At the Seashore – Dunes Quilt Setting

Hi, Everyone!  It’s Jessica here – @jessicadayon– today sharing one of the setting options for our Summer 2019 QAL.  Are you excited for our summer camp Quilt Along this year?  I had a blast last year and am excited for this year too!  I am so exited that we can offer you different quilt settings and lots of blocks to put in them.  You can truly customize this quilt to be exactly what you’d like it to be.

For my setting, I am doing a very basic one with sashing and cornerstones- called the Dune Quilt Setting.  This setting is for 20- 12″ blocks.  You can choose to make 20 different blocks or you can make just a few and repeat them in the setting.

I’ve been playing a lot with putting different borders on quilts.  And while, adding borders is not my favorite part of the quilt making process, I always love the effect of having more borders and once it is completed, I am so happy that I took the time to add them.  I did that here.  Feel free to reduce the number of borders if you’d like.  But, I love the way these play with each other!

This post is part of our summer quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts by clicking {here}.

  • 2¼ yards background fabric
  • ⅛ yards of Fabric A (red)
  • 1½ yards Fabric B (light blue)
  • ½ yard Fabric C (dark blue)
  • 5 yards backing fabric
  • (20) 12.5” unfinished blocks



  • For sashing, cut (15) 2.5” by WOF strips; subcut into (49) 12.5” x 2.5” strips.
  • For Border 1, cut (8) 2.5” by WOF strips
  • For Border 4, cut (8) 2.5” by WOF strips

FABRIC A (red)

  • For cornerstones, cut (2) 2.5” by WOF strips; subcut into (30) 2.5” squares

FABRIC B (light blue)

  • For Border 2, cut (8) 2” by WOF strips
  • For Binding, cut (9) 2.5” by WOF strips

FABRIC C (dark blue)

  • For Border 3, cut (8) 2” by WOF strips

Gather the 20 blocks, white sashing, and cornerstones. Use the blocks and sashing to make 5 rows as they are shown.
Piece strips for EACH border together end-to-end. Press well and cut into lengths listed:

  • Border 1 (white) (2) 2.5” x 76.5” sides; (2) 2.5” x 62.5” top/bottom
  • Border 2 (light blue) (2) 2” x 79.5”sides; (2) 2” x 65.5” top/bottom
  • Border 3 (dark blue) (2) 2” x 82.5” sides; (2) 2” x 68.5” top/bottom
  • Border 4 (white) (2) 2.5” x 86” sides; (2) 2.5” x 72.5” top/bottom

Baste, quilt and bind as desired.

This quilt setting finishes at 72″ x 86″.

I hope you are all excited about this QAL!!  No matter what setting or blocks you choose to make, we are going to have so much fun!  Cheers to a wonderful summer 🙂

Jessica Dayon

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22 comments on “At the Seashore – Dunes Quilt Setting

  1. frances shirley says:

    i like this one!

  2. Sandy Overholt says:

    Will this info be sent in a email or do I look for it on site every few days?

  3. Kendra says:

    I like this lay out…will there be descriptions and directions for the blocks?

  4. Tina Bellotti says:

    It’s so funny that you are making this….we recently got a new boat after have having our first one for 20 years and I made a quilt to match it’s colors. You can’t have too many quilts for chilly rides on the water so for my next one my husband suggested one using nautical flags which are so bright, fun and summery. I loved the idea and was just gathering nautical flag charts to design one….such a coincidence!!! Yours looks great too!!

    • That sounds like a wonderful quilt! I have been working on a nautical flags quilt for a gift for someone! This QAL would be another great one for you to make! Lots of options for customizing and lots of fun!

      Thanks! Jessica

  5. Karen Jones says:

    Is the 1/2 yard of fabric C accurate?

  6. Mary Andra says:

    Fabulous layout. Thank you

  7. Angela says:

    This is new to me, I am wondering if the center block pattern is to be a single fabric square or will the pattern be released for those soon? Thank you.

  8. Alycia says:

    A nice, simple layout to complement the quilt blocks as stars of the quilt! Thank you!

  9. Diane Tryan says:

    Wondering if Fabric B light blue needs 1.5 yards? Fabic C, the longer border, is only .5 yard. Thanks.

  10. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    This is my choice! Thank you for the simplicity as a confident beginner!

  11. Samantha H says:

    I’m going with this setting – I’m a new quilter and I like that I can easily adjust the number of blocks to make a smaller, lighter quilt my little sewing machine can handle. Thanks!

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