March Challenge

So far this year, you have gotten tidy and layered up. Now this month’s challenge is one that is both very easy and perhaps very difficult…Oda May says Let It Go!

We all have those projects (or supplies!) that we just never get to – the kit we bought that was on sale or seemed like the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, the must-have ruler to make only one type of block that you just never got around t0 making, the supplies for an entire new hobby that you thought you would love doing. Or maybe it’s an old quilt top that you don’t want to dedicate your precious crafty resources to finishing. This month, free yourself of those things and just let it go! Donate, gift, or even sell them.

For me, it’s a small bucket of yarn and some crib sized quilt tops that my kids outgrew long before I was able to finish them. The yarn is going to a friend who knits and the quilt tops went to my guild’s charity committee to finish and donate. I also left a quilt kit in the giveaway box at a retreat center on my last visit.

What will you let go this month? Maybe it’s a bad habit (like leaving your rotary cutter open). Let us know in the comments and we will pick a giveaway winner at the end of the month. Don’t forget to stop by our Facebook group to show us what you are letting go of this month:

February’s challenge winner is Ann Witten! Congratulations Ann!

106 comments on “March Challenge

  1. Hedy says:

    I’m going to let go of Guilt. Guilt because I have such beautiful fabrics that I know will never be used in my lifetime. I’ve donated tons of quilting things, but now I’m finished with that. I bought my fabrics and I’m going to enjoy them. No more Guilt.

  2. Linda Paredez says:

    I go through different aspects of my quilting supplies…books, magazines, fabric, tools…and try to find at least a couple of things to take to my guild and put on the give away table each month. Sometimes I have to bring stuff back home, but it eventually finds a new home with a fellow guild member. Right now, I have a small stack: a ruler, some magazines, fat quarters and a pattern.

  3. Peggy says:

    I’m curious what others are doing while cleaning out. There’s been a lot said about not sharing patterns, etc. I understand especially with PDFs. What do quilters do with all the patterns or books they do buy, if they want to clean out. Help!

    • Marianne Barta says:

      I have donated my older quilt books and magazines to the local Library. They go through them — if they can use them all the better. If not, they put them in the annual Book Sale.

    • Eliza says:

      If you purchased a pattern that you didn’t print off yourself, you can do whatever you like with it except make copies. You can sell or giveaway the original. Same goes for books. Copyright pertains to not being allowed to make actual copies of the pattern to sell or giveaway.

  4. sonya fisk says:

    I am letting go of the thought that I have to keep up with all these sew alongs. I am still going to participate… but in my own time.

    • Peggy L says:

      Yaaay! I agree, I’d love to participate in many of them. The first one I love so much the others don’t compare. certainly they do but not in time for pics & prizes! I took my time & enjoyed the process & love the finished product. My quilt is gorgeous! So I agree, thanks for sparking my brain, I’m exhausted!

  5. Kathryn Laposata says:

    I’m going to free myself of back issues of quilting magazines. My local quilt shop will take them and sell them for a dollar or two. That money goes to a local charity, so I’m free and the charity is richer. I’ve enjoyed them, but if I haven’t made a quilt from them at this point, I know I won’t in the future.

  6. Robin says:

    I have sorted through my entire collection of yarn donated (almost) every.single.bit to our local Senior Center. More room for quilting goods! Win-win!

  7. Cheya says:

    I did this in January. Gave my sewing room a good cleaning and gave lots of fabric and quilting tools to Deseret Industries. I still have too much but it’s organized. I know what’s there and am working on some UFO that I’d forgotten all about.

  8. Diane says:

    I’m going to try to free myself of unfinished projects…and finally get around to quilting a few quilt tops I have.

  9. jan altomare says:

    This month I am letting go of Michigan. We are moving to SC, so goodbye snow, hello sunshine!

  10. Sue singer says:

    This is my guilds garage sale month. I will be donating patterns, and old books

  11. Pam McDonald says:

    I am letting go some patterns I will never get to, mostly bag patterns. I am donating those along with some fabric I will never use, to Goodwill. I need some space! I do have a lot of UFO’s and I am going through those and getting them finished. I do get shiny-eed by new things though. 🙂

  12. I am letting go of rules – rules other people have made up about how things are supposed to be, but do not really work well in my life. Like “do your best in everything you do” which sounds good but really holds me back in attempting things.

  13. Sandy Bradfield says:

    This month I’m letting go of my solitary inspiration. We recently moved from CA to WA, removing me from my quilt guild & the inspiration of lots of fellow quilters. I will get out & meet new quilters here in WA & recharge my quilting batteries.

  14. Claudia Warren says:

    I have to give up my perfectionism. It’s holding me back from finishing quilts that I could give to someone so they can be warm!

  15. Kerry R says:

    I’ve never gotten rid of a piece of fabric…EVER! I’ve held on to each piece of my precious little stash…UNITL…I’ve realized it was the roadblock to my sewing room being the calm oasis of organization and creativity that I wanted it to be. I’m letting go of my stash that I will never use. I’m donating it to a neighbor who’s been making adorable American Girl doll clothes for her granddaughter. It feels so good! I love to read the other comments on how people are donating their stashes. You ladies inspire me!

  16. I’m letting go of my mom’s sewing stash of things I will never use. I was left with so much of her stuff and it doesn’t bring me joy, so it’s time for it to go on the Crafter’s Rummage Sale.

  17. Sherry Loncar says:

    I have sent a box full of stamping equipment to my daughter in law for her new found hobby. I also saved out some for a friend in an assisted living for their craft club. Now I need to look at the fabric and kits I no longer want!!

  18. Susan says:

    I’m passing on ufos that just don’t bring me joy.

  19. Barb in MI says:

    Have been sorting out old quilt books to donate and fabric I no longer like or will use. It indeed does feel freeing! Thank you!

  20. I have been pondering clearing out my old quilt magazines for quite some time. I have a church right next door to where I work that takes donations of any kind for underprivileged. So I am going to donate some quilt magazines, along with some fabric that I no longer want. Thank you.

  21. Terry says:

    I am letting go of some fabric. There are some prints and colors that may never be used that I purchased when a quilt shop was closing. I have a hard time getting to some of the prints that are now lost in the pile of bargain purchases. It is time to clean house, donate, and help someone else built their stash.

  22. Teresa Stanulis says:

    I’m letting go of older fabric that I don’t love anymore!

  23. Rita Long says:

    I am letting go of a quilt I started. The colors just didn’t suit me.

  24. Rhonda Snider says:

    I’m donating a quilt I don’t love to the Carolina Hurricane Project. Many homes were completely destroyed and I know it will find a good home and someone will love it.

  25. Lydia says:

    I’m letting go of absolutely nothing because I love everything I have!

  26. Kate says:

    Project/Pinterest ideas I want to make but have no actual need in my life. AND excess fabric! It’s a never ending chore- it creeps in unawares!

  27. Teresa says:

    I too am letting go of fabric. I prefer to think of it as “letting someone else be inspired” rather than keeping it hidden in my closet. Its time to do it again this year. I donate the fabric, books and patterns to the Ways and Means committee of my local quilt guild, and they sell it to raise money for programs and speakers. We all win.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  28. Dottie Paulk says:

    I am in my late 70s and we have moved 3 times in one year! The first move we had lived in that house for 45 years – let go of A LOT of stuff. I am also a calligrapher, bookbinder, love needlework, crochet and crafts. The second move (6 months later) I gave away more stuff to non-profits, friends. The third house had a perfect craft room for me but I continue to weed out things I know I will not have enough time to ever get to. I just pray my eyes and hands will not give out before the rest of me does!

  29. Mary B Johnston says:

    Our church does Operation Shoebox so I am trying to cut fabric to usable sizes and box for that as I cut out 5″ squares to make a quilt (or hopefully quilts) from. Hate throwing away small pieces so will try taking little pieces and finding a scrappy pattern to make a quilt
    from little scraps.

  30. Christi says:

    I’m letting go of items I don’t use. I sorted through all my rulers and misc. Gave them all to new quilters in our Guild. Hoping others will sort their fabric. We need fabric for pillowcases and charity quilts. Fingers crossed. My goal is now to put things away after I use them.

  31. Little Quiltsong says:

    I used to print double and triple PDF patterns – just in case I might lose one ;)! That started an extra binder of those ‘extra’ copies of patterns. I need to condense and sort out my patterns and organize them better this month.

  32. Tricia says:

    I have been inspired to give up the tiny scraps that I’ll never make into anything. That was hard to do but why store things you won’t use? I have to let go of the problem I create by not having any foundation fabrics on hand. I think it’s easy to load up on the prints that you swoon over, but harder to get excited about your companion off-white. And I never give thought to quilt BACKS so it’s time to let go the poorly planned projects. So–time to get past what’s holding me back, and get busy making quilts!

  33. Julie V says:

    I have been going through boxes of quilting, sewing, and crafting magazines and scanning only the projects I want. The magazines have been donated to my local high school for their crafts classes.

  34. Sharon Hughson says:

    I’m letting go my volunteer jobs at the association in which I live. I am so much happier. Mainly that is because I am quilting more. I like to say I’m quilting my brains out. After a vote of no confidence by all but one of the rest of the board, I decided my work would not continue and I would be blocked in any new endeavors. So I resigned and resigned from all the committees in which I have been active. I’m still in my needlework Bee/Group. I just took 21 cage pads to the city shelter for the cats and dogs housed there. We all worked one afternoon and got these made from a used comforter that had been donated. Win/Win.

  35. Beth Dalton says:

    I am taking “extra” quilting books, magazines,tools, etc. to my guild meetings and putting them on the give away table. Unfortunately I usually pick up a few things from other members to take home. Hopefully I will be ahead of the game when the smoke clears.

  36. Leslee Barrow says:

    Sorting through old patterns and fabric that I will never use and make room for things that give me great joy! Life is too short!

  37. Joanne says:

    I am letting go of some quilting fabric that I know I won’t use. I donate any unwanted fabric to my “Days for Girls” group. We use the fabric to sew reusable sanitary pads for girls who don’t have access to them. It’s a great charity and we put every piece of cotton to good use!

  38. Jannette B. says:

    We’re renovating our entire basement space (including my sewing room), and I’ve had to take everything out as a result. I decided to examine everything that came out of the room, and to not bring it all back in. Today’s task is to bring two boxes of fabric to the thrift store, and a box to a friend that donates quilts to the local Children’s Hospital, and a bag of fabric scraps to a local school to be used for art projects. Last week I sent out a box of tops to another quilter that makes quilts for her local hospice. So now there’s room for new fabric, right? 😉

  39. Lisa Long says:

    I am letting go of a ton of big batting scraps, all of my fleece fabrics, jean fabrics, new in package shower curtain liner, thread, sewing machine needles, bobbins, and one of my sewing machines. The person receiving just got guinea pigs and asked me to teach her to sew. She wants to make cage liners for her guinea pigs. So, I am setting her up with all the supplies she will need. It is putting a dent in my sewing room and is freeing to my state of mind.

  40. Susan Riss says:

    Brillant idea!! I’m going to invite my girlfriends (Women of the Desert) over for Happy Hour. I’m going to have gift bags all made up with a quilt in each bag. I have about 15 “couch quilts” in my home and I would love to gift them to my Besties!!

  41. cruisefan says:

    I live overseas- there are not so many guilds or real good patchwork/quilting fabric stores in my country.
    So I am going to definitely hold on to my 200 year-supply of fabrics. I bought that in many different countries I traveled to.
    Each fabric, may it be old or an ugly duckling or whatever, means something to me. I have fantastic Australian prints, great Bali Batiks bought in Indonesia, special fabrics from Sweden etc.
    Next year I am going to retire and then will finally have more time to spend in the sewing room. I am very much looking forward to that time- I will need my stash!

  42. Nancy Morneault says:

    I’m passing fabric on that was given to me by a friend. It will go to a friend for a charity project. This week I’ve been making baby items out of baby flannel that I bought at Joann’s. I had a whole bin of it. Use it up and move it out!

  43. Toni Stone says:

    I am letting go of the idea I have to organize my stash and UFO’s in one Sunday afternoon. I have tried to do this so many Sunday’s that it overwhelms me. Lately I have been trying to work a little at a time and trying to put things back organized. I feel like I am actually getting somewhere and you can actually walk in my walk in closet.

  44. Teresa C. says:

    I’ll take this month to review my stash and let go of fabric that I no longer want, and books or patterns that I don’t need.

  45. Darlene Hennlich says:

    Letting go of the idea that my quilts have to be perfect. Typically I am the only one that sees the imperfections others just see the beauty of the quilt.

  46. Chris Behme says:

    I am letting go of my crafting budget!! Why am I limiting myself to what I can spend money on and enjoy. If it brings me joy, buy it! I am not hurting anyone, and hopefully helping to keep yarn and quilt shops in business!

  47. Kristin M says:

    I will let go of the fabric that doesn’t speak to me and the amount of certain types of fabric that I don’t use too often…to make room for the fabric that I love and will use often

  48. Tina B says:

    We just moved so we had multiple truck loads of like new or gently used things or “stuff” we donated, but even with that there are a few more things that I can let go….yarn that isn’t quite enough to make a big project or the skeins I thought I would use and never got around to it so there is a box of that. Plus I have fabric from being a sewer that I haven’t used and I’m sure someone will have the perfect use for. I just started quilting so I don’t have a coordinated stash built yet but I can donate some yardage to a local shelter for doggie and kittten beds. I might make a few scrappy patchwork quilts to donate to the tornado victims in Alabama first.

  49. Carol Van Orden says:

    When my grandmother passed away, my mom rescued her stash of feedsacks. My mother never got around to using them. So when she passed away, I rescued them from HER stash. After many years, I finally made some quilt tops from them. I had some leftover that had a warm place in my heart and my stash. BUT, I’ve finally let them go – to a cousin who will enjoy making memories of her own. Feels soooo good.

  50. Jayne P says:

    Magazines are my weakness so it’s time to sort them out and send some to a new home

  51. Linda says:

    I have a stack of books and quilting magazines to donate. Now, I’m looks at the UFO’s and trying to decide what was I thinking when I started this, do I want to finish or do I want to donate. I think it will be Eenie, Meenie, Minnie Mo!

  52. Teresa C says:

    I am letting go of unused or unwanted fabric and pattens .. I will donate these supplies to the guild and someone else will put them to good use!

  53. Becki says:

    I have some rulers that I’m giving away (I gave one away today!). I have been going through my things and keeping what I can reasonably finish and gifting the rest.

  54. Tanis Halladay says:

    I am going to let go of a quilt top I made for a mystery quilt that I didn’t end up liking.

  55. Aldean says:

    I am letting go of always desiring the newest fabric. Since losing my job in October is has been all about using what I have.

  56. Julie Beber says:

    I have been cleaning and organizing my sewing rooms.I am letting go of items I know I will never do. Also I am tired of feeling guilty about unfinished projects. I am trying to enjoy each day and as I am sewing and quilting cherish the time I have instead of stressing about the finish line. 🙂

  57. Vickie says:

    How timely this post is for me. I cleaned out my sewing room today and have boxes…yes, boxes of fabrics that are heading off to the local charity shop. There is no way I will ever be able to use all the fabrics that I have accumulated over the past few years so I’m donating the fabrics that I don’t absolutely love.

  58. Judy Raterink says:

    I am giving up on trying to have my quilts be perfect. I am going with the idea it is better to finish,then dwell on perfect.

  59. Sandie says:

    I went through my quilt books and I’m letting go of at least 1/3 of them. It feels good to let go of something I’m not going to use. And, I know I really don’t want to run out and buy more to fill up the space I cleaned out.

  60. Deborah Storjohann says:

    I helped my Mom clean out her fabric stash. 2 boxes gone. Some donated and some came to me. But the good side, we found many large pieces to use for backs. We both have several donation quilts that need backs. In January, I cleared out table runners and wall hangings that I was not using. Now, to finish those WIPs. I will go thru my patterns and quilt books this month. Good project.

  61. Nancy Merkel says:

    I went thru my quilt magazines I have collected for YEARS! Some as for back as 1995. SAD! I bundled them up by the year..6 in a bundle and took them to Quilt Guild! The ladies loved it! Next month I may go thru my patterns since I never met a pattern I didn’t like. Some I know I’ll never make!

  62. Lori Lewis says:

    I’m giving away a bunch of quilting magazines. Some are going to my charity sewing group. A few will go to the chemo rooms where I go for treatment. A few months ago I was happy to find a donated quilting magazine in among lots of car magazines and hunting magazines.

  63. Ann DiPietro says:

    I got rid of my knitting supplies, found out knitting is not for me. I donated to the local senior center.

  64. Tricia says:

    I’m letting go of old fabric and kits that I no longer love.

  65. Ashley says:

    I’m selling my long hoarded Heather Ross & Tula fabric on Etsy this month after keeping it in a bin for 10 years. It’s lovely and someone should use it! I am happy to have some extra money and my customers have been happy to get hard to find fabric.

  66. Donita M says:

    I will refold fabric after cutting out what I need. If there is not much left I will cut it up into small squares just to get it out of my stash.

  67. deb says:

    Falling asleep in my lazy boy chair rather then boosting my mojo to sew I have to turn this around!

  68. Diana says:

    I’m going to quit buying fabric without a project for it. I have so much unused…

  69. Christine says:

    I stopped buying backing fabric after taking a free craftsy class on how to create a pieced backing with all leftover fabric…some of my friends said they turned out so good it looks like two quilts in one. It let’s my creativity flow freely and sometimes I`m more excited about showing the back than the front. This has also reduced me adding back to my stash…try it, you`ll love it!

  70. Deanna says:

    I stopped buying fabric. I have enough to last me a lifetime and have lost interest in quilting. Maybe after I retire I can get back into the sewing mode but for now I’m enjoying a knitting board I received for Christmas. It’s actually a shame how much money we spend on our hobbies!

  71. Peg Broesder says:

    I am going to give up impulse buying of fabric.

  72. Eliza says:

    I’ve already started selling off most of my stash earlier this month. I’ve spent more than I care to admit on fabric and notions that just wound up collecting dust. I do enjoy sewing but I got into thinking that I would be able to make money off it, but I got carried away with buying instead of making. I’ll need to take my sewing machine in for a tune up, and after that I will only sew for me and buy fabric if I have a specific project I want to make.

  73. Christy says:

    I have my quilt tops and backing all done. I have the bags of batting. I haven’t finished them. I hate basting. I am sending them off to be quilted and stop thinking I will get to them because I won’t.

  74. Patty says:

    I am going to let go of what ever it takes to make space, empty space in my garage. I have office supplies left over from the last project I was on and just an accumulation of stuff that needs to go!

  75. Cindy Berry says:

    Getting rid of books and fabric that have been around too long – plan to give the fabric to a church that sews for youth and the books to a thrift store for someone to find and get excited about….

  76. JoAnn says:

    I bought plastic sleeves and 3 ring binders and have been organizing patterns I’ve printed off the internet or torn from magazines. I’ve even put my store bought patterns in the sleeves so I can flip through and see them easily. Now I need to organize them into different binders maybe titled Modern, or Small Scraps or Tips and Tricks …

  77. Joan says:

    I think this is a great idea to actually detail what my intentions are as regard reducing stuff, I am currently working on finishing off almost complete crafty things, like quilted table toppers. Also I am working on dressmaking items from fabric I have for years. Some purchased some was stuff I was given. One rule I have set is to cut and complete one thing at a time till it’s completely finished thus reducing the accumulation of UFO’s. I feel it is such a waste of materials and time leaving things unfinished.

  78. Theresa Kotsmith says:

    Our local quilt shop does a garage sale, so I have an ongoing pile I try to add to. It’s time to start cleaning out my fabric again!

  79. Carla Norris says:

    I gave a bin full of old fabrics that are not for a project to my mom. I cut them into 5 inch squares so she can make scrap quilts for charity and her great-grandkids. It’s a win win for us both.

  80. Paula Strickland says:

    I am going to let go of the idea that I have to do every BOM that I see and the idea that the ones that I am doing have to be done the day they come out. I am running low on stash and high on unquilted tops that never seem to get completely finished.

  81. Kerry Weinstein says:

    I have a box of books ready for donation. Next I need to tackle rulers and maybe a few cutting dies that I don’t like. After that kits and fabric! Whew!

  82. Pat says:

    I, like many others, have so much fabric, Quilting “tools”, kits, patterns, magazines. This is the year…the year I condense and organize my quilt studio! I’ve been sorting fabric to use in the charity Quilts our church group makes. I’ve already given away excess supplies, rulers, patterns, magazines and fabric to others who don’t have the funds to purchase their own supplies and teaching them the skills to use them. It feels so rewarding to share with others!!

  83. This month, I purged 7 kitchen trash bags stuffed full of non-quilt quality fabric from my early quilting days during a sewing room makeover I did last month. I donated them to the local church thrift shop. Getting rid of the clutter has certainly opened up my sewing space and is letting my creativity flow!

  84. Charlotte S. says:

    Each year, my quilt guild has a “garage sale” and each year I bring my “rejects” to them. This month, I donated some books and patterns.

  85. Gwen Malinowski says:

    Since my son has recently moved out, I now have three empty dressers in his old room. I’ve been reorganizing my stash and supplies into the now spare room. I have a few bins where I’m placing items I no longer want or need. I will sell those items at our guild “rummage sale”. Someone will get to love those items again and I can earn a few dollars to help me get some pieced tops sent to a long arm quilter.

  86. Linda S says:

    I recently pulled out all of my fabric from all of the corners it was hiding in the various rooms of my house. I sorted everything by size, color, etc. I kept only those that make me happy and fit into my exiting bins. I have two bags of fabric and one bag of scraps that will be donated.

  87. Jennifer says:

    I have to let go of the impulsive need to make every quilt on every video I watch. I have so many projects lined up and a lot of fabric, so I’m working out a plan to use what I have for the patterns that I already own and the videos that I’ve already watched.

    I’m also letting go of the quilting process for some quilts. While I have to put it in the budget, there’s a local quilt shop with a long arm not far from me (three of them within a half hour drive) and I’m going to let them finish some of my bigger quilts that I don’t have the room or time to do. I will be happier in the end and my small sewing room won’t be so cluttered with UFOs and current projects.

  88. Margaret says:

    What an interesting challenge! I will have to think long and hard about this. My initial reaction was that I wish I had let go an unfinished quilt top that I completed last month in my efforts to finish some UFOs. It took so long and was so frustrating to do that I realized I would have been better off to let it go. Lesson learned – some things aren’t worth the time that is necessary to get them done. But, what can I let go now? As I think about it, I realize there are a couple needlepoint projects that I am not loving. I have tried numerous times to make progress with them, but I’m just not happy with them. Maybe those should be the things I let go this month. Thanks for the great challenge. It has me thinking more.

  89. Becky says:

    Sorting through and letting go of some fabric to charity and cross stitch items that are no longer used to create some storage room for fabrics currently using for projects. Just have to make the time to sort and organize that will be the main challenge!

  90. Rosemary Bolton says:

    Oh My, I am 64 and taking care of my 95 year old daddy
    I come home in the evening to my ever supportive and loving husband and my two adorable kitties and a room full of fabric and notions and a bed room upstairs with more.
    Once a month I fill a moving box (from which I have saved from moving my dearly adored parents from Annapolis Maryland allll the way west to Loudoun County Virginia to be near me so mom could recover from her stroke in 2013
    Life is a challenge in which we all must engage head on. The wonderful and the scary.

    A box every month, I put my forgotten projects from the past years, too busy to take up again. I am at a time in my life that I just start fresh things. I give my over abundance to Sew Magarbo sewing school in Leesburg/Sterling Virginia. My friend is the owner and I know she loves having inspiring items. current quality fabrics for her student. I love doing this. I have been filling a box almost every month for the past two years. I gave the girls across the street, Madelyn and Elizabeth, a Hello Kitty sewing machine I found for a bargain. Those girls lost their momma in 2011 from uterine cancer. How terrible. I loved their mom.
    Best wishes to all of my sewing friends

  91. Rosemary B says:

    I cannot seem to make my comment appear on this page. I have tried several times. So sorry

  92. Angela VanEpps says:

    I have a lot of polyester thread that I would never use- I’m hooked on my Aurifil! – so, it’s getting donated to a local high schools’ home ec class

  93. Kathy Bacchi says:

    I am letting go of fabric from my stash that was given to me or I picked up at garage sales and giving it to ladies that make charity quilts. I am letting go of procrastination and actually sewing my own charity quilts, my goal is to complete one a month. I am letting all my magazine subscriptions run their course and not renewing.
    I am letting go of clutter. I am cutting up my piles of haphazard scraps and bits leftover from finished projects and cutting immediately into strips or half strips and 2.5 inch blocks. I will sew them together as leaders and enders while I am sewing other projects and make a bonus quilt as I go along.

  94. Kathy Bacchi says:

    I am letting go of fabric I know I will never use to two women that love to make charity quilts. I am also letting go of my procrastination and making my own charity quilts from “kits” that I made up for them but have been sitting on a shelf. My goal is to finish one a month and I am finishing #3 this week.
    I am letting go of letting clutter rule my space. In my quilting haven I am cutting my leftover fabric from completed projects into 2.5″ strips and half strips and blocks. The blocks will be sewn together as leaders and enders while sewing other things and I will have a bonus quilt before I know it.

  95. Kathy Bacchi says:

    I am letting go of fabric I know I will never use to two women that love to make charity quilts. I am also letting go of my procrastination and making my own charity quilts from “kits” that I made up for them but have been sitting on a shelf. My goal is to finish one a month and I am finishing #3 this week.
    I am letting go of letting clutter rule my space. In my quilting haven I am cutting my leftover fabric from completed projects into 2.5″ strips and half strips and blocks. The blocks will be sewn together as leaders and enders while sewing other things and I will have a bonus quilt before I know it.

  96. Lynda Eickhoff says:

    As a beginner, I haven’t yet accumulated an excess stash so I don’t have stuff to let go of. The thing I need to let go of is the self imposed concept that any creative hobby is about perfection. I’m committed to ENJOY the process or not begin it!

  97. Linda James says:

    I started a U F O Challenge at my Guild to help me and my fellow quilters complete the projects worthy of my attention. I also added magazines to the free table.

  98. Kathy B says:

    Letting go of fabric I know I’ll never use to women who make charity quilts. Letting go of procrastination and sewing my own charity quilts (goal one per month). Letting go of clutter in my sewing haven by cutting up leftover from each finished project into 2.5″ strips and squares.

  99. Donna L says:

    I would love to make all the quilts that I have patterns. But I know that
    could never happen in my lifetime. With being said, I will start with the books and magazine to be donated to local library. Every quarter they sell books, CDs to fund the library for their workshops. I have to get busy because that is coming up soon.

  100. Donna L says:

    Giving quilts books to library for their fund raiser.

  101. Joanne Lee says:

    Donating notions and fabric or kits that I know I’ll never use to my sister-in-law’s quilt guild

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