At the Seashore – Moonlit Sea

Surprise! We have a bonus block for you today!

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It’s night time at the Seashore. Before I head home I decided to take a long walk to enjoy the beautiful night sky’s.  The stars were shinning bright and the moon was full. What better way to end a beautiful day At The Seashore.

Background fabric – Fat Quarter

Blue Stars – Fat 8th

Moon – 3″ x 3″ square

Ruler, pencil

  • Background fabric, gray – Cut (13) 3.5″ x 3.5″ squares.
  • Stars background – Cut (12) 1.5″ x 1.5″ squares.  Cut (6) 2″ x 2″ squares.
  • Stars Blue fabric – Cut (3) 1.5″ x 1.5″ squares.  Cut (6) 2″ x 2″ squares.

Draw a lint down the center, from corner to corner on (6) background 2″ squares.

Draw another line about 1/8″ away on both sides of the first drawn line. NOTE: to avoid bulk on tiny pieces I use a smaller seam allowance.

Place one background and one blue square, right sides together, and stitch on both sides of the center drawn line. Cut each block using the center line as a guide. You will now have two squares.

Iron and recut each block to 1.5″ square.

Following block guide below, stitch solid gray (A) block to blue-gray (B) block to another (A) block.  Continue by following diagram below ans stitch row 2 then row 3.

Stitch all three rows together to form a star. Repeat two more times for a total of 3 stars.

Moon block. Applique, using your favorite method. The moon finishes at 2.5″ and is centered on a 3.5″ background block.

Using guide below, stitch (4) blocks together to form the 4 rows. Stitch the 4 rows together to form complete block.

This block finishes at 12″ x 12″.

Hello to everyone visiting us At The Seashore. We hope you’ve enjoyed our fun filled sunny adventure.  We enjoyed bringing you as many fun opportunities we could think of. Did you take a boat trip, or enjoy sitting under an umbrella eating ice cream?  Did you play ball and share sparklers? Hoping you didn’t have to make a trip to the first aid station. Hoping you enjoyed walking along the seashore and saw the lighthouse.  I personally met new friends and hope you did too.  As night approaches please share with us the beautiful night sky filled with stars and a full moon helping to light your way.

Until we meet again at Summer Camp 2020,

Mary Andra Holmes

{instagram: mahquilter}

25 comments on “At the Seashore – Moonlit Sea

  1. Cindy Derr says:

    How sweet! Thank you, Mary Andra Holmes!

  2. Monna Shaner says:

    Thank you. All the blocks were lovely. You all did a great presentation. I think we all had a great time. I loved seeing all the beautiful finishes

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Thank you Monna. We also love seeing all the finishes. There are so many beautiful blocks from participants that I personally so enjoyed seeing. There is a massive amount of talented followers to Moda Bake Shop. How fun for all of us.
      Wishing you and your family a beautiful weekend.

  3. Debbie Miller says:

    Can’t get this one to print. Tells me it is read only after i open printer friendly version.

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Hi Debbie, Please try again. I just printed it. If it still does not print for you, I will see what I can do to help. Please let me know if it does or not. Thanking you in advance.

  4. Suzan Koczka says:

    Thank you Mary Andra Holmes for this block. It’s a great surprise to get an extra one and especially such a cute block. I really really like it. I’m having a blast At the Seashore with all the other “vacationers.” This quilt along was presented very well and all the blocks are fun to sew.

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Thank you Suzan. All the designer enjoyed every block they designed for MBS Summer Camp 2019. We’re so happy MBS followers also enjoyed them. Looking forward to seeing all the finished quits. It’s been a fun summer for sure. Looking forward to seeing what Oda May has in store for Summer Camp 2020.

  5. Alycia says:

    What a surprise! And I LOVE this block! I have a fondness for pinwheel stars. Also, I get to practice my raw edge applique and sewing on a curve. I go slow and it works out well. Thanks again SO much! I have absolutely loved every block and every minute of this sew along At the Seashore. What a blast!

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Thinking Oda May always has a fun surprise up her sleeve. I love hearing about your success in applique. I know I speak for all the designers when I say, We are so happy that you enjoyed MBS Summer Camp as much as we enjoyed designing for MBS Summer Camp.

  6. Sharon Pearson says:

    Will there still be a quilt label posted, per the original timeline?

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Hello Sharon, Yes, but I’m sure you already saw the block chosen to be the label. Hoping you join us again at MBS Summer Camp 2020.

      • Greta says:

        What block is the one chosen for the label?

        • Mary Andra Holmes says:

          Hello Greta, Starfish was chosen to be the quilt label. You can find the pattern on the last posting for Camp. It is the post after this one. I hope this helps, Mary Andra

  7. thepiececorps says:

    Love,Love.Love this block ♡

  8. Denise Timothy says:

    I have had a wonderful time with the quilt. Thanks to all the designers and their talents and gifts that they have so freely shared. Thanks so much.

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Hello Denise, I will ask the designers to please read all the responses on this post. I’m sure they will enjoy reading how happy MBS followers enjoyed their blocks. Thank you.

  9. Sandra Street says:

    Wow – I just love this block! Thank you so much Mary Audra Holmes. I just discovered it this morning – after someone posted their block — and its beautiful!

    • Mary Andra Holmes says:

      Hello Sandra, Thank you so very much. All the designers are looking forward to seeing all the finished quilts. What we’ve seen so far have been absolutely fabulous. Enjoy your Sunday, Mary Andra

  10. Christy S says:

    This has been a lot of fun! I have 23 blocks done, now trying to decide my layout! Considering adding a couple blocks using some embroidery designs I have!

  11. Elizabeth Andrews says:

    Thank you so much for this bonus block; I just love it! I am a bit behind most other QAL participants but I have certainly enjoyed the summer with this project. I appreciate the designers such as you who have provided challenges as well as comforting well-known quilting techniques.

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