Happy 2019!

Happy New Year to all of our readers! Today we have a little gift so many of you asked for – all of the 2018 Countdown to Christmas blocks all in one file. You can download all the blocks plus the quilt label and two quilt setting ideas {here}.

We wish you all health and happiness in the New Year!

Oda May and the Moda Bake Shop Chefs

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11 comments on “Happy 2019!

  1. Carrie Barrera says:

    What are the fabric requirements for the Countdown to Christmas Quilt?

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Carrie! There are no requirements since everyone makes something different! It’s a great project for a stash buster. Or choose some of your favorite red fat quarters and start there. Most of the blocks require only two fabrics – one light and one dark. A few could use a third for additional contrast.

  2. Chris Halicki says:

    Thank you!

  3. Fabulous idea. Thank you.

  4. Judy says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. Alycia says:

    Y’all are too good to us! Free patterns PLUS a convenient download. Even though I downloaded all of the patterns each day and I don’t need the simple download, I appreciate what you’ve done! So, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  6. Debbie says:

    You’ll are awesome. Yes, I was one of ones who asked and you’ll did it. Thank you, so much, all printed out and ready to cut.

    Happy New Year.

  7. Karen Clark says:

    I really like the idea of using some of my stash to make this quilt .

  8. I am making 6 inch blocks. The lay out can’t figure all the blocks names. I would like to know how to decide which 12 inch blocks to make and which 6 inch blocks to make for the lay out. I love how you have designed it. I started Jan 1 and am sewing every day so far and plan to give it to my granddaughter for Easter if I get it all put together and quilted.Thanks for all the instructions on pressing. Every block comes out perfect for me thanks for your great instructions.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      Hi Lucille! I am going to assume you are referring to the Boxing Day Quilt setting with my answer. The blocks shown are:

      6″ blocks
      Dec 16 – Cup of Cheer
      Dec 19 – Peppermint Twist
      Dec 20 – Rocky Mountain
      Dec 17 – Candy Striped Star
      Dec 21 – Wreath
      Dec 24 – Night Divine
      Dec 23 – Tinsel Tangle
      Dec 24 – Let It Snow
      Dec 5 – Wrapped Up
      Dec 10 – Ho Ho
      Dec 8 – Special Gift
      Dec 13 – Christmas Logs
      Dec 14 – Dala Horse
      Dec 12 – Grammy’s Staircase
      Dec 3 – Prairie Christmas
      Dec 15 – Shining Star
      12″ blocks
      Dec 2 – Grandmother
      Dec 6 – Nine Pathc Star
      Dec 4 – Regent St Star
      Dec 7 – Festival

  9. Tlynn says:

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to making a quilt for next Christmas! :0)

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