At the Seashore – How to Quilt-Along

This is our fourth year quilting along and the number of participants gets bigger every time! We are so happy to have all of you join us. Read on for some information that will answer a lot of your questions and help get you ready for a summer at the beach!

This post is part of our summer quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts by clicking {here}.

As the posts start rolling out, you will get the hang of the format. You know the theme (at the seashore) and the block designs will be a surprise. We have 4 setting options this year and we will share those at the beginning of the quilt-along instead of the end so you can plan a little more.

So how do you participate in this quilt-along?

  1. Choose your quilt setting. Four fun settings will be revealed in the next few days (names and sizes are listed on the Project Tracker). Each setting is a different size and uses a different number of blocks. Some settings have sashing and borders and some have filler blocks.
  2. Finalize your fabrics. Once you know how big the quilt will be and how many blocks, you may want more or less fabric. Add in the fabrics needed for the setting you chose. Be sure to write down the name of your fabric collection and the colors of any solids you are using. This will come in handy if you don’t finish the quilt right away.
  3. Write down your plan. Are you making any customizations? Write them down in the NOTES section of the Project Tracker.
  4. Make the blocks. Every few days this summer, we will share a new block! They are all inspired by the sea but there is a good variety for those who want a literal ocean quilt and those who want a mix of traditional style blocks. Each block finishes at 12″ so if you have a favorite block, add it in!
  5. Assemble the quilt. Follow the instructions in the quilt setting you chose and complete that quilt!

Click on the image below to print the Project Tracker.



23 comments on “At the Seashore – How to Quilt-Along

  1. Marcy H says:

    From the sounds of the names for the settings, I’m going to want to make all 4!
    I’m excited to get started!

  2. Dotti Schuckman says:

    Can’t wait

  3. Sarah says:

    This should be so fun! Are we using a hashtag for Instagram and Facebook to see all of the lovelies. I am a part of the Facebook group but use Instagram usually for quilting stuff. I love seeing what people are doing!

  4. Courtney Milleson says:

    So, a total newbie question, but I wait until I see the different quilts and then buy fabric? Oh, goodness. I feel in over my head and I know I shouldn’t!

  5. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    I’ve ordered a fat quarter bundle of 16. I may change but it won’t be the theme I would like. This “West Palm” looks so cool! I’ll try to order a few solids!! Excited to choose the blocks.

  6. Anxious to see project

  7. Millie Parker says:

    SO excited!! Hmmm…..decisions… decisions…it’s all good! Can’t wait to see the blocks!

  8. Jean says:

    Love the project tracker, what a great idea to stay organized.

  9. Janet S. says:

    This is my first QAL with Moda although I did Blockheads 2. I am anxious to start this project and see if I keep with it.

    • Alycia says:

      Did you not finish BH2? It is so great, you should if you didn’t. 🙂 I think this QAL will be really fun, too. I hope you stick with it as well!

    • Theresa Linkous says:

      This is my first time with the group. I don’t know anything about blogging or instagram.
      I’m hoping to learn as I go. Here’s to keeping up with you all.

  10. Kris says:

    I saw one with houses and I don’t see it here did I confuse it with something else?

  11. Michele says:

    Confused. Never did a qal before. I have a fat bundle. And Kona snow for background. If I do the last setting, salt water taffy, do I use the background color or I need a different color for the setting. Thanks.

  12. Martha Fuller says:

    I sew want to join, I have no fabric yet! Where can I purchase your fabric for this sew along?

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