At the Seashore – In the Shade

After a day at the seashore, sometimes you need to just get out of the sun and spend some time under a nice, cool umbrella. That’s what I was imagining when I designed this block. It starts with the umbrella in the center, then a beach blanket, the sand, and finally the ocean. Maybe I should have called this block “My Own Private Island”, since we seem to be surrounded by the ocean! I hope that you find a little escape while constructing this block.

I’m using Ombre Confetti Metallics for most of this block and I love how it makes the “umbrella”, “sand”, and “ocean” sparkle! Continue reading

At the Seashore – Summer Sun

Are you enjoying your time at the seashore? I sure hope so! As a native Southern Californian, there is no place I’d rather be. And what would a visit to the beach be without our friend the sun? This block is simply made up of sixteen drunkard’s path blocks. If you’ve been nervous about tackling curves, this block is perfect for mastering this block.  Just take it slow. Feel free to play around with your fabric choices to decide how vibrant you want your sun. And just in case curved piecing isn’t your thing, I’ve given some very basic applique instructions as an alternative.

I used Ombre Confetti Metallic for my block. I love that you can choose a different saturation of color for each unit and those gold dots add the perfect amount of sparkle!

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Patchwork Tea Cozy

How to make a custom tea cozy

Hi! I’m Kristin Esser from Simple. Handmade. Everyday. and I have a deep and abiding love for all things tea. From the ceremony of it, to the delicate tea cups and tea pots, to the beautiful utility of the tea cozy. I have several teapots, all different sizes and shapes, and they all need different size tea cozies to keep that cuppa warm while you chat with a friend.

So, instead of a tutorial on how to make a tea cozy for my teapot, I thought it would be more useful to give you some instructions on how to make a tea cozy to fit any teapot. And if you are anything like me, you’ll need more than one.

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Cornerstone: Bow Tie Bridge

Another choice awaits you–will you take the detour over Bow Tie Bridge? These bow tie blocks are the optional cornerstone blocks for this round. Whether to add cornerstone blocks is completely up to you–choose what works best for your quilt!

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

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Path A: Goose Grove

Welcome campers! I’m camp counselor Kristin Esser from Simple Handmade Everyday here to guide you to Goose Grove. I hope you are all enjoying your time at camp–we’ve been so busy there’s been no time to be homesick! I’ve been having fun jumping back and forth between Path A and B–and seeing all the amazing unique quilts popping up in the Moda Bake Shop Bakers Facebook group and on Instagram (#chooseyourownadventureqal).

I packed snacks–so let’s head on over to Goose Grove.

NOTE: This is one post in a series of quilt-along posts. Start from the beginning with the first post {here}.

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