Dec 2: Grandmother

I am a proud Grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren from 14 to 2 years old.  I added this block to many of their quilts.  I hope that someday they will know the significance of why I placed this block in their quilts.  Each of my children have a Christmas quilt with this block to snuggle under to read their favorite Christmas Eve storybook.  

This block finishes at 6″ or 12″ square.

6″ Block 12″ Block
From white fabric, cut:

  • (4) 2 1/16”squares, cut in half diagonally to make eight (8) triangles
  • (4) 2 7/8” by 1 11/16” rectangles
From white fabric, cut:

  • (4) 3 1/4squares, cut in half diagonally to make (8) triangles
  • (4) 5 5/16” by 2 7/8” rectangles
From solid red fabric, cut (5) 1 11/16” squares From solid red fabric, cut (5) 2 7/8 squares
From red print, cut (2) 3 1/4squares, cut in half diagonally once to make 4 triangles
From red print, cut two (2) 5 5/8square, cut in half diagonally once to make (4) triangles


1 – Sew 1 red square to 1 background rectangle.  Press.

2 – Sew 1 background rectangle to 1 red triangle. Press.

3 – Join step 1 and step 2 units as shown. Repeat to make a total of two outer corner units.


1 – Sew two background triangles to each red square. Press. Make three of these units and set two aside for INNER CORNERS.

2 – Sew two background triangles to each side of the center red square. Press.


1 – Sew 1 red triangle to the extra unit set aside in CENTER UNIT step. Press. Repeat to make a total of two outer corner units.


NOTE: This block is joined with a partial seam. Read directions and go slowly if this is your first time working with a partial seam.

1 – Sew outer corner units to center unit. Remove the last 1/4” of stitches around the Red center square for ease of block assembly. Press seams toward the Red triangles.

2 – Begin sewing 1/4” from Red center square to end of unit. Repeat for other side. Sew all corner units.   Press seams.

This block finishes at 6″ or 12″ square.

Candee Ferris

{instagram: cifquilter}

16 comments on “Dec 2: Grandmother

  1. Nancy R Alberts says:

    What is the significance of this block?

  2. Lucille Lozier says:

    What are we doing 1/16? we use 1/8 so I wonder how to do this block.

    • Candee Ferris says:

      When making the 6″ finished block you will need to measure to x/16″. The White Triangles are cut from 2 1/16″ squares and the Red Squares are cut at 1 11/16″.

  3. Mary Andra Holmes says:

    A fabulous meaningful block. Perfect for this project.

  4. Leigh Bilton says:

    Love it…suits this Grandma

  5. Diane Tryan says:

    This was hard for me. Tried to figure out partial seams, but i was not too sucessful. Might have to give it a second try, as the first has a hole near center square.

    • Candee Ferris says:

      The block is not easy for sure. I’ll bet you won’t see it once the quilt is assembled and quilted.

      • Diane Tryan says:

        I did take it apart and resewed at quilting class tonight with help..came out beautiful. It is a puzzle! Thank you for the design!

  6. Carmen says:

    I had a real struggle with this block. Still don’t know if I have it right. Might just stay the way it is.

  7. Laurie says:

    My block looks awful, lol. No 1/16th rulers, so I had to eyeball the cutting halfway between the eighth marks. Then the partial seam about did me in. I was, possibly, inventing profanities on the spot. However, it’s done and it’s ugly and it’s staying that way! Yours is lovely, tho, Candee – dont’ get me wrong. Thanks for the challenge!

  8. Bruce says:

    I seem to have too much fabric on the centre sections, are there sizes to trim the corner blocks back to before you attach the center strip.

  9. TakeMeThereTotes says:

    It was tough but for one block I don’t mind a challenge. It turned out beautiful!

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