finish soon. The hard work of all the counselors has helped me in more ways than I ever imagined. I never saw myself doing a Dresden plate or a medallion quilt but because of you all…I have done just that. My daughter has tried to claim this one for herself. Thank you fellow campers. I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful quilts created from camp. When’s the next one? Lol

  179. I was unfortunately not prepared when this started, but I’ve been following along. I liked the idea that you could choose your own path. It brought back memories of summer camp as a kid. I would love to see this again next year.

  180. Wendy Richardson says:

    I really enjoyed camp. I still have one more border. I am sure my mom will love it. My favorite park was the options for each part. Thanks .

  181. Heather Bassett says:

    I really enjoyed trying new things for this quilt along – my first medallion quilt, my first dresden etc. Having the different options for each round was what initially attracted me to join, because I felt more confident I could make a quilt that would suit my style. I think the idea of different pathways/options should be repeated next year.

  182. Becky Gilliam says:

    Thank you to Moda for hosting ‘Camp” and to all of the designers who participated. This was an awesome ‘adventure’ (even though it is not finished)! Loved all of the quilts shown….

  183. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for the camping trip! I loved making this quilt-my first medallion! It’s on my sewing table now, about half quilted, but will be done this week I think! It all worked out really well for me-no problems with the patterns and I absolutely loved having the different paths! The hardest part was waiting to see which path would suit!!:-) Thank you! I’m thinking about making another quilt using the paths I ddin’t take the first time!

  184. Michelle says:

    This was a ton of fun and I learned a lot. I still have quite a bit to loved seeing all the talented people out there! I will definitely do this again.

  185. Victoria Stickler says:

    I have absolutely loved joining in Summer Camp! It has been such a confidence booster to me as for a long time I have been too afraid to make larger quilts because I didn’t think my skills were good enough. My favourite thing has been interacting with other quilters as there aren’t an awful lot of us in the rural part of the UK where I live! My favourite block was the Tulip cornerstones. Thanks so much to all the Camp Counsellors!

  186. Clare Mackintosh says:

    Loved every minute of the camp. Thanks to all who put it together! I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s quilts as they grew. So much inspiration.

  187. Gail Timmins says:

    My many firsts, a medallion quilt, a quilt camp, a mystery quilt and a quilt a long.Thanks to moda bake shop and the wonderful chefs who gave us such delicious recipes, I even lost weight(one of my two adventure quilts was made entirely from my stash) Now I only have the last two borders to put on my quilts and I will tackle the very cute label. Thanks Gail

  188. Pat Broe says:

    This label is the perfect touch for finishing this quilty fun. Thanks to all the camp counselors for their efforts and for the wonderful designs. Hope camp is open again next year and we are all invited back for another adventure along the quilt paths. Thank You!

  189. Patty says:

    Such a fun QAL – I enjoyed watching the quilts emerge. The camp theme was done perfectly. Wonderful job everyone!

  190. Myra says:

    This looks like a blast, had a knee replacement so will have to wait to start. I love that you posted print friendly so I could save for later.

  191. TAMMIE J DOYLE says:

    I love this quilt along. It was my first time making a medallion quilt. I loved seeing everyone’s different creativity on their journey through the camp My quilt is still being finished hopefully I will finish it before I move. This was a good distraction from what I was suppose to be doing.Tthank you to all the camp councelors for your time and patience.

  192. There were so many options that each quilt will surely turn out to be unique. The most difficult part of this project was decision-making!

  193. Helen C. says:

    Thank you Oda May and all the camp counsellors for a fun summer camp sewing adventure. Loved the label and, being able to choose between pathways. It was a hard decision on which pathway to take. Thank You

  194. Dee says:

    This was my first medallion quilt and I’m still back on my pinwheel point ring, but loved this. The instructions were all so clear and the ability to choose your own path (complete with optional corner blocks!) let us QAL while all making unique quilts. I got so much inspiration from seeing everyone’s pictures on the Sunday Socials and wish there was an easy way to see them all. Thank you to the counselors and Moda for hosting this!

  195. Regina says:

    Thanks for taking me back to my camping days! My favorite part of the adventure was choosing what I wanted to do. It reminded me of Girl Scout Camp when you got a chance to have down time and choose your activity. Fun times and great memories!

  196. liz says:

    this was my first time doing something like this and I had a blast! thanks for having alternate paths for those of us who aren’t quite master quilters yet

  197. Misty West says:

    I loved everything about camp! I missed the last two weeks due to family vacation but I’m trying to finish up the last two rounds soon. There were so many gorgeous quilts made and they are all so unique. I will definitely go to camp again next summer!!!

  198. Marilyn Rose says:

    The whole idea of “choose your own adventure” was just great!! I did a program for my local guild this spring on borders, and your medallion type quilt fit right in with what I was trying to explain to the newer members. It was a lot of fun to work on using the fabrics from my own stash. Thanks for taking me along for the ride!!

  199. Carolyn Buck says:

    I have so enjoyed this QAL, my first! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you to all the “counselors” who contributed. I learned so much!

  200. Lela Cox says:

    I loved all the different rounds of the medallion quilts and found it hard to decide which path to choose so I will have two quilts when I am done. I have always wanted to do a medallion quilt some day so this is two times great! Thank you.

  201. Diane Oubre says:

    my favorite was the arrowhead lake block. thank you for me on this adventure

  202. Liz H says:

    This has been a blast! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time. So looking forward to the next adventure!

  203. Amy Mitchell says:

    I have totally loved making this quilt!! I’m excited to finish it!!! I loved having options as I went along and was a little addicted to looking at the blog multiple times a week to see what was next!! Please do another one next year!! It was so fun to see how different every quilt looks as we each put our own fabric to work!! Thank you to all involved!! I will cherish this one for sure!!!

  204. Linda Fleming says:

    This was a great adventure. Too bad I have to put it on hold for now but I’ll get back to it!

  205. Heather says:

    Thanks to all the Camp Counselors for their hard work. I enjoy seeing all the variations the quilts took on. I hope to attend camp next year, too!

  206. RobbieGell says:

    This was my first quilt along & my first medallion quilt too! I enjoyed it, especially having choices! Although I’m not finished yet! I just finished my flying geese round and looking to do the next border tonight also! Thanks again!

  207. RobbieGell says:

    This was my first QAL and my first Medallion quilt. I especially enjoyed having choices along the way! I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone’s fabric choices on IG! (@RobinGelum) Thank you to Moda and the camp counselors too! I’m looking forward to the next QAL. 🙂

  208. CherryD says:

    It really was an adventure to pick what you wanted to make. Some times the hardest thing was making a decision. I loved working on a medallion quilt, it has been very different then what I have been quilting. I really am enjoying the process. I too may go back and make another one. I really liked that this wasn’t a super long project. I tend to stall out if a project last over a year. So I like in a few quick weeks I have something different completed.

  209. KathyC says:

    I loved the fact that I could choose different options for this project. Thanks for another lovely quilt! The label was a great bonus! =)

  210. Janine R Eldred Chamberlain says:

    I read that the instructions will be up, and can be saved. How can I save each webpage so I don’t lose them when taken down? Beside expending reams of paper?

  211. Tammy Franklin says:

    I was nervous to participate in my first mystery quilt. See I am wee bit of a type A personality but I knew this was the one to try since I got to choose my own path. I ended up having a blast and joined the FB group to see all the other great quilts. Thanks for the wonderful experience. I will always be grateful!

  212. Ruth Wohlgemuth says:

    Liked this adventure, my quilt group may do this as a project next year. But, I cannot find how to print the label document from the “Printer Friendly version” where you indicate it would be found.

  213. Juls in FL says:

    Love, love, love the label block! It makes fun of my least favorite part of a quilt, and does it with style. It has been a fabulous camp experience, but sometimes a hard experience, as I had to make choices when I wanted to do it all. Just like summer camp as a kid! Thanks to all the counselors, and to you, Oda May, for making a long, hot summer in FL a whole lot “cooler.”

  214. Sandy K says:

    Thanks for a great camp experience. I loved having options.

  215. Vicki H says:

    I didn’t have a chance to sew along but am so grateful for all the work involved in the camp. Thanks.

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