At the Seashore – Summer’s End

It is officially time to say goodbye and see you next time!

This post is part of our summer quilt-along series. Find the rest of the posts by clicking {here}.

We always wrap up our quilt-alongs with the final block – a label for the back of your quilt! This one was designed by Mary Andra Holmes. It’s a little larger than you might choose for a label so that you can embroider the names of our Chefs on the label if you so choose. You can find all of the pattern pieces and signatures below.

These are the quilts completed by our Quilt-Along Chefs! They worked so hard to design a beautiful quilt for all of us to enjoy this summer!

Mary Andra Holmes (@mahquilter)

Jane Davidsion (@quiltjane)

Jessica Dayon (@jessicadayon)

Mona Phelps (@mona.phelps)

Lisa Jo Girodat (@neverlandstitches)

Susan Vaughan (@thefeltedpear)

Each quilt-along seems even more wonderful than the last. We all loved making these blocks with you. Tell us in the comments about your favorite block and if you have an idea for our next quilt-along, let us know!

(signature files and starfish templates below)


21 comments on “At the Seashore – Summer’s End

  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Each quilt is just beautiful – love how everyone put their own ‘stamp’ on them :)! Not sure if I could name a favorite block, but the popsicle block has me especially excited – as I’ve been looking for a traditionally pieced one to make into a baby quilt. Thank you to all the wonderful designers – and to Moda for hosting this Summer Seashore Sew Along!!

  2. Cindy Derr says:

    I just love the Chefs’ quilts above and am glad you’ve shared them – they’re beautiful! The quilt label is perfect (thank you MAH Quilter!) – I was looking/hoping for sea stars and you delivered! Thanks to all of the Chefs for providing such a fun QAL (my first ever) – hope you’ve read some of the comments, because everyone is loving this! I used more exclamation points in this QAL than in my entire life (showing a little restraint here). Thank you Moda Bake Shop for hosting this event, and Oda May for her diligence in keeping posts and the FB page updated and running smoothly. I’ll be checking back here for more fun.

  3. CindyDerr says:

    Did I mention I loved the quilt label?!?! I love that you included the Chefs’s ‘signatures’ – thanks again for your effort to make this such a fun QAL!

  4. Dotti Schuckman says:

    Can’t wait to make this quilt, I want to make it this winter to show at the fair next summer. Thanks so much!

  5. Sheila Fordyce says:

    The quilts are all so beautiful. My favorite block TO SEW was the Sparkler block. It practically sewed itself, nested its own seams, and shielded its points from destruction with a force field.

    Maybe a flower- or fruit-themed QAL in the future? Like a nature hike.

    Thanks for the summer fun!

  6. Mary Wezner says:

    My blocks are done and laid out, ready to be put together. This was my first ever QAL and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to finishing this one and starting next years! Thank you everyone, for the beautiful designs, gorgeous quilts, and the hard work that went into this for all of us to enjoy! I look forward to seeing all the other finished quilts as well.

  7. Barbara says:

    So glad to have participated in this sew along, thank you to Moda and to all of the chefs for your creativity , I loved seeing everyone’s blocks and quilts. If I had to pick a favorite block it might be the lighthouse with the popsicles a close second. For the next sew along what about traditional pieced blocks from the 30’s.

  8. Alycia says:

    I also have my blocks done and laid out, ready to be sewn together. I am doing the Saltwater Taffy setting and it was tough choosing the 18 blocks to go on the front! Now, with this label, I may want to use it as a block on the front! It is so cute. Thanks so much for this sew along, to you, the other designers, and to Moda. I’ve enjoyed all of it, especially the creativity and support from the designers and the other participants in the quilt along.

  9. Judy Dobbins says:

    Loved the quilt along. Thanks to the designers and Moda.

    Just a heads up! The Print file is 12 pages long and the signatures are each on their own page. So really think before you print. it would have been helpful if someone could have cut and pasted the signatures onto one or two pages instead.

  10. Diane Jacob says:

    I loved the sew along, and am looking forward to the next one! My favorite block, hands down, is Emily Bailey’s “Sailing,” with its clever appliqués circles that made for such a nice, curving shoreline. Thanks to Moda and all the designers!!

  11. Monna D Shaner says:

    I love, love, love all of your quilts. So beautiful. Everyone following have beautiful quilts. Thank you for a great summer project

  12. Kathryn Landreth says:

    Thanks for the sew along, it turned out beautifully! For next year, I think a garden theme would be pretty, lots of different flowers and maybe a butterfly (or ladybug!) or two.

  13. Nancy A. says:

    I really liked the pace of this QAL and the fact that the blocks were big, so you didn’t have to make them all to have a nice-sized quilt. Last year’s quilt was pretty, but I never could have kept up that pace. I enjoyed all of the blocks and seeing how others interpreted them.

  14. Lois Pipkin says:

    All quilts are gorgeous. Oda May, what grey solid background fabric did you use with the wonderful confetti ombre fabric? I love the way it sets off that fabric!

  15. Robin Klein says:

    Thanks to all the designers and Moda Bake Shop for another summer quilt. This was fun with everyone sharing ideas and extra blocks on Facebook.

  16. Dolly says:

    Thank goodness that’s over !
    I have SO MISSED the patterns for individual quilts !

    Please don’t do a series like that again !

  17. Nancy Morneault says:

    I loved this At the Seashore QAL even though I only incorporated a few of the blocks in my quilt as I made rows of the same block. My favorite was the buoys. It’s hard to top these sew alongs. I don’t know what you’re going to come up with next year. I have to say that I really loved last year’s medallion style quilt. I will have to wait and see. All of your final versions are wonderful and unique.

  18. Carla Walton says:

    This was a fun quilt along. I will be using the setting suggestions for other 12 inch blocks that I have made as well. Thank you for all the blocks. My favorite block is moonlit sea bonus block.

  19. Rhonda says:

    This was the best quilt along I’ve ever finished. It was a great theme and I loved the fact you only had to wait a couple of days for a new block….not a month. This kept me engaged and interested in finishing it. It’s too hard to pick just one favorite block I loved them all and was also encouraged to step outside the box and do some of my own. I will certainly be looking forward to the next QAL.

  20. Liz says:

    When will the single PDF file containing all of the patterns be released?

  21. SuzanK says:

    This quilt along was the most fun I’ve had following and sewing. Truly a lot of work went into it by the chefs. It was fun getting a new block every few days and made the quilt come together quick. All the seashore goers were so inspiring too with their talents and especially the creativity shared on Facebook. What a delight this was. Thank you to Moda for such a wonderful quilt along.

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