At the Seashore – Sailor’s Star

Welcome back from our mini break! Today we have a classic block that will really pop in your quilt.

This post is part of our summer quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts by clicking {here}.

Template (download below in PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION)

Fabric pieces in 4 colors large enough to cover template sections

NOTE: Test template size before you begin. The inside perimeter line should measure 6” on all sides. The outside perimeter should be 6.5” all around. Print 4 copies per block you plan to make.

Step 1. Print Sailor Star templates. You will need 4 copies to make a complete block. Use standard printer paper.

Step 2. Cut more than enough fabric to cover each of the sections. You don’t want to short yourself so make sure you have plenty of overlap!

Step 3. Paper piece the block in numbered order as shown in the template. Remember to shorten your stitch length to make it easier to tear off the paper when you have finished. If you are new to paper piecing, take a look at this tutorial for the basics.

Step 4. Repeat to make 4 paper pieced sections.

Step 5. Remove the paper and square up each section to 6.5″ square.

Step 6. Join the units together to complete the block.

This block finishes at 12″ square.

Anne Wiens


14 comments on “At the Seashore – Sailor’s Star

  1. Cindy Derr says:

    Thank you, Anne! Beautiful block – looking forward to piecing it as soon as I catch up!

  2. Sue Welch says:

    When it says PRI yet friendly version. ..itsnit there how do I PRI t the off files?

  3. Laura Funk says:

    Is it just me, or is the template not available in this post?

  4. Kresti Lyddon says:

    pretty block!

  5. Allison C Bayer says:

    Thank you Anne! The Printer Friendly version and the template included on the second page printed out fine! I read all the words of your post and then printed 3 more of the template page so I can piece my star today. I’m off to pull fabrics, load up my car and go have a sew day with a friend.

  6. Judy Gammell says:

    I can not find where to click to download template for sailor star. How can I do this.

    • Lisa Calle says:

      It’s in the Printer Friendly file at the bottom of the post

      • Judy says:

        The site I was on didn’t have the download. I had to go to another site and finally found it.

    • Judy says:

      It’s not on the page I am looking at. There is nothing below. I have tried everything and so has my husband. When I click on the star it does nothing. I have not had this problem with any of the other blocks Frustrated

  7. Deborah Hunsaker says:

    Printer friendly button isn’t coming up for me either. I’m on my phone. Maybe I will try my computer…

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